XQC Overwatch Settings

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XQC Overwatch Settings

xQc is probably one of the most well-known Overwatch players out there. While he originated in the Overwatch League, he is now pretty well known as one of the most popular and successful streamers out there. xQc’s streams bring in huge viewer numbers and he’s one of the highest-earning streamers at Twitch. However, prior to this huge streaming career, he was one of the better overwatch players out there. xQc Overwatch settings are a great example of what can be done with the game.

xQc currently isn’t the biggest Overwatch-specific streamer out there. However, in his time as a pro Overwatch player, he was definitely a standout in the league. Even prior to the League official launching, he was a standout player in competitive Overwatch. xQc Overwatch settings are what he used while playing the game. While he might not be the most current Overwatch pro player, his set-up is still worth looking into if you’re looking to play at the top tier.

XQC Set-Up

The set-up here is what equipment is used to run the xQc Overwatch settings. These items give the set-up the power to hit a high FPS and very low input lag on gameplay. This is what xQc uses in Overwatch:

Logitech G Pro  

ASUS Rog Swift

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Intel Core i9-9900K Logitech G640 SteelSeries Apex Pro 
 HyperX Cloud Revolver

XQC Overwatch Settings

xQc’s set-up is important for how the game runs. However, the exact settings used by xQc in Overwatch are just as important for figuring out how the game runs that well. The xQc Overwatch settings decide the exact quality the game runs in and other settings like the sensitivity. This is what you need to know:

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
800 6 4800
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
28.86 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode Refresh Rate
100 Fullscreen 240 Hz
Aspect Ratio

XQC Crosshair Settings

The crosshairs in Overwatch aren’t quite as important as the rest of the settings here. Largely, these are going to be down to your personal preference. If you’re looking for inspiration though, these are the xQc Overwatch settings for the crosshair:

Type Show Accuracy Color
Default Off Neon Green
Thickness Cross Length Centre Gap
7 2 10
Opacity Outline Opacity Dot Size
10 100 3
Dot Opacity

xQc Profile

  • Real Name – Félix Lengyel
  • Birthdate – November 12th 1995
  • Role – Tank
  • Main Heroes – Winston, Reinhardt, Orisa
  • Team(s) – Dallas Fuel
  • Status – Active

Who is xQc?

xQc is a French-Canadian Overwatch player turned streamer. He debuted in the Overwatch League for Dallas Fuel, stepping up to the pro League in the very first season. Prior to this though, he competed on Q?, Denial eSports, and Arc 6. In all of these teams, xQc played an important role and he was a player who consistently climbed the ranks in the early days of the League. The xQc Overwatch settings are mainly from later in his career though, once he signed with Dallas Fuel.

xQc played for Dallas Fuel. He was an important part of their team during this first season? However, his career was largely covered in controversy. xQc was suspended for 4 matches for making offensive comments, being reprimanded by both the League and his team. Following this, he used racially charged emotes in official streams prompting another ban. Quickly, xQc was allowed to leave the League to focus on his streaming career. This has taken off since he signed to the League, and it’s possible that his bans were intentional attempts to get out of the League early.

Where is xQc from?

xQc is from Canada. The player even represented the country at the Overwatch World Cup is 2017, 2018, and 2019. While he was absent from the League long before this, his place in the community still kept him active in these tournaments. While his competitive career ended early, these showings definitely show that xQc Overwatch settings are still a great example of top-level pros.

What Mouse Does xQc Use?

While playing Overwatch, xQc was using a Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse. The G Pro set of equipment is used by pro players quite often, especially in Overwatch. The mouse used here gives a great response time, actions are communicated as quickly as possible.

What Monitor Does xQc Use?

xQc’s Overwatch settings let him get a high FPS, but you need a decent refresh rate for your monitor to use it. He used an ASUS Rog Swift PG258Q. This has a refresh rate of 240Hz and a resolution of 1920-1080.

What Keyboard Does xQc Use?

xQc’s keyboard for Overwatch League is a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL. This is a good keyboard with low input lag and great switches. However, he likely uses something different for other games by now.

xQc Streaming and Socials

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