Rarest Widowmaker Skins – All Overwatch Skins

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All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Widowmaker is one of Overwatch’s most iconic and popular heroes. As the only Sniper in the game, she attracts a lot of attention. Widowmaker players have a pretty specific skill set and if you’re talented with this Hero it can be one of the best DPS to climb in OW. However, even outside of actual gameplay, Windowmaker skins get a lot of attention.

Looking at all Widowmaker skins, some of them are the most interesting and well-designed in the game. Her alien look gives a lot of scope for lots of different looks in skins.

Since Windowmaker is such a good character for the best Overwatch players to showcase their skills, they naturally want her looking right in those play-of-the-game cutscenes. New Widowmaker skins even bring players back into the game, after an absence, just to unlock them.

There are loads of different skins in the game for Widowmakers. However, not all of them are all that interesting. Quite a lot of the Widow skins are just simple recolors or slightly different styles. It is only really the best Widowmaker skins and rarest Widow skins that really attract the attention of fans.

These are all of the Widowmaker skins in Overwatch, and which are the ones you should be happy to have in your inventory. The rarest skins like Noire Widowmaker and those that are owned by pretty much everyone!

All Widowmaker Skins

Classic – Widowmaker All Skins

This one has to be mentioned, but it is more the absence of a skin than anything else! This is the standard look for Widowmaker. It’s the one you’ll l see in launch materials, cutscenes, basically just the default. Some people might like to keep it simple, and in this case, then the classic windowmaker skin is a good choice. It isn’t going to affect your performance or where the hero sits on an Overwatch DPS tier list, but there are more interesting skins.

Rare Widowmaker Skins

In terms of Overwatch skins and Widowmaker skins specifically, these different tiers deal fairly well with how rare each of them are. The rare Widowmaker skins might sound like more exclusive looks for the character, but they’re actually just a notch about standard. Out of all Widow skins,  these aren’t going to be the rarest ones you’ll see in the game. These are the rare skins in this section for the game:

CielAll Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Ciel is a fairly standard recolor of the standard Widow skins. This one is in a bluer color, and it was originally available from lootboxes when playing through the game as a random prize.


All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Nuit is a dark version of the standard Widowmaker skin. While it isn’t as interesting as Widowmaker Noire or any of the more detailed skins. However, if you’re just looking for something quite plain that sits aside from the standard skin, the Nuit is a good choice for a skin.


All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Rose is the next one of the rare Widowmaker skins. Like the previous skins in this category, this one is really just a recolor of the standard skin. However, it does have some nice rose pink accents added on. Not as cool as Noire Widowmaker sure, but a fine choice.


All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Vert is the last one of all the Widowmaker skins to just be a slight color change. This one is quite a bit brighter than the others though. While this isn’t the typical look for Widowmaker, it does look pretty different considering it is only a minor change.

Epic Skins – Best Widowmaker Skins

The Epic skins are the next batch of looks for the character. These skins are really where things start to get a bit more interesting. These are skins that are a bit more defined. While they don’t change the model particularly, each of them has a specific theme. Rather than just having elements moved around with different colors, these skins are quite a bit different looking from the classic. These are the Epic tier of all Widowmaker skins:

Patina – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Patina is the first of the Epic Widowmaker skins. This one features a bluer skin color for the character, along with a golden body and grey legs. This is a different array of floors compared to most of the only rare Widow skins. This skin generally looks like a gold jumpsuit, and it has a unique style compared to Widowmaker all skins that are defaults.

Winter – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Winter is a snow-themed skin that is perfect to pull out for the Holiday events in Overwatch. Most characters have an equivalent here, like the snow fairy Mercy skin. Thinking a bit more tactically though, this is a skin that really stands out on maps. You’re going to be easily spotted wearing this one of the Widow skins in Overwatch. So, keep that in mind, you’ll need to be one of the best Widowmaker players to pull off stealth shots while wearing this outfit.  Using the best Widowmaker settings can give you a boost too.

Tricolor – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Tricolore is the first of all Widowmaker skins so far that are actually linked to an event. This one of the Widow skins is part of the Summer Games event. With the name tricolor, it has a blue and red theme to it. This one was only available for the Summer Games event. So while it isn’t the rarest Widow skin, it is definitely a notch about the recolors we’ve seen so far. Its design is even brighter and more interesting than the others.

Electric- Exclusive Widowmaker Skins

From time to time, Overwatch will do skins that celebrate the anniversary and release of the game. The best Widowmaker skin for the anniversary has been Electric. This one is a light color, largely blue and white fitting the theming of the game. Her legs are striped and look more like separate clothes than just a different color. Features like this separate it from the skins that are just plain recolor.

Spider – Widow Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Spider is another one of the Widowmaker skins which were exclusive to an event. This one was Halloween-themed and is kind of similar to Noire Widowmaker. The Halloween skins are some of the most interesting for lots of Overwatch characters. As a Spider pretty naturally fits the Widowmaker character, this skin does make a lot of sense as a pick. In terms of visuals, this widow skin adds some spider-web patterns to Widowmaker and gives her a new color scheme. This Halloween scheme doesn’t exactly stand out as a weird costume, so it still makes a lot of sense to use year-round.

Comtesse – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

Comtesse is another Epic skin and this one has a particular French theme. It is named for the historical motto of the Guilliard family, Widowmaker’s historical background in the Overwatch lore. However, the skin itself resembles Napoleonic military outfits in France. Regardless of the background, this is definitely one of the interesting skins. Widowmaker is wearing a completely different ensemble from what is normal in her other skins. While it still fits the overall theme, this is a good choice from all Widowmaker skin if you’re hoping to stand out while playing the character.

Huntress – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

The Huntress skin also stands out for using a dramatically different style of clothing to the other Widowmaker skins here. However, it is the same build as the Comtesse skin. This one is the same style but in Black. The skin will work well if you like the general look of the Comtesse skin, but would rather it more a muted color scheme.

This skin has a color scheme similar to those for D.Va skins and Genji skins. Although, it has a bit more detail and expression than the carbon fiber skins for those two.

Nova – Cool Widow Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

The Widowmaker Nova skin might be one of the most unique in the game for her up to here. Aside from Noire Widowmaker, this is probably the most sought-after.

This skin completely reworks Widowmaker, making her appear pretty much human. In general, the Widowmaker Nova skin has a lot of fans in Overwatch streamers and pro players. Widowmaker is now a blonde woman wearing a sci-fi jumpsuit, not unlike a plug suit. This Nova Widowmaker skin is one of the cooler ones in the game, even if it isn’t the rarest like Noire Widow.

Odette – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Odette returns to the French theme for Widowmaker skins, a rich well for the character. This one is symbolically inspired by the Ballet dancer Amélie Lacroix. A French ballet dancer in Overwatch lore.

The skin is something pretty different out of all Widowmaker skins. It is nearly all-white, resembling something like a cross between a Bowie’s Pierrot outfit and an actual Ballet dancer. Players going for a unique look will find it with this skin, it is also one of the rarest Widowmaker skins coming quite a bit further down the list of them than others.

Odile – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Odile is the other side of the Odette skin. This one is the same model and outfit but with a dramatically different color scheme, tone, and hair. The Odile skin is more of a punk or scene look compared with the others. This is another one of the Widow skins that will really stand out, and is one of the rarest Widowmaker skins. You will stand out quite a bit on maps with this skin though, so it isn’t one that gets a lot of use by the best Widowmaker players for a competitive advantage.

Kerrigan – StarCraft 20th Anniversary

The Kerrigan Widowmaker skin is one of the rarest Widow skins in the game. This one was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the StarCraft title. This is another Blizzard game with a big esports following, much like Overwatch. The skin makes Widowmaker into one of the more popular characters from that game.

Noire Widowmaker Skin

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

The Widowmaker Noire skin is probably the rarest skin, and you could even say that it is the best Widowmaker skin. This was an outfit that was part of the Origin edition of the game, so only very early players have had access to it. It also featured in some game of the year releases. The Widow Noire skin is a much darker-looking outfit with some red accents. This one is typically the most wanted Widow skin by players since it really was limited for who could unlock it. If you have the Norie Widowmaker skin around, chances are you have the rarest Widowmaker skin.

As the Widowmaker preorder skin, you often say long-time players using this one. Visually it is interesting. However, just like other rarest Overwatch skins it is more down to how this was unlocked than how it looks. Although, there are still plenty of players who say it is the best Widowmaker skin.

Cote d’azur – Exclusive Widow Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Another skin with a French-themed name, this is the Summer Games skin for Widowmaker. The Overwatch Summer Games skins are limited to a single event, so they are quite a bit rarer than a few others that are around. Although for female characters in the game a pretty predictable style is usually used for the Widow Summer skins, namely a lot of fanservice.  This summer skin is one you say a lot of players using out of all Widowmaker skins. This is a familiar theme with a lot of the women heroes, the summer Sombra skins and summer Tracer skins are pretty popular too.

Scorpion – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Scorpion is the second Widowmaker Halloween skin. This one is a bit more creative than just having spider webs on the legs. It resembles a Scorpion, with gold armor-plated all around Rather than being modeled on a physical scorpion though, this one feels more like it’s a take-off from the fighting game character the Scorpion. This one is a rarer Widowmaker skin. However, since it is quite distinct from the normal looks a lot of players like to use it in-game. So, you’re going to see quite a bit of this Widow skin.

Biathon – Widow Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

This is another Widow skin that was only available as part of a limited-time event. You had to play during the Winter Wonderland to get access to this one. The skin is largely red, with a slight holiday theming to it. There are more interesting Winter Wonderland ones out of Widowmaker’s all skins, but this one does have its fans.

Black Lily – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Black Lily is the Lunar New York skin that was released for that event. This skin is colored in a dark theme but it has some model differences from the standard skins. Like the others that use a more unique model, this is one of the rarer Widowmaker skins. It is no longer accessible outside of the event, so you’re not able to get this Widow skin at the moment.

Talon – Rarest Widowmaker Skins

All Widowmaker Skins - Rarest Skins

Talon might be the rarest Widowmaker skin out there. This one was part of the Archives event. It makes Widowmaker into a more normal-looking person, although with some clear stylistic decisions taken over her look. This could be the best Widowmaker skin out of all Widowmaker skins if you’re looking purely at how rare they’re classed. While it isn’t quite as exclusive as Noira Widow, it is getting close.

Those are all of the Overwatch Widowmaker skins in the game at the moment! However, the release of Overwatch 2 will bring more to the game and new Widowmaker skins. So be sure to keep an eye out for more skins then, maybe even a new Origins skin.

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