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Overwatch skins are a great way to add a bit of flair or personality in-game. You can pick your favorite Tracer skins to really show off in matches or just to get a better look for your play of the game highlights. There are a lot of different looks for this character, and some of them are the most creative in the whole game.

Tracer is basically Overwatch’s mascot. This means she’s had a lot of different styles added in over the years to give players more customization options. Even in Overwatch 2, there’s page after page of varied looks that you can pick for Tracer. Some of these are just standard recolors of her normal skins. However, some are different, some are rare that were only available in a limited way. These ones really impress in-game. Others like the Tracer Graffiti skin make a big change to how she looks.

All of the Tracer skins across the first game were available either for free or bought with in-game currency that it was very easy to get for free! Even Overwatch League skins could be unlocked with in-game tokens just by watching Overwatch pro games. Heading into Overwatch 2 though, some of these skins are going to be quite a bit rarer. With new players coming on board, you’ll want to grab as many of the original skins as you can to show off! Some like the Tracer comic skins are great picks for the character.

We’re going to go through all Tracer skins in the game. We’ll start with the duller ones and move through to the rarest and best skins, along with how you can get them all.

All Tracer Skins

Tracer Skins Overwatch 2

Skins are changing in Overwatch 2, but they’re still going to be divided into a few basic tiers. This is true for Tracer, but also every other character like Mercy Skins too. 

Like any other Heroes’ skins, these are divided up into different tiers. The tiers aren’t titled in a way that makes all that much sense! The names don’t really correspond to how rare or exclusive they are. However, they do roughly rank them in terms of how different they are from the default.

Tracer is an Overwatch agent known for being fun-loving. With powers to help control the flow of time, there are a lot of ways you can take the character. Some of the Overwatch Tracer skins really show how versatile they can be.

These are all of the Tracer outfits, how you can get them, and what the new Tracer skins are going to be.

Common Tracer Skins


All Tracer Skins

This is the Tracer Skin for Overwatch 1, or Origin’s edition, or whatever blizzard has retroactively decided to call it. This is the base skin for the original game, it’s basically just Tracer!

Overwatch 2 Tracer

Tracer Skins Overwatch 2

This isn’t really a different skin, but it is a new design for Tracer so it’s worth pointing out. Tracer in Overwatch 2 has a few changes including a generally more high-quality model. However, not everyone’s happy with the changes. When this Tracer was first unveiled, fans complained that Tracer’s ass had been nerfed. The new design has likely grown on most people since its reveal though!

Rare Tracer Skins

This is the next tier up for Tracer and it gets a bit more interesting here. This is where the skins for the character become ones that players had to buy. Although, these aren’t bought skins in the same way as Overwatch 2 ones are.

These skins were purchasable for 75 credits each. This really isn’t anything in the grand scheme of things. While you could buy them with actual money lootboxes, these are essentially free given how easily these tier skins are handed out.

The skins in this category are all rough recolors of the base Tracer skin. There isn’t anything too special about them. Although, some of them do have a nice design with different colors.

Electric Purple

All Tracer Skins

This Tracer skin puts her primarily in purple. As this is one of the first-tier skin, there isn’t a major change to her model. If you prefer her in purple then you might like it tough!

Hot Pink

All Tracer Skins

This skin is the same as the previous one but in pink. This one is slightly more interesting as it’s slightly close to the Pink Mercy skin. However, that one is much more limited. This isn’t rare like the other pink skin, but it might match up pretty well if you’re playing together on a team.

Neon Green

All Tracer Skins

This one of all Overwatch Tracer skins puts her in green trousers instead of orange. It’s a more joker-inspired look and a bit loud to be running every day.

Royal Blue

All Tracer Skins

The last of the initial rare Tracer skins puts her in blue trousers This color scheme works a bit better than some of the others here. However, most players probably aren’t going to notice the difference.

Epic Tracer Skins

This is the next tier up is a bit more exciting! This tier even includes some of the most popular looks like the Tracer comic skin. The Epic skins mainly change the colors and patterns. However, they tend to have a more solid theme than you’ll find elsewhere.

These ones don’t really use different models that significantly change up how Tracer looks. However, they do have a bit of a difference in colors and a stronger theme than the earlier tier.

These are all of the Epic Tracer skins:


All Tracer Skins

This skin is Tracer in an entirely white outfit! Interestingly, it’s named after one of the spice girls, posh spice. It’s not the only skin to use this naming convention.

A lot of Overwatch heroes have the solid color skins. You’ll see one in Genji skins alongside others. Posh Tracer would definitely fit in on a team of these skins.


All Tracer Skins

Sporty is the next skin and it’s another one named after a Spice Girl. Strangely, that’s where the naming convention ends. Overwatch didn’t see fit to complete the entire line-up with skin names! This one puts Tracer in a color scheme that looks like a kind of tracksuit, which suits the sport name.

This was available for 250 credits, just like the Posh skin.

Rose (Tracer Luna New York Skin)

All Tracer Skins

This one is probably the first one on this list that gets pretty different from the base! This is a Lunar New Year skin called Rose. It puts Tracer in a largely black outfit. These kinds of skins pop up pretty frequently just like the all-white ones. However, it is a good look for Tracer.

Most of Tracer’s skins lean into her cheerful personality. Ones that are darker like this make for a nice change!  As this is a limited-time skin too, it’s rarer than all Tracer skins covered so far! It’s still not super rare, but it’s less common than the basics.


This is the next Tracer skin to come just from an event. It cost 750 credits, or you could grab it during the Overwatch Anniversary event. This was an event that celebrated the release date of the original Overwatch. Since Tracer is the cover star for the game, it makes sense she’d get a new skin to celebrate too!

Overwatch League Grey

The Tracer Overwatch League skins are pretty numerous, but this one is worth looking at independently. This is an OWL skin, but not one that you unlock through just watching the League. This is part of a series of exclusive Twitch items. These were unlocked through interacting with Twitch streams with paid bits.

The Overwatch League Grey Tracer skin was available as part of this program. The OWL isn’t on Twitch anymore and this skin probably isn’t coming back! This makes it one of the rarer Tracers here since it’s locked away from new players to the game.

Tracer Overwatch League Skins

All Tracer Skins

The Tracer overwatch League skins covers a pretty wide range of skins. These are looks for the character that are unlocked through watching the OWL. When you watch streams, you’ll accumulate League tokens. These can be used to unlock skins in the colors of Overwatch League teams.

You can use the tokens to get a skin with Tracer in the team colors of your favorite squad. These come in home and away. However, in some cases, teams have changed their skins. This means the current version isn’t the same as the old one. In these cases, the older OWL skins are probably rarer Tracers since they’re no longer accessible.

There are too many of these to cover one by one, but the images above show the options that are available.

Legacy OWL Skins

These are the Overwatch League skins that are no longer available for Tracer. These are much rarer, even if they don’t look all that different.

Legendary Overwatch Tracer Skins

All Tracer Skins

The Legendary Tracer skins are the highest tier in Overwatch 1! These skins use different models for Tracer entirely. They’re still recognizably her, but they have heavy changes.

These looks for the character all have a strong theme with a clear idea of what they’re supposed to be. These are probably the skins that most players try to get, like the Tracer Graffiti skin. They have the most differences and can really make you stand out.

Some of these skins were only available for a limited time. This means they’re harder for payers to get. Some new players are locked out entirely. This makes them some of the rarest Tracer skins, even if long-time players probably have all of them.

These are the Legendary skins:


All Tracer Skins

The Punk Tracer skin is pretty self-explanatory, it puts her in a classic punk-style outfit. This is a nice different look for the character and one you see pop up a lot. It costs 1000 coins at the time of its release. This one wasn’t tied to any event, but it definitely has enough flair to make it stand out.


All Tracer Skins

This is the opposing colored version of the punk skin. This one basically makes Tracer into a goth or emo-style character. It’s one of the most unique Tracer skins and one you’ll see pop up quite a bit. It is just a recolor of the punk skin, but the colors actually manage to make both look pretty different.

Mach T

All Tracer Skins

Mach T is a skin that cost 1000 credits in the store. It puts Tracer into a different outfit with a racing theme to it. This one was only available through in-game purchases or lootboxes. So while most people get it for free, not everyone unlocked it.  The color scheme is similar to Tracer’s normal one. However, she’s wearing a racing suit and a helmet.

T Racer

T Racer is a skin that’s a reolor of the Mach T one. It’s an alternative color scheme for the racing Tracer style. This skin is named with a clear pun on Tracer, but it also matches one of the character’s voice lines.

Comic Tracer

The Comic Tracer skin is one of the most unique in the game! This one doesn’t give Tracer a new model, but it does change things up quite a bit. Tracer’s outfit is covered in comic panels and decals from comic pages. It’s one of the new Tracer skins that got players the most excited.

This skin was released to celebrate a new Tracer comic series. Players could unlock it and matching cosmetics like sprays by completing in-game challenges. This would normally make it a bit of a rarer skin. However, since this came when Overwatch was pretty much dead, most active players likely picked it up.

Cadet Oxton – Tracer Archives Skin

The Cadet Octon skin puts Tracer into a bluer outfit with different glasses. It’s got a kind of Steampunk feel to it, but a darker color scheme that some players might like. This one of the skins was exclusive to an event too, the Archive event. So it’s not available year-round and on the rarer side.

Tracer Graffiti Skin – Overwatch Anniversary Skin

All Tracer Skins

This is the next skin and it puts Tracer in more casual clothes. She’s just wearing a hoodie and some leggings here, with some fun patterns on them. This is a nice twist on the normal skins. Few characters have skins that just put them in ordinary clothes, which might be why Graffiti is one of the more popular Tracer skins.

This skin was part of the Overwatch Anniversary Event. That means it’s only available when that event returns. Since we don’t know the status of these challenges in Overwatch 2, this skin might become pretty rare in the new game.

Sprinter – Tracer Summer Games Skin

Sprinter is the first of two Summer Games skins. This was added into the game with the summer event. You could unlock it only during the summer event. The skin also has a specific summer theme.

It’s designed to resemble a sprinter’s outfit at an athletic competition like the Olympics. This is similar to some Widowmaker skins. However, it’s a different and fun look.

Track and Field – Traer Summer Games Skins

All Tracer Skins

The Track and Field skin is another one from the same Summer games event. It was available in the same way as Sprinter. The skin has the same design too but in different colors. This one of the Overwatch Tracer skins is a slightly different style, but it’s not too unique from Sprinter. Obviously, both take a name from a different sport, but it’s essentially the same look.

Jingle – Winter Wonderland Tracer Skins

All Tracer Skins

The Overwatch Christmas skins are some of the most popular in the game. The only Tracer Christmas skin though is Jingle. This one dresses her up as a Christmas elf! It’s a nice change for Tracer. You’ll see it plenty in the winter months.

This one was only available during the Winter Wonderland event. It also cost 1000 credits in the store to buy outright. The Jingle Winter Wonderland skin was available in this period, and not the rest of the year. This makes it a bit rarer, since not everyone jumps into the game each Christmas to grab the new skins.

2018 Atlantic All-Stars

This is another Overwatch League skin but one that has a bit of a difference. It’s a 2018 Atlantic All-Star Skins. This was only available during the All-Star event. This one has been locked away ever since. That makes it one of the rarest Overwatch Tracer skins around.

In terms of its appearance, it looks a bit more fantasy enthused. It’s definitely a unique design. It’s pretty different from the other skins available.

Slipstream – Origins Edition

The Slipstream Tracer skin might be one of the more popular in Overwatch. This skin was available as part of the ‘Origins Edition. This was a resold version of the original Overwatch that included some extra cosmetics.

Slipstream puts Tracer in a flight suit-looking outfit It definitely makes a major change compared to her standard look.

Hong Gildong – Lunar New Year

All Tracer Skins

The Hong Gildong skin for Tracer puts the character into traditional dress, from the novel Hong Gildong. This is going to be popular for those who want to avoid the race car driving and pilot looks. It’s another one with Trace in relatively normal clothes if old-fashioned ones.

This skin was available as part of the Lunar New Year event. These skins don’t often return. This makes it one of the rarest Tracer skins.

Future New Tracer Skins

All Tracer Skins

Those are all of the skins that have been released so far, but there are plenty more coming. Overwatch 2 is going to feature skins in every battle pass. This probably means we’re going to see a lot more in the future. There’s even talk of bringing customizable looks to the game, so players can have a really unique style for their favorite heroes.

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