The Best Overwatch Switch Settings 2022

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Best Overwatch Switch Settings

Overwatch is a huge shooter, with a popular league played on PCs. Outside of that though, a lot of players prefer to stick to their consoles. Overwatch on Switch has some unique features that set it apart from other platforms. You’re getting gyroscope controls that give you more precision than with a regular controller. However, these extra features come with a few headaches. Overwatch Switch controls are difficult to use well unless you’ve got them configured properly. The best Overwatch settings on Switch can help you out with that.

 Playing on Switch, you don’t have access to full video settings to boost your frame rate. So not quite the full control that the best Overwatch settings on PC give. Neither are the majority of Overwatch pro settings. However, by tweaking your controls and some other inputs, you can make the most of the options you do have. Getting to a high rank on a console is still a major achievement, and using the best Overwatch Switch settings in 2022 can make a big difference. This is what you need to know:

The Best Overwatch Settings Switch 2022

Best Overwatch Switch Settings Overwatch settings on console are supposed to be simpler than on a PC. The hardware runs the game in the same quality for everyone, so surely it’s just a matter of picking your inputs? Things are trickier than that. The best Overwatch settings for PS4 and for Xbox make things complicated with sensitivities. On Switch, it gets even worse! Motion controls can be even harder to master. This is what you’ll have to change up and look at to optimize your Overwatch Switch settings in 2022:

Overwatch Switch Sensitivities – Finding the Best Ones for You

When you’re looking to optimize your settings, you need to know what’s important. Aim is probably the biggest factor in how your controls can affect your performance. When you browse the Overwatch pro settings like those of  Wraxu and Ryujehong you find that their sensitivities are on the lower end for precision, or higher for a focus on a responsive turn speed. It works the same on consoles, but you’ll need different sensitivities to achieve that. If you’re playing with gyro controls, you can get something of both by using two different sets of settings. This is what you need to think about for stick controls on Switch:

Turn Speed or Precision?

Turn speed is an important factor in picking which settings you’ll be using. This is how quickly you can perform a full turn, to reorientate your view. With a higher sensitivity, you’ll turn quickly, and lower you will turn slower. Equally, a lower sensitivity lets you be more precise and a higher is less precise. You have to go for one of these aspects other the other, but it comes down to which hero you’re playing.

Characters like Tracer need a fast turn speed to give much greater mobility. Others need more precision to strike from a safer distance. If you’re using gyro controls, you’re going to be able to achieve both to a point.

The Best Overwatch Sensitivities Switch 2020

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommendation for all players in Overwatch. Different layers will need slightly different adjustments, to help their muscle memory and play style. However, there are some general recommendations that can work as a great starting point. These are the recommended settings for the best Overwatch settings Switch in 2022 for your stick aim:

Best Overwatch Sensitivities Switch for Turn Speed Characters

  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 70
  • Vertical Sensitivity –  80

Best Overwatch Sensitivities Switch for Precision

  • Horizontal Sensitivities – 30
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 15

 Those are a standard set for if you’re not using gyro, if you are using motion controls then you’ll need to use something different.

Best Overwatch Switch Settings Overwatch Gyro Settings

Using motion controls on Switch makes things a bit trickier. Once mastered, motion controls offer a kind of accuracy and response that far exceeds just using sticks. However, they’re hard to get the hang of. Most players write them off based on their memories from the Wii, although motion aiming has come a long way. You only need to look at high-level Splatoon players to see why gyro control for Overwatch Switch is a must.

The gyro settings for Overwatch on Switch aren’t exactly optimized out of the box. The default settings leave a lot to be desired. These are some recommendations for the best Overwatch Switch gyro settings:

  • Gyro Aiming – On.
  • Gyro Aiming Aim Assist – On.
  • Option Preset – Set this to whichever way you’re using your switch, but you’re going to want to use advanced settings instead:
  • Invert Axis – This one comes down to personal preference, but we highly recommend not inverting things for motion, even if you often invert your sticks.
  • Gyro Aiming Pitch Axis Sensitivity – 28.
  • Gyro Aiming Yaw Axis Sensitivity – 35.
  • Gyro-Aiming Roll Axis Sensitivity – 35.
  • Disable Gyro While Using Stick – Off. Turning this off lets you use your sticks for big movements and gyro for being precise. This is a great combination and you should utilize it.

Those sensitivities are really just a starting point. From here you should tweak and adjust until you have the perfect layout. One thing to keep in mind is that gyro is best for exact aim and more close situations. For turn speed, your sticks are going to be used to whip around fast. These are some recommendations for stick sensitivities if you’re using motion controls for precise aim:

  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 75
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 70

Advanced Overwatch Switch Settings – Sensitivity Settings

Best Overwatch Switch Settings The best Overwatch settings for Switch in 2020 go beyond just the simple sensitivity number. Those advanced settings for controls need to be adjusted too. These are our recommendations:

  • Aim Assist Strength – 100.
  • Aim Assist Window Side – 60.
  • Aim Assist Ease in – 25.
  • Aim Smoothing – This one is partially personal preference, but playing with dual sticks can be jittery so consider turning this on.
  • Invert Look – This is a controversial one, a lot of players inexplicably only play games with an inverted view. Why is a mystery. But if you’re someone who needs this turned on, you probably already know that.
  • Vibration – This shakes your aim while you’re under fire, not the best idea.
  • Allied Health bars – More feedback is always better for seeing what is going on. This is pretty essential if you’re playing as a healer.

Best Overwatch Switch Settings – Aim Technique

Your aim technique is another area of your sensitivities that gets a bit complicated. This deals with the increase in turn speed depending on how you use your stick. It exists to counter-act that precision or speed dilemma detailed above, but doesn’t really solve the problem. These are your options:

Aim technique is an important setting when you’re optimizing your inputs. This regulates how your aim is going to speed up depending on how long you’re aiming for. It is an attempt to counter-act that aforementioned turn-speed/precision problem. It isn’t a perfect solution, but one of these settings should help to make things smoother. These are the options for this setting:


When you use the dual-zone settings, your stick gets divided into two sections. The inside area has a separate sensitivity to the outer, since the outer area has a multiplier applied. This means the inner area is more precise and the outer allows for a quicker turn around. In theory, great right? In practice, this is hard to control in places. You need to get a feel for the division between zones. Even so, it can be restricting for movement and make things difficult  If you can get the hang of the division between the two zones, this can be effective. On joy-cons or handheld though this isn’t ideal since the sticks are particularly short. So splitting your area in two can be overly restrictive.


With exponential, your turn speed is increased the more you tilt your stick. This is a fairly predictable increase in speed, so you can boost up to a fast turn speed within a few seconds. This one can also be difficult with shorter sticks, unless you’re particularly sensitive to the increase in speed. On a pro-control or if you’re using an accessory for your stick, it works great. This is a decent option for the best Overwatch Switch settings in 2022.


Linear is a simple increase, it just gets faster and faster the longer the move the stick. This one is actually a good choice for a dual grip joycon, since it best works around the shorter sticks. This isn’t a perfect solution, but it is the easiest to master in handheld play. As with the other, your choice of setting here should be complemented by Overwatch gyro aiming settings.

A Visual for those who still don’t get the Aim Techniques from OWConsole

This graph is a good visual illustration of how these three settings work. Bear in mind how much of the line is actually eaten up by deadzones though.

The Best Overwatch Settings Switch 2022- Video Settings

Best Overwatch Switch Settings The best Overwatch Switch settings in 2022 just limited to your inputs, you do have some control over video and gameplay options too. These are some recommendations for them:

  • Gamma Correction – This doesn’t need altering.
  • Contrast – This should be fine at the pre-set, unless you have a broken monitor or TV. In which case, the best Overwatch Switch settings are kind of irrelevant.
  • Brightness – Turn this up a bit from the default. Put it up gradually until you have full visibility. This will help you see everything happening in-game, even in darker spots. Try not to dial this down on handheld play either, even if it helps with the battery.
  • Show Network Stats – On. This is just good feedback about your connection.

Gameplay Settings

The majority of the gameplay settings are basically just toggles for your personal preference. There are a few that you need to look at though.

  • Always Skip Kill Cam – Off
  • Kill Feed Display – On
  • Network Quality notifications – Off
  • Limit Client/Server Send Rate – Off

None of these are completely vital for actually improving your performance, but they each provide feedback. That can be feedback on how you died, or how your internet is running. Both sets of information are going to help you improve, either by showing where you messed up or telling you to buy an ethernet cable adapter for your Switch!

Other Tips for Overwatch on Switch

That’s how you can optimize your settings for Overwatch on Switch in 2022. However, there are a few extra steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible:

  • Internet – Use a wired internet connection. This will significantly improve your connection and cut down on any problems. It also helps everyone who you’re playing with by not having one laggy player around.
  • Input Lag – Like with PCs and Monitors, consoles and TVs have a relationship that can cause lag. These guides run over how to cut down on general console display lag which can be a big help.

Those are all of your tips for improving your gameplay on the Switch. The best Overwatch settings for Switch in 2022 are a good start, you then just have to work on improving your actual skill! You can also check out the Overwatch pro settings if you need more inspiration.


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