super Overwatch Settings

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super Overwatch Settings

Super is one of the most recognisable faces in Overwatch in 2022. The player is a great Tank player to the League, being part of a title winning squad. Super Overwatch settings are a great example of the set-up he uses when playing at this highest level in the game possible.

Beyond just being an Overwatch League player though, super has become one of the most well-known and popular Overwatch streamers. Players like XQC have used the game as a jumping off point, but super has stuck with Overwatch. If you’re looking at improving your performance your tank performance, then super’s Overwatch settings and set-up can be a good starting point. This is what he uses in the game:

super Set-Up

The set-up used by a player is a key part of their settings and experience in the game. The super overwatch settings and set-up are running on a more high-end PC than a lot of players use. However, if you’re looking to replicate things then this is the last set-up that we know he used:


Logitech G Pro Omen by HP RTX 2080
Intel Core i9-9900K Logitech G640 Logitech G Pro
Sennheiser GSP 500

super Overwatch Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
800 7.75 6200
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
22.35 30 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920×1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode Refresh Rate
100 Fullscreen 240 Hz

super Profile

  • Real Name – Matthew DeLisi
  • Birthdate – March 28th 2020
  • Role – Tank
  • Main Heroes – Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa
  • Team – San Francisco Shock
  • Status – Active

Who is super?

Super is an Overwatch player and streamer who is mainly known for his distinctive Reinhardt gameplay for San Francisco Shock. This is a team who has had some major achievements with super as part of their squad. While Tank players aren’t often credited with carrying a team, super’s contribution has been a big one for the team, especially with roster changes in recent seasons. The super Overwatch settings detailed here are the sensitivity and others options that he uses for this gameplay.

Outside of the League, super has built a strong following as an Overwatch streamer. This is an increasingly rare thing in the community at the moment. Super’s popularity as a streamer has helped keep Overwatch relevant on Twitch.

Where is super from?

Super is originally from Pennsylvania in the United States. He’s one of few American Overwatch League players and probably one of the best known.

What Mouse Does super Use?

Super uses a Logitech G Pro mouse. This is a pretty common feature in Overwatch pro settings, popping up across players in the League. It offers great accuracy, quick response times, and suits high-tier gameplay well. The CPI of this mouse is important if you’re looking at super Overwatch settings like sensitivity.

What Monitor Does super Use?

Super uses an OMEN by HP monitor. Like the super mouse, this is a common pick for Overwatch pros. T can display the game in an impressively high FPS. Although, he may use a different monitor depending on what he’s streaming or if things have changed.

What Keyboard Does super Use?

Super uses a Logitech G Pro Keyboard, like the mouse, the keyboard has great response times and accuracy, it is one of the best keyboards for Overwatch.

Equipment – super Overwatch Settings

The super Overwatch settings listed here are all geared to work with his PC set-up. For the most part, super’s equipment is pretty standard for the Overwatch League. However, it is a set-up which is high-end even for high-level players. His pick of equipment would work great if you’re aiming to make the most out of your Overwatch gameplay.

Does super Still Play Overwatch?

Super does still play Overwatch, very actively most weeks. He regularly streams the game alongside playing in the OWL. While other players have moved to different varieties of content, super has mainly kept with the game that gave him his audience. Of course, he regularly streams other titles too, often in the queue time for Overwatch.

super Streaming and Socials

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