All Sombra Skins – Rarest and Best Skins

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Overwatch Sombra Skins

Sombra is a DPS hero that’s become a favorite for her powerful kit like EMP. There are loads of Overwatch Sombra skins now. The character has different looks that let players customize how they look playing the character or show off the rarest skins they’ve grabbed. These skins can coordinate with your team, or look unique in the play of the game highlight. Using one of the outfits like the Demon Hunter Sombra or Sombra Cat skin is a great way to stand out.

Overwatch has loads of heroes. Many players stick to those at the top of the OW 2 tier list though. If you’re playing a common hero, you want to stand out. This can leave most players looking for ways to personalize the experience. Skins are the best way to do that. Heading into Overwatch 2, there are going to be more skins than ever for all of the heroes, with the entire Battle Passes full of them. Some older picks like the Sombra cat skin might start to get rarer. Especially compared to new Sombra skins.

This guide is going to cover all Sombra skins, old and new. These are the summer skins, Sombra Halloween skins, anniversary skins, and even the more eye-catching ones like the Demon Hunter Sombra. We’ll break them down. These are all of them divided between the tiers of the rarest Sombra Skins:

All Sombra Skins List

Common Sombra Skins

Each of these skins is going to be divided up into a few different tiers. Common is the first tier. However, this one isn’t exactly fleshed out like the others below. The common skins are really more of a default, but across two games it isn’t just one skin in this tier now.

These are the common Sombra skins:

Common Sombra

This is the standard look for the character in Overwatch. It’s the default version of the character. This is what you’ll see pop up in cut scenes and most official art, it’s the standard. It isn’t going to make you stand out like the Sombra Demon Hunter, but it’s how the character was initially designed and there’s some charm to using that.

Sombra Overwatch 2

Overwatch Sombra SkinsThe default skins for how characters look a bit different in Overwatch 2. These have a few minor changes to bring them more in line with the new game’s appearance, which means a new Sombra skin. This one is the new default. It isn’t a skin you have to unlock. It is different though. Going forward, this is going to be the default look. However, it is a bit different from the classic Sombra skin.

Rare – All Sombra Skins

The next tier up is the rare Overwatch Sombra skins. These are actually selectable skins. Despite the name though, these are probably the least rare Sombra skins, they are the bottom tier for the character.

These are the first set of unlockable looks in the first Overwatch. They feature Sombra’s default look. There are no model changes. However, they do have difficult colors. They didn’t cost much in the store and most players unlocked them without ever really taking the time to use them much. However, some of them can be cool. You won’t find Demon Hunter Sombra or the Sombra Black Cat skin here. Although, there are still some to unlock if you want everything.

Some of the skins’ new colors are a decent look for Sombra. Although, others are a bit random too! These are all of the rare Sombra skins.


Sombra Overwatch SkinsThe Cidro skin is the first of the rare ones. This one is primarily in green and yellow. It can look similar to some Christmas skins, like one of the Tracer skins that is an elf. However, it’s a bit plainer and doesn’t have any solid theme.


The Incendio skin is the next one for Sombra. This one is largely in red with some dark features on it. It doesn’t really stand out, even amongst this tier. If you’re a big fan of autumnal oranges and reds though, then you might like this one.


Sombra SkinsThe Mar look is the next one for Sombra. This one is entirely blue. These are all common colors that you’ll find in everyone’s skins, like Genji skins. It’s. nice coor scheme for Sombra too though.


Noche is a darker version of the standard Sombra skin. This one looks a bit more like rarer skins for other characters. It is easily available here though. Like all other rare skins, you get it for 75 credits in the store.

Epic Sombra Skins

The Epic Sombra Skins are the next tier up. These get more interesting. They’re not just Sombra in a block color, these ones have an entirely different scheme. The model is largely the same. However, they get a lot more creative with how they change up the character. They aren’t the most exciting of all Sombra skins, but definitely more interesting than the tier above.

The Epic tier has some Summer Sombra skins and winter ones. These ones were harder to get and a bit rarer than the first tier. They aren’t the height of the skins for most players, but these ones are definitely worth looking into.

These are the Epic Sombra Skins:


Overwatch Sombra SkinsGlitch puts Sombra in a green and white outfit. It’s one of two Epic Sombra skins that are just recolors available through the shop. They’re a bit more complicated, but they were easy to get. You got these Overwatch Sombra skins through the store, but for 250 coins. Most players still have it, but it’s a bit of a higher barrier to entry than the tier above.


Virus is the alternative-colored version of the Glitch skin. This one uses a blue and purple color scheme. It isn’t too interesting. However, it is a nice change from the normal look.


Peppermint Sombra SkinsPeppermint is one of the Sombra Christmas skins. Sombra is in a similar outfit but with a peppermint cane theming. She’s now striped in white red and green. This is a nice seasonal pick for an outfit, but it’s a bit loud for year-round. However, it’s one of the Sombra skins that was only available as part of an event which makes it rarer than some others.

This skin was part of the Winter Wonderland event. This means it was only available during the holiday event. The Winter Wonderland skin was available for 250 credits, but only for this brief period.

Mexicana – Summer Sombra Skins

Overwatch Sombra SkinsThis skin was only available as part of a wider event. It was originally part of Summer Games. This means players could only pick it up during this short period. The skin is similar to Peppermint, but it’s in green and not the Christmas theme.

This isn’t the most impressive like the Sombra cat skin. However, it’s one of the Sombra Summer skins that was available for less credits in the store though.


Overwatch Sombra SkinsThe Oro skin is the first of the Sombra Anniversary Skins. This is one of the newer ones. It was only available as part of the anniversary event. Players could only pick it up during this limited time.

Overwatch League Skins

Overwatch Sombra Skins

These are probably the biggest section of the Overwatch Sombra skins. These are all versions of the base Sombra. Although, they’re in the team colors of each OWL team. You can pick whichever of these is your favorite team, or just which uses a color scheme you prefer. Teams have multiple skins for home and away.

Some of the rarest Sombra skins are the discontinued OWL skins. Some teams have changed the colors of their uniforms, and with it how their skin looks. The Sombra changes to the new colors. It means there are some skins that aren’t accessible anymore and players can’t get outside of throwbacks and those who already have them. These are some of the rarest Sombra Skins.

Legendary Sombra Skins

Overwatch Sombra Skins

The Legendary Sombra skins are the top tier for this character! These are the much more creative ones. It’s where Sombra gets looks that change her model around entirely. The most popular ones like the Black Cat Sombra skin and Demon Hunter Sombra are in this tier.

Rather than just being recolored, these Overwatch Sombra skins have new models. They are still recognizably Sombra. However, she looks quite a bit different with a clear theme and new style.

These Legendary Sombra skins were sometimes harder to get than others. Most could be picked up in the store or lootboxes, but these are definitely the rarest. These are the ones in this tier:


Azúcar - Overwatch Sombra SkinsThis skin is designed with Sombra having a day of the dead style to her. She’s no longer wearing the same clothes. However, her tunic is fairly similar to her normal look. Her facepaint is in a white and pink color, with a green look to her outfit. This one makes quite a bit different from how Sombra looks and it’s a fairly popular skin for the character.

This one was available for 1000 credits in the store. It wasn’t tied to a specific event, so it was fairly easy to grab. Most players likely picked this up if they played Overwatch consistently. It’s on the higher end of all Sombra skins though.

Los Muertos

Overwatch Sombra SkinsThis skin is similar to the one above. It uses the same theming and model. However, it is in a different color. Both of these were available in the store for 1000 credits. This one is a version of that same skin. It’s just as common as the last skin, but it’s more personal preference which one of the two you prefer.


Augmented is a cyberpunk-style skin for Sombra. This one gives her technological enhancements, like making some of her limbs look more like augmented robotic ones. Her outfit is also sci-fi infused. She even has different hair. Along with pink marks all over her skin. This is a cool look for Sombra and it definitely has its fans. It’s one of the choices that make quite a big difference to how you look in-game.

Augmented wasn’t part of an event. So it’s not super rare like Demon Hunter Sombra. It was just available in general lootboxes and the store for 1000 credits.


Overwatch Sombra SkinsThis is the alternative color version of Augmented. This one of the Overwatch Sombra skins similarly gives her a sci-fi makeover. This one uses a white and blue color scheme instead though. Just like Augmented you could pick it up for 1000 credits in the store.  This one makes a good match for some of the Genji skins.

Tulum – Sombra Summer Games Skin

Overwatch Sombra SkinsTulum is the next of the Sombra summer skins. This one was only available during the yearly Summer event. This means it is quite a bit rarer than the others we’ve covered so far. Although, most players probably picked it up one summer or another. The skin was in boxes but also available for 1000 credits. It was the new Sombra skin for this event.

The skin puts Sombra in shorts and a cut-off top. Like most summer skins, it’s a design built to it the theme of the season. You’ll find similar outfits in the D.Va skins along with Tracer’s runner skins.

Rime – Sombra Christmas Skin

Rime is a Sombra skin to celebrate the Winter Wonderland event in-game. This one changes her a lot. Her outfit is not more of an ice-themed dress with a lot of spikes. She has different hair. However, that’s not the only change. She even has a different skin color. She now looks more like a blue elf. This is definitely one of the most unique-looking Sombra skins and it’s pretty popular across winter in the game. If most players use Sombra Demon Hunter in autumn, they switch to this in winter!

As this one was part of an event, it’s on the rarer side of the Overwatch Sombra skins. It isn’t as rare as the Halloween Sombra skin, but it definitely isn’t in everyone’s locker. This was only available during the Winter Wonderland event. It cost 1000 credits.

Talon – Sombra Archives Skin

Overwatch Sombra SkinsTalon is the next Overwatch Sombra skin and it was part of the Archives event. This was available yearly during this event. It cost 1000 credits. This skin gives her a unique outfit in white and black, along with shorter hair. This is a different look for the character and it’s one of the most popular out of all Sombra skins. It has a similar name and look to a Widowmaker skin.

Demon Hunter Sombra

Overwatch Sombra SkinsThe Demon Hunter Sombra skin is one of the most popular for the character. This one might be her rarest along with being one of the looks most people most want to unlock. This is down to it having a fun unique design. But also a more complicated unlock.

This skin was initially only available as part of BlizzCon 2018. This naturally meant it was a lot rarer than those you grabbed just from playing a few rounds of Overwatch. It was brought back for the 2019 Halloween Terror event. However, only having two ways to unlock it has made Demon Hunter Sombra much rarer than the other skins.

Demon Hunter puts her in armored fantasy-styled armor. She’s got a hood. Even the weapon skins are interesting, making it look more mechanical. This is unique enough to justify how many players would rank this one of the skins the best.


Overwatch Sombra SkinsBride is the next Sombra Halloween skin for Sombra. This one was part of Halloween Terror for a few years. It features Sombra decorated like an undead bride. It’s a fun look that a lot of people stick with this year-round, not just as a Halloween skin. This is one of the most popular Sombra skins. It was only available as part of an event, so it’s on the rarer side compared to some others here.

Sombra Black Cat Anniversary Skin

The Sombra black Cat skin puts the character into a cat outfit. This is probably closest to a superhero, looking a lot like Black Cat or Catwoman. That’s pretty different from other characters’ Halloween-costume style cat skins.

This is one of the last Sombra skins in Overwatch. The Sombra cat skin was available as part of the anniversary event. Fairly easy for players to pick up. However, coming when the game’s lobbies was at at a real low, there are less people with this skin than most of the others listed here.

Zhulong Sombra

This one is up as one of the rarest. It’s a Sombra skin designed to celebrate the victory of Shanghai Dragons in the Overwatch League in 2021. The skin was on sale for a few months. It likely won’t be back for a while. This makes it one of the rarest Sombra skins since it was pretty hard to get.

Sombra Skins in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is going to feature new types of skins, like dynamic skins. With a Battle Pass coming fans can probably expect more Overwatch Sombra skins than ever before! This could also make some of the initial game’s skins rarer since they won’t be accessible. We’ll be sure to keep this updated as more Sombra skins are added. There might even eventually be a skin to dethrone the Sombra cat skin as the most popular.

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