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Sinatraa Overwatch Settings 2020

Sinatraa is one of the best Overwatch players to ever perform in the game. While he has now switched over to Valorant, Sinatraa Overwatch settings are a great look at what the optimal settings are. As Sinatraa is one of the most influential players, they show how well the game has to run to facilitate fast and high-pressure gameplay. Overwatch’s performance depends on the specs of your PC, but even a low-end PC can see significant improvements by being better optimized. Looking at the settings of pro players is a great way to see what optimal performance in the game looks like.

ThSinatraa Overwatch Settings 2020e Overwatch Sinatraa settings are geared to run on a specific set-up. So things like Sinatraa’s video settings are designed for a high-powered PC. However, we’ve also got details on the exact build that Sinatraa uses to play games. These settings can get a great performance out of a high-end machine, but also a good performance out of a lower-end PC. You can compare these settings with those of other pro players to see some of the best Overwatch settings, and how everything measures up.

Outside of the performance of your PC, the sensitivity and in-game settings can make a difference on any hardware. These factors govern how you interact with the game, and they could be the thing holding your accuracy back. Looking at the DPI and sensitivities of pro players with a similar play style can give you a starting point for finding your perfect overwatch sensitivity. This is all you need to know about Sinatraa’s set-up and Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings in 2022.

Sinatraa Setup PC

Intel Core i9-9900K




Logitech G Pro Mouse

Omen by HP

RTX 2080


Intel Core i9-9900K

Logitech G640 Logitech G Pro

JBL Quantum One

That’s the Sinatraa set-up that was used for Overwatch. This is kind of a pricey set-up. Although, the important pieces clock in at more affordable milestones. The choice of mouse and keyboard gives minimal input lag and a high response from the game. When you couple this with Sinatraa’s Overwatch sensitivity and you get an interface with the game that has minimal input lag. So hitting your shots become simpler as you no longer have to account for any in-game interference.

The PC itself is set up to run the game in the best quality possible. However, Sinatraa’s video settings also do some heavy lifting to make sure that the game is getting the most out of this GPU and CPU. While this is a high-end set-up, the same settings can improve performance on any PC.

Sinatraa Overwatch Settings & Video Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
400 9 4800
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
28.9 40 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode Aspect Ratio
75 Fullscreen 16:9
Texture Quality  V-Sync Triple Buffering
High Off Off
Reduce Buffering Display Performance Stats Display System Clock
On On Off
Lighting Quality Local Fog Detail Dynamic Reflections
Medium Medium Off
Shadow Details Model Details  Effects Detail
Low Low Set to Low
Ambient Occlusion Anti-Aliasing Refraction Quality
On. Low – FXAA Medium
Screenshot Quality Local Reflections
1x Resolution On

These are Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings for the game itself.  They help to make the game run better and get a more responsive FPS rate. Unlike some other Pros though, these settings still give a really crisp image. Texture quality and other flairs aren’t going to be impacted by running this set. The result is that the game can still look pretty presentable, and on the best hardware achieve a great performance. Sinatraas’s Overwatch video settings might be a bit demanding for lower-end PCs though.


Sinatraa’s sensitivity and DPI are also quite a bit different from the average pro player. Part of this is down to his hero choices, but his quick and responsive aim is definitely a factor.

Sinatraa Crosshair Settings

Type Show Accuracy Color
Crosshair Off Purple
Thickness Cross Length Centre Gap
1 11 9
Opacity Outline Opacity Dot Size
100 100 2
Dot Opacity

That’s Sinatraa’s Overwatch crosshair settings. This set-up is going to be clear to see but without being particularly distracting or blocking any view. Crosshairs are partially subjective, but these Sinatraa Overwatch settings are a great example of what settings pro players use.

Sinatraa Profile

Sinatraa overwatch Settings

  • Real Name: Jay Won
  • Born: 18 May 2000
  • Role: Flex
  • Team: San Francisco Shock
  • Status: Retired
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Who is Sinatraa?

Sinatraa is one of the highest level players ever active in Overwatch. He first signed professionally at only 16 years old. Since then, he has switched between a few teams and become one of the most valuable in the entire league. However, Sinatraa eventually left Overwatch League. While no longer active, he went out on a high as one of the best players in the league. He now plays Valorant and has achieved some success in a team of other high profile players from various games. The Valorant move has been popular with other overwatch pros like Dafran.

While Sinatraa has moved on from Overwatch, he is routinely called one of the best players the game has seen. As a high point for the League, Sinatraa’s overwatch settings still have a lot of value for players looking to improve at the game.

Where is Sinatraa From?

Sinatraa is from Shoreline, Washington. Although, over the course of his career he moved around with various Overwatch teams. Sinatraa now lives elsewhere and plays for the Sentinels Valorant team. Location plays a role in performance in game’s online due to Overwatch ping, but it isn’t a factor in the League.

What Mouse Does Sinatraa Use?

Sinatraa used the Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse when playing overwatch professionally. With Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings this mouse gave him great response times. He uses something different for Valorant. However, the Logitech G Pro is a very popular choice for Overwatch and might be the best Overwatch mouse. It is pretty much the dominant mouse across the entire Overwatch League. It offers high performance, a low input lag, great responses, and has a professional ergonomic design. While these mice can get a high DPI, Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings in 2022 use a lower one to match his in-game sensitivity.

What Monitor Does Sinatraa Use?

Sinatraa uses the Omen HP monitor. This is a particularly high performing monitor. However, it does have a hefty price tag. It isn’t difficult to see why the cost is this high though.  The monitor has a response time of less than a millisecond and a 240 Hz refresh rate. With this, you’re not going to have a noticeable difference between something happening and you see it on screen. Your refresh rate locks your PC to a specific cap for frames displayed in a second, 240 is well above what is standard outside of high-end gaming PCs. Although, the Sinatraa Overwatch settings play a big role in getting that frames per second rate too.

What Keyboard Does Sinatraa Use?

Sinatraa used the Logitech G Pro Keyboard. This is a fairly standard choice for Overwatch pro players, it is also used by Viol2t, aKm, super, and Striker. It is by far the most popular keyboard for Overwatch Pro Players. Like the equivalent mouse, this keyboard has great response times and functions perfectly.

What Headset Does Sinatraa Use?

Sinatraa used the JBL Quantum One headset. Audio is an important factor in playing as you need to focus entirely on in-game noises. There isn’t a specific headset that’s favored by a lot of Overwatch pros though.

Sinatraa OWL – Player’s History in the League

Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings are a great example for high level performance because of the player’s performance in the League. He was one of the best Overwatch League players, and his history is largely one of the leagues itself. This is Sinatraa OWL history from teams:

  • Joined Selfless Gaming – Sinatraa originally signed with Selfless Gaming, a team that had little success in Overwatch but a big impact. Other players for the team included Dafran.
  • San Fransisco Shock – Siantraa moved to San Fransisco Shock, and made his debut when he turned old enough to compete in League matches. This was in 2018.
  • Retirement – Sinatraa retired from Overwatch in April 2021.

What CPU Does Sinatraa Use?

Sinatraa used an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU. This one is particularly prominent among Overwatch pros and is overall one of the best CPUs that money can buy. It won’t struggle will Overwatch and is part of the reason why Sinatraa’s video settings crank up the visual quality. The GPU and CPU are performing at a high enough capacity to make high video settings simple.

Sinatraa Set up – Equipment Analysis

Sinatraa is now retired from Overwatch, but his set-up could run the game in some of the highest quality possible. The equipment offered a great response time for inputs, with hardware to produce an FPS rate to match. Sinatraa’s Overwatch settings did help out though. They’re designed to run the game at a great performance for competative play, without compromising on visual quality.

Sinatraa still streams Overwatch 2 quite a bit. His settings might have changed a bit since he’s more involved with Valiant now. However, the player still uses some of the top Overwatch settings.

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