Sayaplayer Overwatch Settings

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Sayaplayer Overwatch Settings

Sayaplayer is one of the biggest names associated with Overwatch, even if he is currently retired. Sayaplayer Overwatch settings are the in-game options and configurations that he uses, along with the Sayaplayer set-up. This guide essentially covers the tools that Sayaplayer uses to get such a great performance out of the game, outsi2de of his pretty impressive skill level. 

Sayaplayer has been an active Overwatch player since back in 2016. Although, he took until 2018 to actually enter into a mainstream team. Since then, he spent quite a few seasons at the top of the skill level for the title. Sayaplayer’s Overwatch settings can help you see how this worked. A players sensitivity is key to their aim and mechanical skill in the game. If yours is far off the average for an overwatch pro player, then switching out for one of these might be helpful.

Sayaplayer’s set-up also gives a good idea of what kind of PC is required to run the game at optimal efficiency. Of course the video settings in use go a long way towards ensuring this as well. While Sayaplayer uses a high-end machine, you can get great results trying out the best Overwatch settings on any PC.

Sayaplayer Set-Up

This is the Sayaplayer set-up that he used when playing Overwatch, and more recently in Valorant.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Omen HP Full HD Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080
Intel Core i9-9900K Zowie G-SR Ducky One RGB
HyperX Cloud Revolver

This set-up is capable of running the game at its most demanding. However, the settings that are used play a role as well. So if you want to get the same type of performance, you’ll need to look at these Sayaplayer Overwatch settings too. A good machine provides the capacity and ability to run the game at as high FPS. To actually get that performance though, you’re going to need to use the settings that emphasise the right things.

Sayaplayer Overwatch Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
1000 5 5000
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
27.71 38 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode Refresh Rate
100 Fullscreen 240 Hz
Aspect Ratio V-Sync Triple Buffering
16:9 Off. This messes with FPS. Off
Reduce Buffering Display Performance Stats Display System Clock
Off On Off
Texture Quality Local Fog Detail Dynamic Reflections
High Low Off
Shadow Details Model Details  Effects Detail
Medium Low High
Lighting Quality Anti-Aliasing Refraction Quality
Ultra Off. This isn’t helpful. Low
Screenshot Quality Local Reflections Ambient Occlusion
1x Resolution Off Off

These settings are pretty common to a lot of other Overwatch pro settings. Essentially you’re lightening the load on your PC by reducing the demands of graphics tasks. This gives you more power behind increasing your frames per second. Things like overwatch ping have an impact on it too though. These Sayaplayer settings can help get a good performance out of any PC, but obviously they work best on his set-up. 

Sayaplayer Crosshair Settings

Type Show Accuracy Color
Crosshair Off Light Green
Thickness Cross Length Centre Gap
4 100 100
Opacity Outline Opacity Dot Size
3 0 1
Dot Opacity

This Sayaplayer Crosshair is pretty well designed to give great visibility, especially if you’re playing the same heroes. Sayaplyer was one of the best Widowmaker players when active, so his crosshair works great for playing her. When coupled with the best Widowmaker settings or Sayaplyer’s sensitivity, you can improve your Widow performance with just some tinkering.

Sayaplayer Profile

Sayaplayer Overwatch Settings

  • Real Name: Ha Jung-Woo
  • Born: 29 July 1998
  • Role: DPS
  • Team: Florida Mayhem
  • Status: Retired
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

Who is Sayaplayer?

Over his time in the Overwatch League, Sayaplayer was one of the most impressive and consistent players. Compared to the rest of the field, he really stood out pushing through any barrier.  He primarily played Widowmaker McCree, and Solider. Sayaplayer has been one of the best Widowmakers ever seen in the League so far. Particularly, as a Widow V Widow duelists as seen in games like this: 

Sayaplayer did eventually retire from the overwatch League. In 2020 he turned into an active player, before moving to Valorant wholesale. A lot of players from that era of the league have moved to Valorant, like Dafran

Where is Sayaplayer From?

Sayaplayer is a South Korean. However, he relocated when part of the Overwatch League to be part of a wider community for teams. This is pretty common for Korean Overwatch players that are competing in the other half of the League.

What Mouse Does Sayaplayer Use?

Sayaplayer uses a Logitech G Pro. This is a pretty common mouse across esports and particularly Overwatch Pro Players. It Is used by the vast majority of players in the League. There are a few reasons for this. The first is just performance. The Logitech G Pro gear is some of the best available. Input lag is basically null, when combined with the high FPS from Sayaplayer Overwatch settings this is a great combination. 

What Monitor Does Sayaplayer Use?

Sayaplayer uses an Omen by HP monitor. Like with his mouse, this is pretty common across Overwatch pros. It is pretty big and can manage a decent resolution, so the game is going to look good. The real competitive advantage though comes from its performance. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz. This allows for a high frames per second rate, which makes fast reflexes easier in-game.

What Keyboard Does Sayaplayer Use?

Sayaplayer uses a Ducky One 2. This keyboard is mechanical, which allows for much more accurate keypresses. It also has minimal input lag, so it can stand up to the type of high-performance gameplay needed by pro pro players. Compared with the Logitech G Pro that matches his mouse, this keyboard has a bit more going for it aesthetically. 

Sayaplayer OWL – Player’s History in the League

Sayaplayer has a relatively long history within the Overwatch League He played for a considerable amount of time. While he has now left the game, he remains one of the most influential players in the game’s lifespan. This is his Overwatch League history in terms of teams that he competed alongside:

  • 2016 – 2018 Meta Athena – Beginning his Overwatch career, Sayaplayer was part of Meta Athena. Sayaplayer overwatch settings mainly deal with his set-up from after this point, as this was still fairly early days for the League and game as a whole.
  • 2018 – 2020 Florida Mayhem – From 2018 through to 2020, Sayaplayer played with Florida Mayhem. Eventually, he became an inactive player at this time before retiring from the game altogether. 

Sayaplayer’s OWL history is fairly simple, switching to one team and then staying there until his eventual retirement from the game. He isn’t an active player, but the Sayaplayer Overwatch settings are still useful for players, since the equipment and settings to compete at a high level haven’t really changed since his time in the League. 

Sayaplayer Set up – Equipment Analysis

Sayaplayer’s set-up and PC is on the high end for price and performance. It can produce a quality of Overwatch that looks great, but also runs the game at a great FPS. If you’re using the best Overwatch PC settings or these Sayaplayer settings then you’re going to get the top quality performance. His Mouse and other accessories can significantly cut down on input lag. The choice of  Ducky keyboard keeps the input lag low but also looks a bit better than just a standard high-response keyboard. This is a great set of equipment for his playstyle, if an expensive one. 

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