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Reinhardt is one of the more interesting Overwatch characters in terms of his design. The base Reinhardt has a unique look. However, the Reinhardt skins are a bit more interesting. These are different looks for the character. Each adds something to him or redesigns an aspect to make him stand out. It helps you put more personality into playing or coordinating with your team. You can even pick the best Reinhardt skins to really show off once you hit the play of the game.

In Overwatch 2, Reinhardt is going to have new skins and designs. That’s along with all the old ones. If you’ve mastered the basics from a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide, then you’ll need a high-level Overwatch Reinhardt skins to go with it.

This guide is going to cover all of the Reinhardt cosmetics. The new Reinhardt skins, the old, these are all of them in-game at the moment and those coming up in Overwatch 2:

All Overwatch Reinhardt Skins

Common Reinhardt Skins 

All of the Overwatch skins are divided up into a few different tiers. The first is common. These are the basics. They are unlocked for every player right from the start of the game. Although, with the changes that were made with a sequel, Reinhardt skins in the common tier are a bit more complicated now. These are all of these skins:


Reinhardt SkinsThis was the standard look for Reinhardt in the first Overwatch game. It’s this version that you see in cut scenes and everywhere else. It’s the default. However, some players still stick with this one to keep things simple. It’s not the best Reinhardt skin. It is the most recognizable though. 

Overwatch 2 Default Reinhardt Skins

With Overwatch 2, most heroes are getting an update to their basic skin. Reinhardt’s look in Overwatch 2 is a bit different. This one is going to be the base. Going forward, it’s this look. While it is a different skin in some ways, it’s just replacing the old one so the changes being made aren’t too huge, it’s more of a refresh.

Rare Reinhardt Skins

The first two Overwatch Reinhardt skins don’t entirely count! They’re just defaults. This is really where it turns into real skins. These are the first batch of unlockable skins that you could get through the game itself. Including some new Reinhardt skins.

Most of these skins were pretty simple to grab in Overwatch. They were available in the store and boxes, for relatively few credits! This meant most players had them, just sort of by default given the number of lootboxes the game handed out for playing. These aren’t the rarest Reinhardt skins. You won’t find the really interesting ones like the conductor Reinhardt skin.

These skins really just recolor the basic Reinhardt. They don’t change how he looks. They just put a slightly different color over things. While these aren’t super interesting, some of the new color schemes can still be nice.


Reinhardt Skins 

The Brass Reinhardt skin renders him in a brass brownish color. Since his armor is mainly made of metal, this is a different way to do things. Instead of just being random colors, they resemble actual metals! This one is copper. It’s a nice alteration for Reinahrdt. Not the most interesting, but if you want a slightly different metal then this is a good pick.


Reinhardt Skins

Cobalt is the next one on this tier. This puts Reinhardt in a bluer metal. As with the skin above, this one is using an actual metal as the theme. Although, it does resemble the general blue skin that you’ll find with others like the Tracer skins or Sombra skins. 


Reinhardt SkinsCopper is the next one at this tier. This one is quite similar to Brass really. It is a bit brighter and shinier than that one though. The color is closer to a deeper red. However, between Brass and the classic there are quite a few that you could mistake for this one at a distance!


This one recolors Reinhardt skins into a different metal color again. This time, it’s a blueish grey. This one is a nice lighter change of colors which is rare for Overwatch Reinhardt skins. It isn’t too interesting though, as it’s really just a new color.

Epic – Best Reinhardt Skins

The Epic Reinhardt skins are the next tier up. These ones get a bit more interesting. You find some skins that were exclusive to events and even some of the rarest Reinhardt skins. Although, it’s still limited in what changes they make.

This tier of new Reinhardt skins changes the colors on all of his body. This can make Reinhardt look quite different and give him a really different theme. There are some changes to his model. Although, they’re some subtle ones. The Reinhardt Halloween skin is pretty fun in here for the changes it makes, with him looking pretty different even without a big different model. These aren’t huge changes. They are still worth checking out though as some are pretty appealing.

The Epic Reinhardt skins contain some of the most popular! These are all of the looks in this tier.


Reinhardt SkinsThis is the first one in this tier. It isn’t as cool as some we’ll get to, but it’s better than the tier above. This one puts Reinhardt into a dulled camouflage pattern. The center of his mech also has a more traditional German eagle from the imperial period of the German Empire on it. This is a fun skin for Reinhardt. It plays into the character’s background.

This is one of the Epic skins. Although, it was available just generally through lootboxes and the store and for only 250 credits.


Reinhardt SkinsParagon is a fun addition to the Epic Skins. This one makes some big changes. Well, they are smaller changes but they add up to make Reinhardt look pretty different.

This is a skin that puts him in greyish armor, with bright blue coating underneath. It also hides Reinhardt’s face between a mask that resembles something from a fantasy film. This is a unique look, it is not the best Reinhardt skin but it has some cool features.

This one was available in lootboxes and the store easily. Most fans of the game likely already have this skin, but it doesn’t take away from it. 

Lieutenant Wilhelm – Archives Overwatch Reinhardt Skins

Reinhardt SkinsThis skin puts Reinhardt in a blue and white suit of armor instead of the standard colors. It also exposes his face entirely. This is a fun look for Reinhardt, and it’s the first in this list of all Reinhardt skins that was a bit more limited in its release. 

This one was part of the limited Archives event. It was only available briefly during this in-game event! This would make it one of the rarest Reinhardt skins, but events were handled weirdly in Overwatch 1. The same stuff came back every time. So while it was limited, players who tuned in at any one of these events had a crack at it after it was introduced. It was a new Reinhardt skin for the original Archives event though.

Coldhardt – Halloween Reinhardt Skin

Reinhardt SkinsColdhardt might be the most interesting epic Overwatch Reinhardt skin! This one is horror themed. Reinhardt is in a blue suit of armor. The big change here though is the ghostly effect. His skin and exposed face glows blue, making him look like a frightening ghost with some big changes to how the character looks.

This one was part of Halloween Terror. The Halloween skins are some of the most popular, that’s the case for loads of heroes like the Widowmaker skins or the D.Va skins.

As a limited event skin, you only had a short time to get this. Although, it did come back plenty. It still cost 250 credits, but couldn’t be gotten all year.

Festive – Winter Wonderland Skin

 Festive is the next Reinhardt skin, it’s another one that was limited to a specific event rather than being available all year round. This one was a Christmas or winter-themed one. It was available during the Winter Wonderland event. This is held every December. This one of the Reinhardt skins was a bit rarer thanks to this.

The skin itself makes some big changes to the character to say it’s only in the epic tier. As well as reocloring his armor to make it Christmas-themed, there are minor model changes like bells and ribbons hanging off of Reinhardt. He’s decorated like a Christmas tree. 

Gridironhardt – Overwatch Reinhardt Skins Summer Games

Reinhardt Skins This skin is the Summer Games look for Reinhardt. It was available during the Summer event, and cost a bit more than they normally do. Since this is a more recent skin, it’s a bit rarer. This is a much cooler skin than a lot of the new Reinhardt skin, a lot of players picked it up even if it wasn’t around for as long.

This skin puts Reinhardt into armor that looks like an American football player. He’s got padding, a helmet in the right design, and even more safety pads on his legs. This is a big change.

OWL Reinhardt Skins

Reinhardt SkinsOverwatch offers skins as a tie in with the Overwatch League teams. There are loads of these. They are Reinhardt skins that recolor the character and put him in a design that suits each individual team.

The Overwatch League skins are a bit too many to list individually. However, as you can see they come in just about every color. One interesting thing is that some of these have become very rare overwatch skins.

Some of the Overwatch League teams have changed their colors and designs. This makes their old ones rarer since players can’t get access to them regularly like the normal ones. Most players probably won’t recognise these older skins as rarer than the new ones, but they definitely are! Even if they’re not the best Reinhardt skins. 

Legendary Overwatch Reinhardt Skins

Reinhardt SkinsThe Legendary skins are the highest tier for Reinhardt skins. These are the ones that make major changes to how the character looks. They change the model. It changes the color. They go hard on one theme and make big changes. Although, this is Overwatch so most designs are still used more than once!

This is the tier where you find some of the rarest Reinahrdt skins. Although, a lot of them were available in lootboxes even if they are rarer than the earlier skins. These are all of the legendary and new Reinhardt skins and how you could get each one:


Reinhardt SkinsCrusader is the first of the legendary skins for Reinhardt. This one puts the character into a suit of armor. It also makes him younger, and gives him blonde hair. The general theme here is a knight in the Crusades. Reinhardt has some historical twists for his skins, and this one is a fun one.

Crusader is one of the legendary skins that was pretty easy to pick up. It wasn’t tied to any particular event. Instead, you could just grab it from lootboxes throughout the life of the first Overwatch game. This just cost 100 coins. It is one of the best Reinhardt skins though.


Blackheart is the next Legendary skin. This is pretty different to crusader. Reinahrdt is dressed entirely in black. His face is hidden behind a mask. The innards of his armor have a glowing orange fiery kind of effect. This is most evident in the centre, where he seems to have a molten lava core. The Blackheart skin is a fun kind of black knight addition.

Like Crusade, this one was just available in the store. While it’s pretty popular, this isn’t the rarest Reinhardt skins.


Reinhardt Skins 

Bloodhardt is another Legendary Reinahrdt skin. This one is pretty similar to the last one on this list. It’s essentially Blackhardt but in red. There aren’t other difference, beyond some changes in coclor. It was accessible in the same way too, just pick it up in the general game.


Reinhardt SkinsLionhardt is the next one here and it has some big differences compared to the last two. This one once again makes some changes to how the model looks. Reinahrdt now has a lion’s face in the centre of his chest. That’s alongside banners draped all over him, and more lines on his shoulders and forearms. This is a different skin with quite a few unique qualities.

The Lionhardt skin was just available through the general game. It wasn’t limited to an event or anything, so a lot of players picked it up. It isn’t the rarest of the Overwatch Reinhardt skins.


Stonehardt is another one of the best Reinahrdt skin using the same model as Lionhardt. However, this is a bit cooler than just a reoclor. While most of the skin is in a different color like the banners moving from purple to red, the armor has a big change. It’s now stone. That has turned Reinhardt’s armor into something that looks aged, like the decorations on a building.

Stonehardt is a Reinhardt skin that was just available through lootboxes year-round. It isn’t the rarest, but it is a fun design.


Reinhardt SkinsThe Baldrich skin is another legendary Reinhardt skint that gives him a unique design. He has a new elemet of wings. He also has some fur around him. Then there’s a different shape to his armor. He now has claws and some enhanced shoulders. The Baldrich skin puts Reinhardt into a kind of literal iron eagle outfit.

The skin was generally available in the game outside of events.


Greifhardt Is the next Overwatch Reinhardt skin without a new model. This one is a deferent version of Balderich. However, it does have some differences. The skin has moss and green growing over it. This does more than just put him in a new color. This completely changes how the design looks and gives it a different style.

Greifhardt was available in normal lootboxes and for 1000 credits.

Steelhardt – Reinhardt Skins Annierversary

Steelhardt is the new Reinhardt skin. This one was added in for the Overwatch Anniversary event in 2022. This makes it one of the last skins dded to Overwatch 2. This one is a reoclor of both Blackhardt and Bloodhardt. While it is weird to see a model getting recolroed three times, the game isn’t getting much other content right now so most probably give it a pass. Since this came in the dying days of the first game, it’s probably on the rarer side for the overall player base.

Wujing Lunar New Year

Reinhardt SkinsThis is a skin themed after the Chinese New Year. It has a more animal design with kanji and a unique type of armor. This is the next skin on this list that was a bit rarer. It was only available as part of the Lunar New Year event. The skin was available in this time, and players can’t get it outside of that. This makes it one of the rarest Reinhardt skins.

Guan Yu Lunar New Year

Reinhardt SkinsThis is another Lunar New Year specific skin. It was only available as part of that event, so it is a bit rarer than some other Reinhardt skins. This one has a bit more of an interesting design than the other new year one. It changes Reinahrdt’s face entirely, giving him a long black beard. His armor is also changed and in new colors.

Conductor Reinhardt – Reinhardt Winter Skins

Reinhardt Skins

The Conductor Reinhardt skin is one of the most popular looks for the character. This version of Reinhardt makes him int a train conductor! It’s pretty different and a lot of players go for this skin in every game. Not just during Winter.

This skin was part of the Winter Wonderland event! This means it was exclusive to that holiday and not accessible outside of that time. This makes it one of the rarer ones.

 Reinhardt Overwatch League All-Star Skin

All-Star SkinsThis skin was part of the All-Star event for the Overwatch League in 2020. This makes it one of the rarest Reinhardt skins! This was only available for a few weeks, and in a time when the game wasn’t exactly on top of the world with popularity.

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Skins

 The Reinhardt Overwatch 2 skins are going to be pretty interesting. The game is getting a new even higher tier for skins. Along with regular content coming in a Battle Pass. This means the list of all Overwatch Reinhardt skins is going to expand, and probably get some cool skins added too. We’ll keep things updated.

Out of the Reinhardt skins here so far though, there’s some nice choices. The skins are pretty diverse. Even in the lower tiers like Epic, there are big changes to How Reinhardt looks. He definitely has more fun in his designs than you’ll find with a lot of different characters in the game.

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