Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks to Win as Reinhardt

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Overwatch Reinhardt Guide

Reinhardt can be one of the most fun characters to play in Overwatch 2. His kit rewards up-close play. Although, he also has the best shield in the game. He might be one of the most standard-Tank characters to make it through to Overwatch 2. However, it’s still a great time to get on top of all of the changes and a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide to how to optimize your playstyle. Reinhardt OW’s playstyle has changed quite a bit over the years.

Reinhardt is a Tank Hero in Overwatch 2 who has some unique quirks and abilities. You get the health and barrier style abilities that are common to tanks. Along with more aggressive powers. Reinhardt sits pretty highly in Overwatch 2 tier lists.

He’s one of the best tanks when played right. However, he can also be easy to take out when played badly. Players can make some important mistakes. Reinhardt has some specific matchups which are more important too. We’ll include these in this Overwatch Reinhardt guide.

In some ways, Reinhardt feels like the quintessential tank. In a D.Va Overwatch guide, you’re not using the same barriers kit that dominated the first Overwatch. Reinhardt still has that though. There’s other factors too.

He’s huge for a start. He still has decent shields, and even heavier hitting attacks. A skilled Reinhardt player can definitely turn the tide of a fight, or set up their team for an amazing push.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about Reinhardt in Overwatch 2. This is how the character works, their abilities, and how you can get the most out of him.

Reinhardt –Key Information

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Role – Tank
  • Base Health – 350
  • Base Shield – 300

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide – Kit and Abilities

Primary Weapons – Rocket Hammer

Overwatch Reinhardt Guide

  • Damage – 85
  • Range – 5m

Reinhardt’s primary weapon is the Rocket Hammer. This is fairly unique among tanks. It’s a melee weapon. This isn’t all that common in an FPS like Overwatch, but it can deal some pretty impressive damage.

As a melee attack, you’ll need to get close with Reinhardt. You’ll only do damage within a limited range. You’ll quickly get used to how the swing feels in-game, so you probably don’t need to spend too long measuring space between it. However, one side of his swing often has a better hitbox than the other. This can be tricky. It’s something to keep in mind from an Overwatch Reinhardt guide.

In terms of timing, Reinhardt can swing the hammer every 0.956 seconds. This is just off from one second and it means he can kill most DPS characters in about 2 seconds. This is quick, but it requires positioning to be exact.

Reinhardt’s primary weapon is one of the more temperamental. It can be off-putting to newer players. If you’re not sure how to make the most out of it, these are some key tips for a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide that covers his primary weapon.

  • Shields – This attack can go right through shields. If you’re up against an opponent that has higher shield than health, getting close enough to use this can change things up a lot.
  • Animations and Swings – Swinging the hammer takes a short amount of time. You can’t just spam these swings out. The hitbox for the hammer does cover most space in front of you, but it’s worth keeping in mind you’ll be immobile for a second when swinging.
  • Cleave Damage – Even if a player is behind another hero, they’ll still take damage from this attack. 

Charge – Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown – 8 Seconds
  • Damage – 300

 The charge ability lets you charge forwards against an enemy. This is a movement that you’re locked into. If you can hit an enemy, you smash them forwards against a wall. This does huge damage if you hit it perfectly but it can be tricky to time out and get it right. Reinhardt charges towards a location. So you can always use this ability as a rough way to close up the gap, with an extra punishment in there for any opponent who doesn’t get out of your way.

For a lower ability, Charge is powerful. It’s one of the best to cover in an Overwatch Reinhardt guide. Players can take out squishier heroes entirely with this. Even against tanks, they won’t easily survive the hit unless they’re on high health. However, it is tricky to hit exactly. This is a telegraphed move which makes it difficult to hit against players who might be expecting it.

This is an important ability for a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide. These are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Charge.

  • Movement Speed – While Charging, Reinhardt OW gets an incredible 200% movement speed buff. This is just for his charge, but it naturally makes this one of the best ways to get somewhere fast as Rein. It’s not great just for mobility though, as you’re locking in and venerable.
  • Start-Up – There’s a little start-up period with this ability. It’ll take 0.6 seconds to cast. This is the longest time. However, skilled players could catch and punish this ability.
  • Range – You have a range here of 49.5 meters. This is a huge distance, so you can definitely make progress through Charge.
  • Shield – Rein can’t use a shield while charging. This makes him much more vulnerable.
  • Timing – Looking for opportunities to use charge is an important skill here. You’ll be punished at the start, charge, or end if you don’t think it through properly. You need to make sure you’re safe to charge, but ideally close enough to enemies to get use out of charging. 

Fire Strike – Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

Overwatch Reinhardt Guide

  • Cooldown – 6 Seconds
  • Damage – 90 

 Fire is a simpler attack from Reinhardt than some like Charge. This is a projectile attack that you can send out to actually engage further away from enemies. As the name implies, it’s a fire attack. This one can be key to Reinhardt’s play style as it’s one of his rare-ranged ways of attacking people. As this character uses Melee attacks, Fire Strike is important for setting up against other players with ranged attacks. It’s a key thing to master in an Overwatch Reinhardt guide.

This ability hitting for 100 is pretty effective. There is a decent cooldown on it though, so you can’t chuck them out as widely as other projectile players. You can grab some decent kills with it though, especially if you time it perfectly.

This ability can break through barriers, it even also stops animations on the hammer. This makes it pretty useful for more high-tech play. These are some tips and tricks for Fire Strike in a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide:

  • Use with Charge – Use the Fire strikes to set up an enemy for a pin or a Charge. This can get them under pressure before you sweep in and start shoving them around. If both hit, you deal an incredible amount of damage here.
  • Use When Out of Range – If an enemy moves backward outsides of the range of your hammer, use a fire strike. This will force them to continue on the backfoot.
  • Never Too Much – Use as many fire strikes as you can. Try to take advantage of every opening you have and keep the cooldown cycling.
  • Work with Your Team – A fire strike against a squishy DPS along with a teammate shooting is going to be a quick kill. Make sure you coordinate.

Barrier Field – Reinhardt OW’s Biggest Ability

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Shield – 1200
  • Cooldown – 5 seconds once destroyed

The Barrier field is the most traditional ‘Tank’ style ability from Reinhardt. If you’re trying to play a more standard style of gameplay, it’s an ability you’re going to be making heavy use of.

This one of the Reinhardt OW abilities deploys an energy barrier in front of you. You activate it with hold right click. Although, that might be different depending on your Overwatch 2 settings or keybinds. There isn’t a correct keybind for the shield. However, it should be something you can quickly access. Some of the best mouses for Reinhardt have extra buttons so you can get more inputs.

Barrier Field has a hefty amount of HP behind it. You can make use of it to block your team from incoming fire and provide protection on an objective or push. It’s fantastic for holding out as players move upwards. It provides great protection.

This isn’t too complicated. However, there are some key things in a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide to keep in mind for using this ability right.

  • Strongest Shield in the Game – This has more health than any other shield in the game. Keep this in mind when playing Rein, you’re expected to use the character’s shield heavier.
  • No More Abilities – While it’s active, you can only use the shield. Your regular weapon and other abilities are all taken down.
  • Slower – You move slower with the shield out by about 30%. This is a fairly balancing choice.
  • Cooldown – The cooldown on this ability is 5 seconds once it gets destroyed. Naturally, you’ll want to try and minimize how often it gets fully taken out.
  • Regen Health – You regenerate 200 HP with this one.
  • Think it Through – You can pop this out a lot. Don’t waste it though. Don’t use the shield to retreat or just to hide. Save it for when you have high-value positions, like around healers or DPS.

Earthshatter – Reinhardt’s Overwatch 2 Ultimate

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Damage – 250 (Within 1.75m), 50 (outside of area)

This is Reinhardt’s Ult. Like most other heroes, it’s by far his most powerful attack and one that can easily clock up kills and other damage. Earthshatter is definitely a better ultimate, this isn’t a Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2 situation where it’s really disappointing.

Rein’s ultimate is best used when the enemy team is grouped up together. A shield hero, other tanks like Sigma, or an isolated player likely isn’t going to be the best use. This is a powerful attack that can wreak havoc on the ground floor.

This will knockback opponents that it hits for 2.5 seconds. That should be more than enough time to attack these heroes with other attacks and pick off any stragglers. It’s one of the best Reinhardt OW abilities.

This Ultimate has a half a second casting time. This isn’t huge. However, experienced players are going to be able to interrupt you in all this. This Ult can be blocked by quite a few players. Make sure you’re watching out for it.

These are some tips for Earthshatter:

  • Fire Strikes – Fire Strikes work well for charging your Ult. You probably don’t need to be throwing them out once you’ve got your Ult changed.
  • Timing – The goal with an Ult is to really change how a game is going. Earthshatter is strong enough that it can clear a zone, but it is a local change. The Reinhardt Overwatch ult is a powerful resource that shouldn’t be wasted.
  • Clear an Area – This ability can clear a zone. Pay attention to if you get the most value from using it on the high ground, low, or objective.

Overwatch Reinhardt Guide – Passive Ability

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

Reinhardt gets a passive ability in Overwatch 2. This one is common to all tanks, so everyone in this role has this ability. The passive for Reinhardt is that he receives less knockback and generates less ultimate by healing and damage received. It’s a nice bonus for the character. Although, there’s nothing too huge or unique to have specific tips for a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Reinhardt guide.

Reinhardt Tips and Tricks 

Overwatch Reinhardt Guide

  • Playstyle – Reinhardt is one of the few tanks left who really plays into the classic shield gameplay. A very key part is keeping your team safe. If you spend most of the time holding up shields, you’ll likely perform well. It’s dull, but it works.
  • Power – Reinhardt’s attacks are some of the best for raw damage. There’s a clear drawback though. You have to be close. You won’t be able to make these attacks unless you’re into position, so don’t focus too much on grabbing your own kills if the shield could work better.
  • Getting Close – Your shield as Reinhardt is the most important part of your kit. You use this to help you and your team close up the distance.
  • Opening – Reinhardt has some amazing ‘opening’ moves in Overwatch 2. Whether you’re charging in with Charge or just chucking out fire to cover yourself, you have options to get close. Openings are vital for hammer kills.
  • Work with Support – Reinhardt’s shield is very useful. You need to coordinate. Most important is to talk with support to keep you alive. This lets you keep the shield up, and keep your team alive along with you.
  • Fire Strike then Finish – You can fire strikes to hit your enemies before getting in with your hammer or charge. Use this as set-up to get more use out of your melee attacks.
  • Not Flashy – Reinhardt isn’t the flashiest character. You’re not getting killer clips with this Hero. However, he can be a vital part of the team.
  • Hitbox for Rocket Hammer – The Rocket Hammer can have a stranger hitbox than you might think. Having some practice time with the weapons is a must. You have to really get the hang of how it affects the side that you swing from, which is wider than it seems.

Reinhardt Changes and Patches – Notes for Overwatch 2

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

Those are all of the major tips for an Overwatch 2 Reinhardt guide. However, the character has had some major changes in patches over the course of Overwatch 2. You need to stay up to date with Overwatch patch notes if you want to keep on top of how the character works. These are all the changes for Reinhardt OW:

June 28

  • Armor reduced from 150 to 300
  • Health increased from 300 to 325

April 29

  • Base Armor Increased from 200 to 300
  • Base Health increased from 300 to 350
  • Steadfast removed and replaced with Tank Passive
  • Barrier Field – Health reduced to 1200, and regeneration reduced from 200 to 144 health per second.
  • Charge – Steering turn rate increased by 50%, Charge can now be canceled, charging wall impact changed from 300 to 225, and cooldown changed from 10 to 8.
  • Fire Strike – 2 ability charges, damage reduced from 100 to 90.

Reinhardt Pros and Cons – Who Should Play Rein? 

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 Guide

That Overwatch 2 Reinhardt guide covers his abilities and playstyle, but is he the right hero for you? There are some players that can get a lot of value out of Reinhardt in Overwatch. There’s a specific play style that best suits him though.

Reinhardt is a more traditional tank. He has fantastic shields. It isn’t the most fun way to play. Sometimes, you might get bored just playing shield meta. However, he’s a rare character that can still play this way. With the rest of his kit, you have more space to get creative. Fire strikes and his hammer are fun. Charge is also one of the most impressive abilities in the game when you use it right, in an Overwatch Reinhardt guide using it for mobility can sometimes pay off too.

Reinhardt is best suited to players who don’t mind playing a more supportive tank. However, you should have the skills to get kills up close too. He’s for technical tank players. Don’t be afraid to dig into the deeper Reinhardt techs that are out there too.

His main cons come from his pros really. This is a traditional tank. A lot of the time, you’re holding up a shield. You don’t get too many opportunities for glory, a greedy Rein trying to grab close-range kills is a terrible teammate. Bear this in mind, because it could make you very unpopular in a lobby if you play this way.

Cohesion and Counters

Reinhardt goes well with Bastion, Junkrat, and Mei. Long-range heroes aren’t the best choices here. Healers also work well. You’ll need to communicate mainly with the healers through all pushes.

Reinhardt has quite a few clear counters at the moment. Tracer, Genji, Echo, and more are all pretty bad counters for Reinhardt OW. Against skilled players, you’ll struggle to stay alive. Some characters are less of an issue thanks to his huge health.

Keep in mind the hitbox is giant. You don’t exactly need the best Widowmaker players to snipe him. These counters are some of the biggest cons to Reinhardt. He really can be put in his place by someone like Reaper or Bastion.

Those are the main pros and cons. If you’re looking for Reinhardt in Overwatch 2, that’s roughly how to decide if he’s right for you. If you like the shield and up-close play, he’s perfect. For others, he’s going to be tricky. We’ll keep this guide updated as Reinhardt develops further in Overwatch 2.

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