Can You Play Overwatch Without Nintendo Switch Online?

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Can You Play Overwatch Without Nintendo Switch Online?

Overwatch can be a fun game on Nintendo Switch, with a unique control style and a different feel. However, it isn’t the simplest with online. Nintendo Switch Online is required to play Overwatch 1 on Nintendo Switch. Although, that isn’t the full story. There are options for you to play Overwatch without Nintendo Switch online. Overwatch 2 without Nintendo Switch Online is pretty simple too.

The NSO subscription can be a bit of a controversial service. The online connection isn’t as smooth as on other platforms, even the creators of Nintendo’s biggest online games have called it out.  Some games have free online though. Such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, for Overwatch you do largely need to have a subscription for the first game. Overwatch 2 is a different story though.

Can You Play Overwatch Without Nintendo Switch Online?

Can You Play Overwatch Without Nintendo Switch Online?

You can’t play Overwatch without NSO, unless you’re using a free trial. The game requires an active subscription to do anything with. You can’t even mess around in practice ranges thanks to Overwatch needing a sub. Although, there are exceptions.

There are weekends when Overwatch has free trials. This means the software is free for all and you don’t need a Nintendo sub to get it done. There’s also the yearly free trial for Nintendo Switch Online. This is another free period where you can grab some time playing Overwatch without Nintendo Switch Online.

Since Overwatch didn’t have much content, there is little to play online. This would be frustrating if you just picked up a cartridge. Although, thankfully it has changed a bit. The new game is different and it looks like it’s going to be a better deal.

Can You Play Overwatch 2 Without Nintendo Switch Online?

Overwatch 2 PS4 – Release Date, Price, and Is it Still Coming?

Overwatch 2 is going to be a different story. This game is going to be free. On all platforms, you’re able to go through Overwatch without spending money on the software, or online. You can play Overwatch 2 without Nintendo Switch Online.

This is as simple as setting up the game. This is a much better change from the original. Everyone and anyone can play. You’ll need to make sure you’re playing your best with the change though. Using the best Nintendo Switch Overwatch settings can make a big difference.

When Could You Play Overwatch Without Nintendo Switch Online?

Best Overwatch Switch Settings

Overwatch 2 is free. So Nintendo Switch online isn’t really a problem right now. However, before this, you could also play Overwatch without Nintendo Switch Online by going through some hoops.

The easiest way was to use your Nintendo Switch Online membership trial. You get a free trial of the Nintendo Online service every year. Unlike other services, this refreshes in a year each time. You’ll be able to use Nintendo Switch Online for a week each year for free. In this time, you got to play Overwatch along with every other game. That included a huge catalogue of classic Nintendo games, and the free Tetris 99 Battle Royale.

The other occasion where you can grab Overwatch without Nintendo Switch online was free trials of the software. This is a stranger type of trial. Rather than just getting the online for free, everyone could play the entire thing for free in this window.

The free trials allowed everyone to play the game for a week or two. You had to download the title. It only worked for a week or two. However, over that time you could use every aspect of the game for free. This was a free trial for the whole of Overwatch. In this time, you could play without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Overwatch 2 Free Without a Subscription on Switch

The whole of Overwatch 2 is going to be playable without a subscription. If you’re already subbed to Nintendo Switch Online and only play Overwatch, you can probably drop it off about now. The game is going entirely free.

Although, if you want the Battle Pass this is still going to be paid at least at first. Some of the best Overwatch 2 Season 1 leaked skins also are paid. So, while you can play the game for free, there are still going to be some add-ons.

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