Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – Best Support Heroes in 2022

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Overwatch Support Tier List 2021

In Overwatch, the first big decision that players face is which role they place. Your choice of role determines which heroes you can use, your play style, and generally your place within your team. While the best DPS Overwatch heroes often hog the attention, support is one of the most important roles. The best Overwatch Support tier list are a good indication of what characters sit where.

You might not be the player grabbing the most damage, but without a strong support, a team is going to be useless. The best Overwatch 2 support in 2022 are those that have the most utility. This can be through healing, positioning, control, or even just working really well in a team comp.

The top characters in the Overwatch support tier list in 2022 are those go way beyond just being a healer. The best Support Overwatch heroes have huge utility for their teams too.

Overwatch Support Tier List 2022

Support characters often aren’t the flashiest. Unlike with DPS, support players actually have to be willing to be a team player! While other players may demand your attention constantly spamming callouts, support players need to have a strong game sense and high skill to be of the most use.

With every new season, the meta for Overwatch changes. So, if you’re trying to stay completely on top of the metagame, you’ll need to change things up. Luckily there aren’t quite as many supports as other roles in the game.

To play great as a support, you don’t have to master all that many Overwatch heroes. However, you might need to watch for the Overwatch Season 1 tier list changes to the game’s balance and the Overwatch 2 support tier list 2022 specifically.

This guide covers the Overwatch support characters at the moment. A support meta-list can show which heroes are the most usable right now. These are the heroes to grab to really compliment a team that plays to the meta and give yourself the best chances of victory here:

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

  • S-Tier – Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Kiriko
  • Middle Tier – Moira, Baptiste, Brigitte,
  • Low Tier – Zenyatta

That’s the tier lists for Overwatch 2 support heroes in 2022 at a glance. However, just slotting the names into categories doesn’t really give the full balance of heroes. You need to specifically find the best flex support Overwatch or the right support for your playstyle and rank. So, it’s much more helpful to go into greater detail on which is the best Overwatch 2 support hero in the Season 1 tier list. Below, we’ve broken it down into which heroes are right for each player.

Full Overwatch Best Support 2022 List – S-Tier Support Heroes

Overwatch Support Tier List 2021

When you’re choosing which of the heroes to use, naturally a lot of players go for the top-tier characters. These are the heroes that are used by the best Overwatch League support players, and by the best Overwatch streamers and pro players.

These are the heroes which are worth the most in the meta at the moment. However, that comes down to the balance of power between who compliments who just as much as the hero themselves. These are the top Overwatch support characters. Although they aren’t necessarily the best in every rank or with every team comp:

Ana – The Top Flex Support in Overwatch 2022

Best Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

Ana is one of the most useful support characters in the meta at the moment. Her main weapon can fire against both friend and foe, so you’re going to be able to deal damage as well as heal with Ana.

She is one of the top flex support Overwatch characters. Being able to go in-between dealing damage and giving some decent amount of healing.

One of the main things that could limit this Overwatch 2 Support character is raw mechanical skill. You’re going to need to get good aim in Overwatch to play as Ana, but also great game sense. Using the best Overwatch settings helps too.

Her other abilities boast great utility. The grenades can work for healing and for blocking enemies. If you get the positioning right here, you can turn the tide of a battle with a well-placed throw.

Ana’s sleep dart puts an enemy to sleep for five and a half seconds. Essentially long enough to kill off momentum in a push. This one has to be utilized properly by Ana players. Be sure to communicate it to your team. In the Overwatch support tier list, she’s a clear favorite at the moment. Ana’s Nano Boost is another great piece of utility and getting the timing right is vital.

At the moment, Ana’s extensive utility plays well with the overall meta. If you can use the abilities at the right times then you stand a great chance of winning a lot of rounds with Ana.

Check out the best Overwatch 2 support players in the league and their games to get a sense of how this timing can work when pulled off perfectly. At the moment she’s one of the best Overwatch 2 support characters in 2022.


Overwatch 2 support tier listLucio has risen up the Overwatch support tier list with the release of the sequel. He’s also one of the most fun to play.

In the right hands, his kit can be particularly effective. You don’t need to have perfect aim to master Lucio. You need to be able to look at each map in a unique way compared to other heroes.

His skillset features significantly increased healing, the ability to get around the map easily, and to knock enemies around (specifically off of ledges to their doom). Lucio’s main weapon is a surprisingly effective tool too, but it isn’t the key part of his kit.

Lucio’s mobility options allow you to take entirely unique angles around the map. To get the most out of this one of the best Overwatch 2 supports in 2022, you need to get this mechanic down. Don’t practice in live games. Spend time physically mastering the mechanic. By the end of it, you should be able to take unique routes through every map.

This sets you up for one of the most fun aspects of Lucio, knocking enemies off maps. His set-up allows you to boop players back, which can result in a quick and funny kill. Being in the right position to get this done is important. You’ll get a sense for it by trial and error.

After a while of paying attention, you should be able to judge when someone is in booping range. This doesn’t make him the best support in Overwatch, but with his weapons, other abilities, and high survivability, he’s gotten up there.

Lucio is definitely one of the more fun Overwatch support characters at the moment. In terms of the tier list, he still sits fairly high up. If you’re skilled as a Lucio player then he’s a great choice for support for you.

Mercy – Best Support Overwatch Hero for Mid-Tier Games

Overwatch 2 support tier listMercy might be thought of as a traditional Healer, but her damage boost is much more important. To many people, she’s the simplest choice for playing support. This can be good and bad.

A lot of players outright avoid using Mercy because of this. However, a focus on damage boosting without having to aim really isn’t a bad thing. This makes Mercy into a pretty good choice for support, but one that suits a specific team composition and playstyle.

Mercy is often paired with heroes that can bunch up at the moment. This can make her part of a particularly effective set of heroes for players to use. However, her pocket abilities can make her work well with any high damage player.

One area where Mercy really excels in the Overwatch 2 support tier list is more normal matches, those outside of the very top tier. She isn’t the character who works the best in the sense of the League. However, anyone playing outside of this is going to find great options with Mercy.

If you’re playing with matchmaking rather than friends, Mercy can be a particularly effective choice. Even if you’re playing with friends, she’s one of the few characters who works well with crossplay for those mixing controllers with high-accuracy PC players. Although, using a mouse and keyboard in Overwatch on console could work too. You don’t have to aim as Mercy.

Mercy isn’t the most complex character. However, a good Mercy player with great game sense can make her look a lot easier than she is to play. You’re going to need to have a good sense of placement, and know when to pocket and when to heal. On top of this, Mercy skins are some of the most interesting in the game!


Overwatch 2 support tier listKiriko is one of the more interesting new characters added into the game. Her kit lets you support your team. However, can deal decent damage in some situations. Her invulnerability abilities can even work well to enhance your personal survivability a lot more than you otherwise would be able to.

It’s difficult to say where she’ll sit after a few seasons. For now though, she’s one of the best Overwatch 2 Support characters.

Her kit is versatile and offers utility in a lot of different compositions. She might end. Up being the top support pick. Just like Mercy, she has plenty of fun Kiriko skins too even if she’s brand new to the game.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List – Middle Tier

Those are the heroes at the top of the Overwatch 2 support tier list. However, there are a lot more choices out there. Just because a character isn’t quite in the top tier, doesn’t mean they’re not viable.

Pretty much every character can be viable with a skilled player and good composition. This is even more the case if you’re playing below the very top ranks, where tier lists feel pretty different.

These are the mid-tier Overwatch support characters at the moment. They’re not as well favored right now by Overwatch patches, but they still have their uses:

Moira – Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

Overwatch 2 tier listMoira is a mid-tier support in the meta at the moment. She has suffered a little bit with Overwatch 2 and patches just before. Although, Moira is still on the stronger side of the best Overwatch 2 support characters.

Moira has great healing potential. Just for keeping your team ready to grab kills, a good Moira player can achieve a lot with this character. She’s also a flex support, so she has the ability to deal a decent amount of damage too. With this, you can effectively help your team and cross between roles. She is one of the best flex support Overwatch heroes as well as being one of the top choices overall.

Moira’s mobility also has a bit of a boost compared with other heroes here. You’re going to be able to move around the map with relative ease. This means that players with great game sense can get a lot done. You’ll need a fantastic knowledge of positioning and where to be in each map to make the most out of plays with Moira.

Moira’s cooldowns are also pretty fast. A player with the right knowledge of when to fire them off can get a lot of utility out of her abilities.

Baptiste – Overwatch Support Tier List Middle Tier

Overwatch 2 tier listBaptiste isn’t quite the top-tier support that some others here are. The current balance of the game has meant the hero took quite a hit. Outside of the top tier of competitive play though, he can be very effective.

Baptiste can be hard to master. That can be both a pro and a con depending on who’s playing. Baptiste isn’t exactly out of the meta but you do need to be a higher skill to get the most out of him. He sits somewhere in the middle of the Overwatch 2 support tier list because of this.

Baptiste has great healing output. He is best paired with the strongest DPS Overwatch heroes in 2022. Zenyatta has been a great pair for this character for quite a while now.

Baptiste is best used in the backline of the action. He can help to prevent unnecessary deaths, helping to keep the pressure on enemy teams. You can even get some damage out with this one of the best Overwatch support characters.

Brigette – Overwatch 2 Support Characters

Overwatch 2 tier listBrigette is a more unique case in the best Overwatch 2 Supports. She has potential as a Tank/Support hero.

While she isn’t particularly high in the meta right now she has a unique role to play. The type of player who can switch from Support style gameplay to a tank easily will always find utility with Brigette, even if she isn’t favored by the metagame right.

Brigette is a lot lower on these tier lists than she used to be, but she’s still great as a Flex support. Her Ultimate remains an effective tool. However, she isn’t going to be grabbing the most attention.

Her abilities are easily countered right now, and there are few compositions that favor her in the meta. Brigette can still be effective if a play is highly skilled with her, however.

Lower Tier – Overwatch Support Tier List

The lowest tier of the Overwatch 2 support tier list isn’t exactly expansive. It only includes one hero! So this category doesn’t need much introduction. This hero can work fine, but they’re on the bottom of the meta outside of some specific comps from Overwatch pro players.


Overwatch 2 tier list Zenyetta is the only Overwatch Support in 2022 that sits at the right bottom of this list. He has some okay support and damage output but is way too easily killed.

Zenyetta is one of the simplest heroes to eliminate from the game right now, which keeps them at the bottom of the Overwatch 2 support tier list. This hero could still be viable, but you’ll have to put the work in to get there compared with other choices here.

Overwatch Support Tier List – Which Support to Main

Which of the Overwatch 2 Support Characters Should You Use?

Overwatch 2 Mery GuideThat’s a general tier list for the current Overwatch Support characters. However, tier lists aren’t everything. Unless you’re playing at the very top of the game for performance, the heroes at the top of the meta aren’t always the perfect choices for you. These are some other standout heroes, that better suit more specific types of player in the game.

Best Overwatch 2 Support for Low Tier

That’s a general Overwatch 2 Support tier list. However, it largely deals with the game’s balance on the highest level. If you’re still climbing ranks in Overwatch, then which support should you use?

The heroes that work in lower tiers tend to be a bit different. The game’s balance is pretty different with less skilled players, so there’s a different best support Overwatch hero.

In lower tiers, Mercy still works very well. Her basic healing and pocketing can make a big difference to how teams progress. In particular pocketing can be helpful if you have a particularly effective tank or DPS on your team.

Pocketing them as a focus allows your team to become a much stronger force in the game, and should even out any less skilled players’ shortcomings.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Skins LeaksKiriko has also begun to absolutely kill it in low tiers. Part of this might be down to players struggling to beat her without knowing her kit as well. However, it does look like she’ll stay as a high-tier support.

Ana also works quite well in both low and high tiers. She functions just as well in this Overwatch support tier list as in low-tier matches. Pretty much all of her benefits in the high tier work the same in low, so you don’t need to change your playstyle up too much for this character.

Overwatch Controller Support – Which Support to Use on PS4 and Console?

Overwatch 2 tier listIf you’re playing Overwatch on console or with a controller on PC, your needs from a support character are going to be different.

You don’t just need a character that is at the top tier, but one that has kit that suits players on support. There are a few key Overwatch 2 Support characters which work well for console players:

  • Mercy – Mercy is the easiest choice. Her skillset doesn’t require the exactness of a mouse. However, you need to make sure you’re using the right settings to get the best performance out of a console for Overwatch.
  • Moira – Moira can be a great controller support for Overwatch. You will need to have a higher skill with the controller. However, as long as you’re not in a lobby with mouse and keyboard PS4 Overwatch players you should be able to get things done here.
  • Kiriko – Kiriko can work well on console same as PC. There’s isn’t really anything in her kit which is harder on here.

Overwatch Best Flex Support

Baptiste Overwatch 2 Guide

There are a few main flex support roles in Overwatch 2 at the moment. These characters are spread pretty evenly around the overwatch support tier list. In this game, flex support tends to be a desirable role.

A lot of players like to be able to get some damage and action in, even if they’re playing as a support character. These are the best flex support heroes in the game right now:

  • Ana
  • Moira
  • Zenyatta
  • Baptiste (With some compositions)

Ana, Moira, and Zen tend to be the most universal flex support Overwatch heroes. However, a lot of other characters turn into a flex when used in the right composition. A good example of this is the Baptiste/Mercy duo that allows Baptiste to play flex.

Those are the top Overwatch 2 support heroes in 2022. However, using. Hero at the top of the metagame isn’t everything. You also need to look at how your overall performance is.

Making sure you’re using the right settings and equipment for overwatch can go a long way. Even if you’re not picking a character at the very top of the Overwatch support tier list.

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