Overwatch Season 29 Tier List – Current Meta

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Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Season 29 of Overwatch has started up alongside the beginning of the next season of the League. While news about Overwatch 2 has slowed down, the main game is still as active as ever. This is a particularly interesting one in terms of overwatch’s balance. At the moment, there are a few different heroes that particularly stand out. The Overwatch Season 29 meta is  favouring a few heroes quite heavily such as Sigma. While, others are completely out of the running! This Overwatch Season 29 tier list covers where each hero stands in the current meta.

An Overwatch Tier list or Overwatch Meta 2021 mainly concerns the higher level of play. So some heroes work great in lower tiers, but are kind of useless higher up. This tier list covers gameplay at the highest tiers, so if you’re looking to play at that level then these are the heroes to look at. Even in the highest tiers here, there are a lot of variety in the types of heroes. So players have a lot of options. This is what you need to know:

Overwatch Season 29 Tier list

If you’re not interested in the details of where each hero falls, then this is the overview of the Overwatch tier list:

  • S Tier – Sigma, Zenyatta, Wrecking Ball, and Echo.
  • A Tier – Ashe, Baptiste, Brigitette, McCree, Mercy, Orisa, Roadhog, and Torbjorn.
  • B Tier – Soldier, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Sombra, Ana, Symmetra, Genji and Zarya.
  • C Tier – Doomfist, Junkrat, Mei, Winston, D.Va, Moira, Pharah, Reaper, Reinhardt, Lucio, and Bastion.

Overwatch Season 29 Meta – S Tier


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Sigma is probably the most important hero for players at the top tier at the moment. There are loads of team compositions that align with having a skilful Sigma on your team. He is the most influential hero in terms of composition and how players are organized at the highest level. You’ll see a lot of the top Overwatch pro players using Sigma.

Sigma is a great example of how Overwatch tier lists in 2021 don’t always translate to lower ranks. If you’re playing Sigma lower down, he isn’t as important. It takes a very skilled player to get much success in lower teams, since your teammates often struggle to coordinate around him. Sigma is a great high tier choice at the moment for the Overwatch Season 29 meta. However, you have to have a whole team onboard with both this composition and strategy.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Zenyatta is the second highest ranked character in this Overwatch Season 29 tier list and meta in 2021. He balanced out some of the other overused heroes in the current tier lists. He has offensive benefit, but pairs particularly well with other high-use heroes. His orbs can really help heroes like Tracer out. Zenyetta has potential for their own offensive attacks and pairs well with a lot of other high tier heroes. Unlike Sigma, the Zenyetta skill-set is more transferable too. So players who like to switch up their main will have better luck with Zenyatta.

Zenyatta doesn’t go quite so well in lower tiers at the moment. He needs support from a confident team that is well coordinated.

Wrecking ball

In Overwatch’s current balance Wrecking Ball can be a real force to be reckoned with. The Hamster is easy to screw up in lower ranks, and sometimes has a bit of a reputation because of this. His piledriver and swings are rewarding tech moves. However, they take a lot of skill to pull off. In higher tiers for Overwatch tier lists, this kind of skill is much more commonplace. Wrecking Ball can take down enemies, disrupt the team, and generally sabotage a lot of well planned plays. Nerfs might be incoming for Wrecking ball, but for now he’s clearly on top of the Overwatch 2021 tier list.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Tracer is an ever-popular and dominant hero in the Overwatch Season 29 meta. In the latest season, she’s back in the spotlight. With Zenyetta’s orbs, she can become a great tool for disrupting the enemies’ backline. Tracer combines particularly well with Zenyatta and Wrecking Ball, forming a high damage unit in games. This is part of the reason why the two are so high on the Overwatch Season 29 tier list. Tracer is an easy character to screw up when you’re playing, but those with skill can get a lot done with the hero.


Echo has had a weird history since her induction as the last original character for Overwatch. Through a number of major changes, she’s become one of the most useful characters available. She has a great damage output, particularly being able to cut down enemy Zenyettas also playing to the Overwatch 2021 teir list’s advantage. The main downside is hitscans, but a skilled Echo should be able to deal with this. 

Overwatch Season 29 Tier List – A Tier Heroes


Ashe is a borderline case in this Overwatch Season 29 tier list, but she is still one of the more effective choices. Her damage output is very high, especially if she’s being boosted. While the instakill has been removed, she can still compete with any other high damage choice for your team. While high damage, it still takes skill to play Ashe. She isn’t top tier Overwatch in lower ranks since she can be tricky to get the hang off. Although, she is important to the Overwatch Season 29 meta.You need good timing on the Dynamite, and great aim in Overwatch to take advantage of her. Taking steps like running the best Overwatch settings can help with this, getting a better FPS in Overwatch to help out your reaction times with aim. 


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Baptiste currently has a bit of a utility role in the Overwatch meta 2021, he can safeguard a Zenyatta and his ultimate has boosts for Ashe and Sigma. Considering their positions in the current Overwatch Season 29 tier list, this makes him a popular choice. He can be difficult to take out, so a great option for those looking to hold a team together under pressure. His immortality field is tricky, but taking the time to perfect your game sense around when to use it is vital.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Brigitette is a new addition to the highest levels of the Overwatch tier list, but it has been building for some time now. One of the best aspects to this hero is the ability to take out some of the pressure from Sigma. She has the output and the speed to be seriously disruptive to the enemy team. Brigette’s speed leads lower down players to just try to use her to rushdown. In higher tiers though, she can be a risky but effective tool for a coordinated team. 


McCree provides a lot of the same benefits as Ashe and lines up with the top tier players pretty well. This makes him a great choice to throw in alongside teams that are working well this Season. McCree is a hero that tends to transcend your tier, coping well in the high ranks as well as low. In Overwatch Season 29 Tier Lists or Season 29 meta though, he’s clearly standing out as viable for high-skill players too.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

As a completely dedicated healer and buffer, Mercy has a pretty simple and role utility for teams. If a player is cool with playing entirely support then Mercy is a great choice for that third of your team. Her healing and reses come easily and you can rack up high scores of healing with this Overwatch character. Mercy isn’t too complicated, she works in high-tier games and in lower ranks. She is popular as a healer though, alongside having a lot of Mercy skins. However, being uncomplicated doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve this higher spot in the Overwatch tier list 2021 or the Overwatch support tier list.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Orisa had a bit of a bad run recently, up until Season 25. Since then, she’s began to get a lot more play in the League. Orisa has become a bit more favored by the game’s balance. She lacks the same damage output as before her nerfs, but is really beginning to line up well. She has great synergy with Sigma. With a well coordinated pair of players this can go really well. 


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Roadhog has great kill potential, along with peel and being able to sustain himself. While he has some clear drawbacks, Roadhog is still on the higher end of an Overwatch Season 29 tier list. He can feed ultimates a little too much, but Roadhog players with a high skill level can avoid this if they place things properly. Roadhog is a great pick in lower tiers too, being one of those heroes who seems to work at any level of the game. 


Torbjorn has been on the rise with high ranking players in recent seasons. His turrets aren’t exactly a major threat at the moment, but with a well-timed Sigma barrier it can get a lot more effective. This is one of the better characters in most ranks across the Overwatch Season 29 meta. The turret can do great work in lower tiers. Torbjorn isn’t the most attention grabbing hero in the game, but he’s been solidly growing in the Overwatch meta 2021.

Overwatch Season 29 Tier List – B Tier

Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Now that we’re down to the Overwatch Tier list in 2021’s lower tiers, things are a bit simpler. These heroes aren’t the top of the game, but they can work well with a well-skilled player. They have some big drawbacks, but nothing that can’t be pushed back by those willing to learn them. These heroes tend to work fine in lower tiers too, even if they’re not as favored by the current meta. 

  • Soldier – Soldier is a little generic to really get to the higher tiers. However, for middle heroes he can be pretty effective. He is a solid and reliable hitscan.
  • Hanzo – Hanzo is a bit too situational to get too much value, but he has his benefits. Hanzo may be a hero to watch in future seasons, as he’s only a few changes away from going up in the ranks. Although, in the Overwatch meta 2021 he currently isn’t all that impressive.
  • Widowmaker – A good Widowmaker has always been an impressive force, especially from the best Widowmaker players in the league. However, in higher ranks, most players know how to counter her. Use the best Widowmaker settings though and she’s still impressive.
  • Sombra – Sombra is a complex hero that requires quite a bit of skill and practice to really master. However, even at a high level, the current Overwatch Season 29 meta doesn’t really fit her.
  • Ana – Ana is still a pretty good choice. However, some of her natural counters are currently strong in the game, and the characters she has cohesion with are low. Ana is more a victim of circumstance than deserving a low slot in the Overwatch Season 29 Tier List. 
  • Symmetra – Symmetra’s main utility is to defend against shields, and in some maps, she can be particularly useful. She lacks the real depth for coming out on top at the moment though.
  • Genji – Genji’s main counters are doing really well in the Overwatch tier list 2021, which naturally limits his ability to perform.
  • Zarya – Zarya is a solid tank, but easily outperformed by other choices at the moment. 

Overwatch Season 29 Tier List – C Tier

Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Now that we’re down to the C-Tier, it is getting kind of in the weeds. These heroes are just completely shut out at the moment. Many can perform well in lower ranks. Although their current situation makes it difficult to get much out of them higher up:

  • Doom Fist – Doomfist is kind of shut out by higher-tiered heroes at the moment.
  • Junkrat – Junkrat is currently too situational to achieve much and low in the Overwatch Season 29 tier list.
  • Mei – Mei works great for high-pressure moves higher up, but that’s more of a panic button than an outright plan. 
  • Winston – Winston is completely spaced out of the game at the moment, with his counters doing well. 
  • D.Va – D.Va is too close to Sigma to get much attention at the moment.
  • Moira – Moira becomes increasingly ineffective the higher up you get in the game’s ranks.
  • Pharah – At the moment, Pharah is basically just a worse version of Echo. Not much reason to pick her over the competition in the Overwatch Season 29 meta.
  • Reaper – Reaper can work in highly aggressive situations, but not so much in general play.
  • Reinhardt – He is in the same kind of situation as Reaper, but a few good patches could change things.
  • Lucio – Good for memes, not so much for the Overwatch meta 2021.
  • Bastion – Completely useless in a high tier, but slays in lower-ranked games that aren’t a big part of an Overwatch tier list.

Tier Lists Aren’t Definitive 

The Overwatch Season 29 tier list covers which heroes are currently favored by the game’s patches. Along with which heroes perform the best in their end games. In most ranks though, the tiers aren’t all that important. Characters which do well at the top level aren’t useful in lower ranks. Factors like your team’s performance, your in-game settings or Overwatch ping, and your own training with a character are much more important at lower ranks. However, this Overwatch Tier List 2021 covers the current Season 29 meta of the game, and what works on the highest level.

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