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Overwatch all Mercy Skins

As a Support character, Mercy isn’t the most popular of the heroes to play. However, she does tend to stand out when it comes to skins. Mercy skins are some of the most diverse in the game and for some reason, Mercy attracts a lot of attention to her skins. In terms of how much players care about her appearance, she’s definitely up here with D.Va skins.

She is one of the most useful healers despite being a relatively standard character. Mercy is pretty popular with support players, and fairly evenly played by Overwatch pro players. So it makes sense that Mercy skins are some of the most discussed and wanted out of all characters. 

Overwatch has a lot of different looks for characters. However, quite a few of those are fairly minor recolors! These aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. Really, it is those rarest Mercy skins that attract players’ attention. Some of the rarest Overwatch skins are Pink Mercy and Dragoon Mercy. These two Overwatch Mercy skins are some of the most sought after.

Playing as Mercy can be rewarding as a support, but it is often a thankless role. You don’t need to be using the best Overwatch settings for extreme accuracy to perform well though. This often makes Mercy popular with Overwatch PS4 players, or even those with bad ping. No matter how you play as mercy though, using the best Mercy skins can help you stand out in any lobby. 

These are all Mercy skins in the game, how you can get them, and which are the rarest.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Skins

Miko Mercy – Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 50

Miko Mercy Skins

The latest news for the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass has revealed a brand new Mercy skin! This is Miko Mercy.S he unlocks on tier 50 of the Battle Pass. You’re going to have to grind quite a bit if you want to get this skin. Its a fun different look for Mercy though.

This image is about all we have until we get closer to release! This is just one of a few Overwatch 2 Season 1 leaked skins.

All Mercy Skins


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

The first Mercy skin isn’t so much even a skin, it is just the default! The classic mercy skin is just the standard, so it is the skin you’ll see in cinematics, promotional materials etc.

Rare Mercy Skins

Skins in Overwatch are classified into a few different tiers. The higher up in tier you get, the less likely you are to actually find them. Unlike in games like Fortnite, the skin rarity does largely correspond to how actually rare it is. Although, each of the titles are slightly hyperbolic. There isn’t really anything all that rare about this set of the Overwatch Mercy skins. 


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

This is a dark blue variant of the classic.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

A Black variant of the classic skin. This one isn’t all black like the carbon fiber Genji skins along with other characters though.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Just a slight change here, with purple in place of red.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

This one of the Mercy skins is just a greener variant of the normal skin. 

Epic Skins – All Mercy Skins

The Epic skins where things actually start to get more interesting. These are designed pretty interestingly. They have a major difference from the normal skin, and a entirely unique theme. Compared to the skins in the lower tier, they’re a lot more interesting. These are the Epic Mercy skins:


Amber is available for 250 credits or from a loot box. It wasn’t part of an event, and this isn’t a limited skin. As just a simple recolor, it isn’t the most exciting one out there. 


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

The Colbalt one of the Mercy skins also cost 250 credits.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

This skin came from the Summer Games, which makes it pretty widely owned even if it is in a rarer tier. It is a recolored skin, but one quite close to the Rare skins in terms of how unique they are. 

This one of all the Mercy games looks similar to some of the OWL skins. However, it\s still a fun look by itself.


Fortune came from the Luna New Year. So it is more rare since this one of the mercy skins isn’t always going to be available. The main visual difference here is still just the color though. 

Snow Angel

Snow Angel is a pretty popular skin, even if it is largely just a different color. It has a bit of a Frozen vibe to it, and does look a bit more interesting than most of the recolor skins. This one came from the Winter Wonderland 2019 Challenge.

Overwatch League Skins

These skins are Mercy colored in the team colors for Overwatch League teams. A fun way to show which one of the teams you support, and a littler rarer than the others here. Out of all Mercy skins, these are fairly dull but also lesser seen.

One Grey version of these skins was given away as Twitch bonus. Which makes it a bit rarer since it was a while ago. However, most people would rather a more interesting theme for Mercy skins than just grey!

New Mercy Skin – Knight Mercy

Red Knight Mercy

The newest Mercy skin is a Knight Mery. This one puts the character into a suit of armor, with red coloring throughout. Since it was released so close to Overwatch 2, this might be the last new Mery skin we get in the base game!

This one can be unlocked fairly easily by purchasing it in the shop. You had to watch the Midseason Madness tournament to get it though.

Legendary Skins – All Mercy Skins

As we head into the Legendary skins, you get to the better stuff. These Mercy skins really start to deviate from the norm, taking on entirely new forms to look pretty far from the standard Mercy. These ones of the Overwatch Mercy skins definitely look different. 


Devil is a pretty unique skin that gives Mercy a cartoon devil look. Could be seen on a cartoon character’s shoulder, urging them to ignore the angel on the other side.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Imp is a recolor of the Devil skin with a similar theme.


Sigrún is a kind of viking looking skin. If you’re looking for the rarest Mercy skins you’ll have to look further, but they’re a pretty unique look compared to others


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

The Valkyrie skin is a recolor of the Sigurn one, and you can get it in the same way.

Winged Victory

Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Winged Victory is a Mercy skin from the Summer Games but one you don’t see quite as often as some of the others on this list. This one has a style that is kind of reminiscent of Pit from Kid Icarus or a character from the recent Gods & Monsters.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Witch is one of the more sought after skins and a Mercy skin that is going to be one of the most recognisable. This one comes from the Halloween Terror event and you’ll see it around a lot over October in the game. These are some of the most popular for every character. The Haloween Sombra skins or the Tracer skins are often the ones that players go for the most. It’s no different with Mercy.

Mage Witch Mercy

All Mercy Skins - Witch Mage

This skin is one of the most recent added for Mercy. It is a white version of the Witch skin. This is a bit of a different look. It might be a recolor of another skin, but it dropped at a time when new skins were basically done! This definitely made it more exciting than normal.

The itch Mage skin was part of an event early in 2022 It was part of the late Anniversary event.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy comes from the Winter Wonderland event and costs 3000. It is a fun looking skin with quite a few differences compared with the majority of others available. While this one is quite accessible, it is one of the more sought after Mercy skins. 


Zhuque is Mercy’s skin from the Lunar New Year event, this pops up once a year at that event. This one has a unique look which sets it apart as one of the Overwatch Mercy skins in most lobbies.

Combat Medic Zeigler

Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Combat Medic Zeigler was part of the Archives event and cost 1000. This one is themed after an old-fashioned field medic. This one has more subtle differences from the standard shape but as a more grounded look it is fairly popular. 

Pink Mercy – Rarest Mercy Skin

Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Pink Mercy is probably the rarest Mercy skin out there. It doesn’t have a huge change from your standard skin, but the way you actually got it has made it pretty rare. Pink mercy was accessible through a charity event, so you had to make an actual donation to get access this skin.


Overwatch all Mercy Skins

The Dragoon skin is one of the weirder ones. It makes Mercy into something of a dragon, or a person cosplaying as a dragon. It came from the Anniversary event, which runs to celebrate Overwatch’s release every year. 

Dr Ziegler

Overwatch all Mercy Skins

Dr Ziegler flips the Mercy nurse look on its head by making her into a fully qualified Doctor! This is a popular skin, likely because it feels like it is rarer than a lot of the others here. It was part of Mercy’s Recall Challenge, so it is one of very few that you could miss out on permanently. 

2019 Atlantic All-Stars

Overwatch all Mercy Skins

This Legendary Skin was part of the All-Stars Weekend in 2019. These skins were unlocked by donating certain amounts collectively during the events stream, so most people playing a few years ago have access to this skin. 


All Mercy SkinsThis skin was added to the game as part of the Year of the Tiger event. It’s a pretty different look, even among the rarest mercy skins. This one puts the hero in traditional Korean clothing! It was only available during this event. So if you weren’t playing then, you might have missed out on this Mercy Skin!

Camouflage Mercy Skin

Mercy Camouflague Skin

The Camouflage Mercy skin is the latest to be added to the game. It brought about a lot of Karen jokes, but this skin has a lot going for it. It is part of the 2021 Archives event.

Those are all of the Overwatch Mercy skins kicking around the game at the moment. The release of Overwatch 2 will likely bring quite a few more to the game, even if content has been thin on the crowd up until then!

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