Overwatch 2 Tier List – Best Heroes in OW 2 Season 1

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Overwatch 2 beta Tier list

Overwatch 2 is finally dropping in full. Overwatch pro players and normal players have gotten a decent hands-on with the Heroes now. While new heroes like Junker Queen and Kiriko are grabbing a lot of attention, there’s been some decent changes to balance already. The Overwatch 2 tier list in Season 1 is pretty different to what came before.

If you’re just jumping in, then it’s helpful to know where everyone stands. Some characters have had some pretty major changes. Knowing which are the best heroes in Overwatch 2 is going to pay off.

While Season 1 has only recently started for the public, it’s been in play for Overwatch League teams and some streamers for a little while. The game is more stable than some might expect. We have a decent idea of how each hero is handling at the moment and all of the Overwatch 2 changes that have been made.

Like with any other Overwatch 2 tier list, this is a bit subjective. However, with the balancing changes to various characters, there are some that definitely rise above the pack. Even if you’re playing the best Overwatch 2 heroes, then you’ll need to think about team comps that work best in Overwatch 2 too. This is how everything breaks down, and why each hero comes out where on the Overwatch 2 tier list:

S-Tier – Best Overwatch 2 Heroes

Overwatch 2 tier list

  • D.Va
  • Genji
  • Lucio
  • Soldier
  • Ana

This is the S-Tier of the OW 2 tier list, the heroes that have risen to the top of the pack in the early days of the day. These all have a few features which really make them stand out in the newer version of the game. We’ve broken down what makes each of these the best Overwatch 2 beta heroes picks below. However, there are more general changes to the game which have a big impact on an Overwatch 2 tier list too.

The sequel is quite a bit faster than the original version. DPS Heroes all have a speed boost.  5-v-5 has made the game feel significantly faster. Alongside having fewer tanks, there are a few characters that have shot up to the top of estimations recently. This is what makes each of these so useful in an OW2 tier list:

Ana – Best Supports

Ama is one of the best heroes in Overwatch 2. She is definitely a high pick for the Overwatch 2 tier list in Season 1. The general changes to the game have made the character feel much more effective, especially as far as supports go.

In Overwatch 2, Ana is harder to play. The reward is high though. Her Biotic Grenades can now kick off an entire play from a coordinated team. Ana players need to be highly mobile, with great map knowledge. However, if you’re selective with use of grenades and sleep darts, you can get more value out of Ana than most other supports. She’s a high skill in OW 2. Although, she definitely deserves a high ranking in the Overwatch 2 tier list and will pay off for those willing to master her.

Ana had beneficial changes to how she plays too. It isn’t just her changes that have made the character a more solid pick in Overwatch 2. The comps and counters for Ana have aligned in a way to put her at the top of the OW 2 tier list for support at the moment.

D.Va – Best Tanks

Overwatch 2 tier list

D.Va has been a bit of a controversial pick across the early versions of the Overwatch 2 tier list. However, in the final game, she looks strong.

D.Va’s higher mobility can really pay with the way the game works. Her primary fire accuracy is stronger, and she has huge health which really buffs her survivability. There is now only one Tank. However, a competent D.Va player can make it look like that’s all you need.

Her mobility can be very effective at targeting backlines. D.Va has great offensive potential. She especially benefits from the increased speed. She’s one of the best heroes in the Overwatch 2 tier list, especially if you’re comfortable with this style of play. Or if you’re willing to go through an D.Va Overwatch 2 guide to master her.

You’ll have to take a bit more care with opposing tanks now having better defences against D.Va, but she’s one of the better-developed off-picks.

Genji – Best Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 tier list

Genji is a fun DPS and quite high in the Overwatch 2 tier list. The kit here is perfect for dive playing and wreaking complete havoc on the backline for players. One good advantage here is taking decent use of deflecting to buy time when put under pressure. Genji’s abilities can be fired off relatively fast, and generally made better use of in the current meta.

Genji’s abilities aren’t the simplest to use. You have primary fires that have unique mechanics. Along with other skills that can be tricky for newcomers. However, he is also one of the most effective picks with other characters high in the overwatch tier list. These comps are killing right now. He’s a great pick for a main if you’re not afraid to put a bit of work into mastering him.

Lucio – Overwatch 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Lucio has really been improved upon in Overwatch 2. He’s gone from a character for grabbing quick clips and fun moments to maybe one of the strongest Overwatch 2 supports in the whole game. It would have been tricky to predict he’d hit the top of an Overwatch 2 tier list, but the speedier gameplay is working well.

With passive healing and the generally improved pace, Lucio is currently fitting very well into the balance of the game. He’s a safe pick, having not had too much change in the bet and Overwatch Season 1. However, the game has shifted more to benefit this style of Hero. It makes a big difference.

Soldier 76  – Overwatch 2 Beta Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Soldier 76 is really benefiting from the way that things play in the game at the moment. His abilities have been boosted to give him a pretty impressive DPS in the game. When you add in some self-healing, it works. His brawl abilities stand out for DPS too. He’s a great high pick in the Overwatch 2 beta tier list, especially for raw damage.

One thing to take advantage of with Soldier 76 is the speed boost. Like every DPS he now moves faster. Soldier’s brawling features like him get a lot of utility out of high movement, so make sure you’re keeping up with it.

One of the nice things about Soldier is that he’s a good pick for newcomers to the game. He plays close to most shooters. This makes him one of the best Overwatch characters for beginners. Sitting at the top of an Overwatch 2 tier list too, even newcomers can make a difference to their team here.

Overwatch 2 Tier List – A Tier

Overwatch 2 tier list

The A Tier on the OW 2 tier list isn’t quite as meta as those covered above, but these are still great picks, especially in some team compositions. Since things are still relatively new this is a large tier! Not too many feel entirely underpowered at the moment.

Most of these characters can still be very effective in the hands of the right player. While they’re not at the top of the game, they have a lot of utility and if you’re using an Overwatch 2 beginner’s guide these characters and going to feel just as powerful in your opening lobbies. These are the heroes in this section of the Overwatch 2 tier list:

Moira – OW 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Moira is a strong tank and sits easily at the higher end of the OW 2 tier list. You’re getting actual brawl potential, pocket healing, and passive AOE damage. Her abilities have been significantly improved. She’s only in the A tier as she lacks some of the versatility between comps. However, she’s one of the best heroes in Overwatch 2 and is going to look pretty good with the best Overwatch tank players once the League is in full swing with the new version of the game.


Kiriko is a brand-new hero in Season 1, so she is a little hard to place. However, the character so far looks set to be on the higher end of the Overwatch 2 tier list. Her kit is some of the most impressive we’ve seen for a support in quite a while.

Kiriko’s kit seems to add to survivability. We’re sure players will figure out decent counters as time goes on. At the opening of the season though, she’s worth playing once you unlock her. It doesn’t hurt that some of the Kiriko skins in the Season 1 Battle Pass are eye-catching too.

Junker Queen

Overwatch 2 tier list

Junker Queen was an especially strong hero when initially added. Over time, there have been changes though. Some tweaks and nerfs have hit the character which do limit her. She’s still strong as a tank though and is an easy pick for the upper sections of an Overwatch 2 tier list.

Junker Queen’s normal weapons are generally very powerful. Her more heavy ability attacks are also great for raw damage. She’s great for a tank player looking to still contribute heavily to the kill count.

Brigitte – OW 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Brigette is on the stronger side for support and damage dealing in her class. With the game currently allowing support players to go ham if they feel like it, Brigitte can be a lot of fun. She has some decent peel utility along with okay healing.

Supports aren’t really the center of attention. However, they’re important. A good support can make sure even a weaker team wins if they’re playing smart. Brigitte is one of the supports that has been buffed with changes, making her a better pick. She’s one of the best characters in this role for the Overwatch 2 tier list.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Mercy has had some serious ups and downs in Overwatch 2. Even prior to release, some of her abilities were receiving massive changes in every patch. Things have stabilized now though. Mercy has been left with a lot of utility and sits as one of the best supports in the Overwatch 2 tier list.

Mercy has fantastic mobility. Her damage boost can turn your two DPSes into absolute killing machines if you’re coordinating abilities. She’s better for boosting than raw healing though, as she’s outplayed in terms of heals. Focus on damage boosting. We cover more in a specific Overwatch 2 Mercy guide. However, she’s a strong pick for the upper end of the Overwatch 2 tier list.


Overwatch 2 tier list

The main benefits of Sombra’s changes are getting more frequent hacks on targets and taking advantage of the bonus damage there. Sombra has the added speed of all DPS. If you’re utilizing properly can help you burn through her kit at a better pace. You’ll get more utility.

Sombra now gets bonus damage against hacked targets. Her EMP now has great utility both for intel and damage. These change her play style. You’re not doing crowd control like in the original Overwatch. However, she has a new niche instead. This version of Sombra needs less team coordination but is still one of the best Overwatch 2 tier list characters. Those same Sombra skins are still available too.

Doomfist – OW 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Doomfist is one of the strongest tanks in the game right now, with a playstyle that really pays off with the faster pace. The juggernaut playstyle makes him easy for players to get going with. Absorbing damage with the shield can now make for a stronger charge. There are also lower charge times. There’s a trade-off here in lowered damage numbers but it is more than made up for by speed. It hasn’t stopped him from hitting the top of the OW 2 tier list.

If you’re playing Doomfist then you really need to be confident with getting in the face of your enemy. You need to disrupt the enemy teams and make good use of your utilities. Tank is a challenging role in the 5-v-5. At the moment, it seems like one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for Tank is Doomfist. We’ll have to see how things play out as players adapt more to the new format over Season 1.

Widowmaker – Overwatch 2 Beta Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Widowmaker hasn’t had crazy changes, but she’s currently sat around the A tier if you’re decently skilled like the best Widowmaker players. She now has better health. Aside from that, you need skill to use Widow. Not a lot has changed for this hero in the Overwatch 2 tier list. If you’re good with Widow, you probably already know it!

If you’re a newcomer, Widow can be one of the most fun characters in the game. As with any title, Snipers give you what you put in. If you take the time to be a good Widow, she can be the top hero in the game. Using the best Widowmaker settings doesn’t hurt either.

Tracer – Overwatch 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Tracer has had some nerfs, but she’s still in the top section of the Overwatch 2 tier list. She’s suited to the faster dive gameplay. With a decent speed, Tracer can be a bit hectic to play at the moment but very rewarding.

Tracer’s kit allows you to make risky and aggressive plays. If you’re being properly supported, this can force full resets with the right use of abilities. Tracer has a few drawbacks. Such as being a bit too squishy at the moment. However, she’s definitely a character that has fared well with all of the changes.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Reinhardt is improved on Overwatch 1 with stronger HP, and he’s definitely very useful in slower pushes. He’s a bit slow for how much faster things are, but this isn’t a huge problem. If you make the right use of the Reinhardt Overwatch 2 kit. He can be incredibly useful.

Reinhardt played more aggressive works well. The hammer can be incredibly effective if you can position yourself effectively. If you’re not confident with highly aggressive Rein, he works defensively too. As one of the better shield players right now, he’s going to find a niche to fill with any play style.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Winston has some new additions that improve him a bit, like changed bolts and a poke. Although, there’s been some nerfs too. He’s one of the more beginner-friendly heroes in Overwatch 2. He’s been at the bottom of the Overwatch tier lists for quite a while, but he’s been buffed.

With so many shields gone or nerfed, Winston’s remaining one is starting to look pretty good. Having more ranged options also help him quite a bit. With more mobility, speed, and fewer Tanks, Winston is looking more and more like a viable choice. He’s not S-Tier. But he does still just sneak into the top end of the Overwatch 2 tier list.

B Tier – Overwatch 2 Beta Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

B tier heroes aren’t as strong as those above, but they can still be useful. Some of these characters, like Mei, are missing some of their key components from the past. While they might probably rise in ranks as players figure out how to make the most of the new kit, at the moment they’re lingering towards the bottom of an Overwatch 2 tier list. This is what makes up each of the picks in this tier:

Mei – Best Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 tier list

Mei is a Hero that has had a decent amount of changes for 2, and hasn’t gotten hugely stronger.. Her kit just doesn’t have the same utility. She stays a little higher as she has some decent peel potential. She isn’t bad enough to go below around average. However, she definitely needs work.

She still works in some comps. Her versatility with other characters is mainly why she’s up so high, but Mei could probably use some buffs as the game gets through Season 1. At least she’s likely to get some cool new Mei skins, which is nice for those maining her despite the huge changes.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Baptiste is a solid pick that has kept many of the same strengths he had in Overwatch 1. His alt fire can be spammed pretty easily. His ult is still high level. Especially when used in coordination with other heroes.

If you’re looking to play a bit more bravely, his immortality field and regen burst are currently working very well. Baptiste in Overwatch 2 is a great pick in an OW 2 tier list. He might not be at the very top but he’s definitely on the higher end.

He’s one of the strongest for raw heals. Although, damage-boosting supports tend to sit higher on the tier list than healers like Baptiste.

Sojourn – Overwatch 2 Beta Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Being brand new, this is definitely a hero that players are really still assessing. However, so far, her kit does seem to have some pretty impressive uses. Alt-fire can be lethal. Headshot multipliers are going to allow high damage to be dealt.

At the moment, Sojourn doesn’t have too many comps figured out. In an Overwatch 2 tier list, she’s dropped since release. She’s currently around average. This is a character that could do with some work to make them stand out.

Zarya – Overwatch 2 Tier List

Zarya is fairly strong for tanks at the moment but doesn’t have the utility to get any higher. Part of this is the big cooldown change. Zarya shields now start their cooldown on use instead of when the shield is expired.

The barrier durations have also increased by another half second, while not exactly game-breaking these two tweaks have made a difference for the character. It’s enough to bring her out of the low she was in with Overwatch 1. Not quite enough to rival the better tanks though.


Cassidy has lost quite a bit of utility with stun, but his damage is still at a decent level. If you’re a high-skill player then the increased speed could pay off with him. His toolkit can be fantastic if you’re aiming well. Experienced shooter players will probably find him to be a higher-tier character. Overall, he’s not the top though.

Cassidy doesn’t really have enough going for him to warrant placing him any higher in the Overwatch 2 tier list right now. He can really pay off if you’re skilled though, our Cassidy Overwatch 2 covers his kit.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Reaper hasn’t sat too high in the tier list any time recently. However, he’s improved in Season 1. The character now works as a pretty decent counter to quite a few other characters. He’s still not on the top of the world. However, he’s a helpful backup pick you can go to when you need him.

Sigma – Overwatch 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list

Sigma is a decent pick but doesn’t quite have the legs to be on the higher end of an OW 2 tier list. He has a better ult right now and more on his shield. With decent timing, he can be great for slow pushes to take over sites.

Although, slow movements aren’t exactly how the game is currently being played. Overwatch 2 Is faster. There are likely some comps that can make him work very well though. The Sigma Overwatch 2 abilities are pretty good in the right hands, especially if you can master little tricks like curving his primary balls.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Hanzo has had a few nerfs, but he still sits roughly in the middle of the overwatch tier list. If you’re regularly getting headshots, he can pay off. You need to ensure you’re using the best Hanzo settings for that.

To most players, Hanzo is useful but circumstantial.  He does have the potential to rise up the Overwatch 2 tier list though.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Ashe clocks in at just the middle tiers for the OW 2 tier list. This is thanks to some pretty simple nerfs. Bob lost HP and enemies are harder to hit with dynamite because of the speed boosts. The same benefits for Ashe are still here as in OW 1.

Although, she hasn’t really seen much improvement from the changes so far. She can still work. Although, the nerfs have moved here firmly to the middle of the Overwatch 2 tier list.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Pharah has some good evasion techniques and can get some space from the brawl mechanics in the game. However, her projectiles have become hard to aim. The added speed hasn’t helped Pharah. She’s easy to beam. She can’t really get any higher without a decent buff.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Echo remains a bit of a shadow of her original self since all of the nerfs. She has taken on something of a new light more recently. She now rewards high-skill players. For most in quick play or lower comp, this can make her a very good character. Although, for higher levels she’s lacking utility.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Zenyatta isn’t quite at the top of the game at the moment but has some uses. The burst damage is solid here and you can get consistent healing off with good AOE. There aren’t good peeling tools though. Her lack of mobility can cause problems in OW 2 too.


Orisa currently has some nice changes. However, the aggressive playstyle feels pretty rough with the single-tank play at the moment. With some tanks they could rise back up but there isn’t too much like here unless you’re already skilled with Orisa.

Overwatch 2 Tier List – C Tier

Overwatch 2 tier list

These low-tier picks currently don’t seem like the best heroes in Overwatch 2 for most people. It isn’t to say they can’t be played well, especially in the right hands. However, for most players and most team comps they are severely lacking.

This isn’t quite the bottom of a barrel. Although, it’s fairly close. Some of them can still be fun,, but maybe not the best for comp play. These are the C tier heroes:


Overwatch 2 tier list

Bastion has a new Ultimate in Overwatch 2 and some other changes like self-healing and generally more flank potential. Bastion is lacking some of the defence he previously had. He’s never had too much use in the higher tiers of the game as a whole.

Bastion is great in low tiers. You’ll quickly outgrow him though. He’s just far too easy to counter.

Wrecking Ball

Overwatch 2 tier list

Ball hasn’t seen too many major changes from the first game. He has two more meters and better shield charges. That’s along with better health and armor. Survivability is decent for Wrecking Ball which is going to be a big factor for a lot of players. However, he hasn’t really had anything in the game to push him into higher tiers.

Wrecking Ball is one of the more interesting characters in this part of the OW 2 tier list. He has more potential to rise up. At the moment he’s outplayed though.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Roadhog is one of the lower tanks in the entire OW 2 tier list. He has a lot of HP, but lacks the utility to really do all that much with it. He’s a bit of a loose end. He can be fun, especially in lower tiers. He’s not huge for competitive play at the moment though.

D Tier – Overwatch 2 Tier List

Overwatch 2 tier list


Overwatch 2 tier list

Symmetra still has some uses in more shield-heavy comps, but getting rid of two CP has hit her hard. She isn’t the top DPS. Most players would be better off going for a more meta play. Someone higher on the Overwatch 2 tier list would likely be a better pick than sticking with her at the moment. The addition of faster movement speed and only one tank to a team has hurt her utility.


This character has had his health increased but armor removed. This is a slightly more complex way of pretty much nerfing him entirely. Torbjorn has some benefits for the dive gameplay. However, his problems outweigh his skills at the moment.


Overwatch 2 tier list

Junkrat can work in some comps but he’s not great right now.., He’s had some bad changes. He can longer stun on his trap and his general kit has become clunkier and less convenient to use. With the right timing, you can make better use of him with reduced cooldowns though. However, most should probably avoid jumping in as a new player.

Overwatch 2 Beta Tier List – Things Change Quick

That’s a cursory look at which are the best Overwatch 2 tier list heroes, and which have suffered in Season 1 so far. However, it is worth bearing in mind that things haven’t been entirely figured out yet. Compared to OW 1, this OW 2 tier list is partially based on early feel and comps.

We’ll have to wait and see how things settle down in the game as we get further out from launch. For a start though, we have a decent idea of what are the best Overwatch 2 tier list heroes and which it might be better to avoid for now!

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