Overwatch 2 Sigma Guide – Tips and Tricks to Win as Sigma

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With the release of Overwatch 2, it’s the perfect time to polish up your skills. Sigma is one of the most rewarding heroes. His kit can be a bit tricky at times. However, this hero can be a lot of fun once you master all of his abilities and talents In the game. This Overwatch Sigma guide is going to cover everything you need to know to do that.

Sigma is a tank in Overwatch 2. In terms of Overwatch 2 tier lists, he sits in a decent spot. He particularly has some strong comps he can be a part of. Sigma in OW is an aggressive Tank. It’s a bit different to play as one of them in this game since there’s now only one tank. That makes it more important than ever to master abilities.

We’re going to cover Sigma’s kit and how to best use it in Overwatch 2. That’s along with the key tips and tricks for a Sigma guide to win more matches and potentially even carry as Sigma.

Overwatch 2 Sigma Guide

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Health – 200
  • Shields/Armor – 350
  • Role – Tank

Sigma Abilities Guide

Learning the abilities of a character is vital to getting the most out of them. You’ll need to learn Sigma’s Overwatch 2 kit and when the best time to use each of the abilities open to you is. Sigma’s Overwatch abilities feature shields as well as decent damage. His main weapon is even more interesting than a lot of other heroes. Sigma’s kit rewards high skill.

These are the basics about Sigma’s abilities. Along with how to get the most out of each of his Overwatch 2 abilities.

Sigma’s Main Weapons – Hyperspheres

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Damage – 110 (55 per ball)

This is a weapon that launches two charged balls. These explode after a brief time. Dealing damage in an AoE effect. This style of attack means you don’t need exact aim to get a lot of damage done. Although, hitting all of your shots makes a major difference to how much use you get out of this.

This is Sigma’s main weapon, so you’re going to be relying on it quite a bit. You need to get comfortable timing the explosion with these two spheres. Hyperspheres come with two charges. Between both of them, you can rack up kills if you hit each perfectly or do wider damage to a whole team.

Make use of Hyperspheres in pushes and in objectives. You can also combine it with Sigma’s Ult. If enemies are trying to avoid your charges, you can even use them to zone if you think through the timing.

These are some key Sigma Overwatch tips and tricks for the main weapon:

  • They Bounce – These have a lot more tech than you might think. You can bounce these off of walls, around corners in the map, and generally take unusual routes to enemies. Master the curve.
  • Focus on Weak Targets – These do high damage. That means they’re best used where they get a one-shot kill. Aim for weakened DPS or healers to disrupt things.
  • Two at Once – You can use a flick move to hit two targets at once with these if they’re in the right position. Try to master this movement.
  • Timing – Hyperspheres explode after 20 meters. The most important thing with them is to learn how that 20 In-game meters actually feel and look on each map. It’s basically what decides if you hit or not.

Kinetic Grasp

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown – 12 Seconds
  • Effect – Absorbs Projectiles that hit you and turn them into shields

This allows you to absorb incoming projectile fire in front of you and turns it into a shield. Being able to turn incoming fire into something defensive makes a massive difference in how the game plays. It’s one of his two shields. We’ll cover both in the Overwatch 2 Sigma guide, balancing between the two is going to be key.

This has a lot of uses. It makes the most out of Sigma’s role as a tank. Not only are you absorbing all the damage ahead of you, but you’re actually turning it into something useful. 40% of the damage you absorb comes out as a barrier.

These are some key things to keep in mind with this ability:

  • Blocks Other Abilities – You can’t use experimental barrier or fire off Hyperspheres while you’re using this. However, Accretion will still work.
  • Alternative Barriers – Kinetic Grasp and Experimental Shield are similar. Alternate these two as you make pushes. They should help you close up the gap you need to use Hyperspheres, or make sure of another ability. These two shields can push back a chokepoint once you master the timing.
  • Know Your Enemy – This doesn’t block everything; it depends on the weapon used by other heroes. This is why it’s so important to learn all of the heroes’ kit. It can block Pharah’s Ultimate, but won’t always come through depending on what your team is playing.
  • Roadhog Roadblock – This will block the chain hook from Roadhog. Although, since it has a large cooldown it might not be the most efficient use of the ability.


Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown – 10 Seconds
  • Damage – 70

This is the next one of Sigma’s Overwatch 2 abilities. This one is an offensive ability that lets you actually deal some damage to players. Sigma’ uses his physic powers to gather up debris, he then throws that at an enemy. This should provide some knockback and stall enemy players. The damage isn’t huge, but it can have a disruptive effective

This one of Sigma’s abilities can hit very hard if you aim from the right distance. These are the most important Sigma tips and tricks for getting the most out of it:

  • Disruption – When this knocks an enemy, it stops what they’re doing. It’s perfect for interrupting the abilities of other characters, even an Ultimate can be stopped by this. Not permanently, but it counts.
  • Distance is More Knockback – Enemies will stay on the ground for longer if you can hit them from further away. Learn how to arc your shot. You can get this to go even further away and seriously time out enemies.
  • Time This in Pushes – This is perfect for pulling out when you just need to stop an enemy during a push. If your team is about to be hit by something that’s going to seriously set you back, chucking this out might buy you the time to react.
  • Va Proof – This ability is not stopped by the D.Va Défense Matrix.

Experimental Barrier

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown 2 seconds
  • Shield 700

This ability lets you bring up a floating barrier. You can then release it or recall the barrier to you. This one has decent health and a remarkably low cooldown. It’s not the biggest, but you can get a lot of use out of this.

The Experimental Barrier has been changed a bit. The exact nerf is below in the patch notes Overwatch 2 Sigma guide. However, even with changes, it’s pretty useful. This is a decent ability.

Experimental Barrier isn’t the most difficult one to get your hand around. It’s a normal shield. However, there are some key tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of it.

  • Tiny Cooldown – You can basically spam this. It’s more like additional health to some people.
  • Flexible – You can move this around in mid-air to keep messing with your enemy’s aim. This is going to make it much more useful.
  • Hyperspheres Disabled – You can’t fire Hyperspheres while this ability is active. Keep this in mind. It’s the main limitation on this attack.
  • Regeneration – The rate of regeneration for this is reduced a bit in Overwatch 2. However, it’s still pretty quick. It doesn’t regenerate while in use though.

Gravity Flux

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Damage – 50/50% of Max Health

This one is definitely on the stronger end of the abilities in a Sigma Overwatch 2 guide. It allows you to manipulate gravity itself. You’re lifting enemies into the air and then you’re slamming them straight back down into the ground. It deals damage twice. It first does 50 on lifting an enemy up, then 50% of their max health when dropped.

This one deals a lot of damage. If you grab a player who has already lost health, you can easily get kills with it. For a Tank Ult, it’s more useful than quite a few.

You aim using a circle to lay down. If you get it right, you could get most of a team here. However, it’s also avoidable. Like any Ultimate, it’s about knowing the timing. Coordinate with your team and try to get a feel for the best spots to use them on each map. There isn’t a one size fits all rule for when to bust it out. However, it has good utility both for forcing a reset and trying to hold back a dominating opponent team.

These are some key tips and tricks for using the ability from an Overwatch 2 Sigma guide:

  • Use Hyperspheres – While enemies are up in the air from this attack, you can use Hyperspheres. If you get good with the timing, you can get a lot of kills this way. Go for the priority targets with lower health.
  • Resets – Since this does half of all HP as damage, you have a lot of potential here. If you can take out the easy targets (DPS, Halers) with the move itself, then you have a reset in sight. You and your team can coordinate to finish off the tanks now they’re down to half-health.
  • Don’t be Greedy – This might seem at odds with the last Sigma Overwatch 2 tip, but don’t get too greedy. You won’t get the whole team sometimes, and that’s fine. Focus on priority targets. A pretty good Ultimate is better than hoarding one past when it would have worked.
  • No Flying – You can’t fly after you slam enemies down, so pay attention to your feet. This might be obvious, but you could end up pulling a Wile E Coyote if you don’t pay attention.

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide – Passive Ability

Sigma has a passive ability in this game as a tank. He has a reduced knockback that he receives. He also generates less Ultimate from healing and damage. This one is pretty basic to playing Overwatch 2 tanks. However, it’s important to keep in mind if you’re only used to the original Sigma OW kit.

 Sigma Tips and Tricks

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

That’s how all of Sigma”s abilities work in-game, but there’s a bit more to a Sigma Overwatch 2 guide than just that. There are some general tips and tricks too. These are the things you should keep in mind if you want to get the most out of him. He has some interactions with other heroes and general quirks.

These are some Sigma tips and tricks to really nail the character:

  • Hovering and Audio – Sigma hovers in the air rather than moving around. This means he doesn’t have footsteps. You can use this to your benefit if you make the most out of audio. Even using the best Overwatch 2 settings for audio won’t help people track you as Sigma.
  • Gaining Height – When using Gravitic Flux you can move upwards in the air or down. You can grab more unique angles with this feature.
  • Watch Maps – Not every map is perfect for Sigma. He’s quite a circumstantial Hero. Make sure you’re pulling him out when the comp and map are perfect, and work on other Overwatch heroes for when he doesn’t work.
  • Don’t Telegraph Your Alt – This one only really matters in higher tiers. Don’t use your shield to signal your Ult, it lets the enemy team know what you’re doing.
  • Only Tank in Overwatch 2 – one thing to keep in mind is that Sigma wasn’t a great main Tank. With there now just being one Tank, this puts more pressure on Sigma. It’s a more aggressive comp, but it can pay off.
  • Settings – Use the best Sigma settings to find the right sensitivity for his unique attacks.

Sigma Changes and Patch History in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is changing things pretty regularly with new patches. Especially in the earlier build of the game. You’ll need to pay attention to these changes as they make a big impact on how heroes play and how the game is balanced. These are the latest balancing adjustments and Sigma nerfs in Overwatch 2:

April 26 Patch

  • Experimental Barrier – Has health of 700 but regeneration has reduced from 120 to 100 health per second.
  • Accretion – Damage here has changed from 70 to 100.

Sigma’s Pros and Cons – Who Should Play Sigma?

Sigma Overwatch 2 Guide

Sigma is a tank hero who still has high decent damage potential. You can play him as a tank. However, there’s a lot of damage output here if you can maximize your play style around being a more aggressive tank. The key things you need to play well with Sigma are decent positioning and cooldown management.

Sigma is a higher skill gap character. If you master this Sigma guide to how to play him, you can, you can get away with much more aggressive plays than you would normally would.

Sigma’s main strengths are his shields to soak up all the incoming damage, taking unique angles, and dealing damage with his abilities.

His main weaknesses are with mobility. He’s difficult to maneuver around the map. There are also some longer cooldowns that you’re going to need to figure out how to manage. Sigma also tends to struggle up close when you don’t have the advantage of some abilities. You’ll need to be able to stay within the right range of your team to get the most out of Sigma. If you really need mobility, you might be better off looking at Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2.

That’s everything you need to know for a Sigma Overwatch guide. We’ll add more in as the game develops and we get a better sense of how Sigma’s changed in the game.

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