Overwatch 2 PS4 – Release Date, Price, and Is it Still Coming?

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Overwatch 2 PS4 – Release Date, Price, and Is it Still Coming?

Overwatch 2 is a hotly anticipated title, but its release date is, in all likelihood, still quite a way off. While it was announced some time ago, recent details have made it abundantly clear that the game isn’t due to launch this year. Even on a normal development cycle, it would need more time. With Overwatch 2 losing its director and a lot of time to covid lockdowns, things are a bit uncertain about the title. One thing a lot of fans are probably wondering, is where the title will release. With PS5 now firmly launched, will Overwatch 2 PS4 actually come out?

The PS4 is one of the most popular platforms for Overwatch. You won’t find pro players using a console, but a lot of people prefer to play on that platform than a PC. Even some skilled players like playing with their friends. Many search out the best PS4 Overwatch settings to get more of an advantage on console too. It isn’t quite the casuals-only platform that some PC players assume. So, will Overwatch 2 PS4 come out along with the new gen version of the game? Or Will Overwatch 2 be exclusive to the new generation of consoles? This is what you need to know:

Will Overwatch 2 PS4 Come Out? 

At the moment, it does look like PS4 Overwatch 2 will be coming. However, we are going off of quite an old announcement at this point. Overwatch 2 looks to be releasing on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS34, PC, and eventually Switch. However, this news and detail was mentioned quite a while ago, and a lot has changed for the game.

Since the initial announcement, it now looks like Overwatch 2 PS4 won’t be coming out for quite some time still. Retails have already offered pre-orders of the title for this platform. However, at release, the PS4 is likely to have been unsupported for some time by most devs. There is always crossover between generations, but Overwatch 2 may be releasing pretty far into the PS5’s lifespan.

If that is the case, then that leaves Overwatch 2 PS4 support in a weird spot. then its support. It is likely that it will release on there, to satisfy fans who already made their pre-order. However, it likely won’t be the best-optimized version of the game. From comparisons of Overwatch 1 on PS4, you can already a considerably stronger frame rate on the PS5. The console doesn’t suffer from dips to the degree that the PS4 does. Overwatch 2 will naturally be taking advantage of stronger hardware. It is unlikely to have the same system requirements for a PC as Overwatch 1. So, we can probably expect the game to run considerably worse on PS5, and possibly without a lower Overwatch 2 PS4 price.

Overwatch 2 PS4 Release Date

The Overwatch 2 release date is a fairly close kept secret at the moment. We don’t really know when the game will launch whatsoever. 2022 looked likely for a while, and most fans are working with this date in mind. However, you will likely just have to keep an eye on development updates.

Overwatch 2 PS4 Price

The price of a game is a pretty important thing to know before release. You need to know if you’re going to be pre-ordering, or waiting till the game has been out for quite a while. So, what will the Overwatch 2 PS4 price be? There are two possibilities here. It could either be the same as any other PS4 game, or take a PS5 price point of another notch up. At the moment we don’t know. However, it is up for pre-order in some places. Here it is being offered for the standard PS4 price of $49.99 or £54.99. We don’t know the Overwatch 2 PS4 price at the moment, but it is a fairly easy guess that it would be around this price point.

Will Overwatch 2 Have Crossplay on PlayStation?

Overwatch 2 PS4 – Release Date, Price, and Is it Still Coming?

One of the biggest drawbacks for Overwatch at the moment is the lack of crossplay. Though rare when the game released, it is now the standard for shooters. It is frustrating for players to not be able to play with their friends because they’re on a different system. Crossplay for a shooter can get complicated, but it is definitely a feature that it is better to have than to skip. Overwatch 2 PS5 might have crossplay, but it has only been half confirmed at the moment.

In a Reddit AMA, devs for overwatch 2 said that the possibility of cross-play for Overwatch 2 PS5 was exciting. This means that it is something they’re considering. However, it hasn’t been definitively announced as a feature as of yet. Fans probably wouldn’t be aiming too high to expect it though, pretty much every major online game features crossplay these days. Overwatch 2 PS4 having it would be pretty important for a game on an older system.

It does present some interesting challenges though. Like control methods. It isn’t exactly fair to place mouse and keyboard players with controller players running the game at 60 FPS. Using a keyboard and mouse on Overwatch PS4might help, but it still doesn’t get around the superior frame rate on a PC. Most games sort console players in with PC only when playing with a friend. This means separate lobbies for players who don’t want to do crossplay and bigger lobbies for those that do. Depending on the fan base’s reaction though, this could mean long queue times in one of those two sections.

Overwatch 2 on PS4 – Potential Problems

Overwatch 2 PS4 has been mainly confirmed unless anything changes. However, there are some pretty big barriers to that game’s release. If players are looking for the best console Overwatch experience, these are some factors to watch out for around the game’s release:

  • Worse performance – usually when a game is cross-generation, the old gen versions run considerably worse. In a FPS, this could mean your actual performance in game is taking a major hit too.
  • Queue Times – The queue times for console Overwatch can border on the absurd already. Overwatch 2 will likely have more active players around release. However, if you’re playing on older tech you might have to deal with bigger queue times The longer the game is out, the more people will switch console generations. So by the time PS4 Overwatch 2 has been out for a few years, it may become difficult to fill a game.
  • Walled Lobbies – This is a developer possibility and one we’ll have to watch to see if it happens. But if Overwatch 2 PS4 struggles to run on the old hardware, it may end up in its own separate lobby. This would be similar to Overwatch on Switch, running at 30 FPS in a slimmed-down form. This version might be how Overwatch 2 eventually comes to PS4.

 Overwatch on PS4 2021 and OnwardsOverwatch 2 PS4 – Release Date, Price, and Is it Still Coming?

One big question from Overwatch 2’s continued development is what happens to Overwatch PS4 from now on in? At first, it looked like Blizzard would be supporting a form of crossplay between 1 and 2. However, since that was spoken of the game has changed directions a lot, it has even replaced its director. So it would be difficult to know if that is still a priority. For the most part, if you’re playing seriously, you will likely want to upgrade. Overwatch isn’t going to be running all that well with 2’s content, for a full package you’d be better off playing the sequel.

Should You Get a PS5 for Overwatch 2?

It would probably feel like Overkill to get a console purely for one game. However, Overwatch 2 for PS4 is unlikely to be the best experience. The game is being developed for newer sets of hardware. Even if it ports to the old system, you may be missing out on frame rate, long-term support, and better lobbies by staying on the PS4. The big question here is how much the PS5 will have dropped in price by launch, which could make it an easier purchase for those looking to play Overwatch 2.

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