Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide

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Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

Overwatch 2 is making big changes to all of the characters. One of the most messed with characters so far has been Mercy. Overwatch 2 Mercy has new abilities, changes to existing ones, and a few other alterations that make her feel pretty fresh to play. This Overwatch 2 Mercy guide covers everything you need to know about the fresh version of the character.

Out of Supports, Mercy can be misunderstood. She is often viewed as healing machine. Although, her damage boost is one of the stronger ways to support a team. Mercy Overwatch 2 kit adds even more mobility, emphasising one of the character’s previous strengths.

Mercy might be great for healing and damage boosting. However, she also has a weapon that you can use to try and defend yourself. If you want to get more out of Mercy, you’ll need to look at how the hero works and their aspects in a Mercy guide.

Mercy might be the most popular support in-game with players. She has some of the coolest Mercy skins. She has a high pick rate. On top of that, players can elevate her kit to a pretty high level once they figure it out.

Mercy is one of the most popular supports, and they’ve had some decent changes in the latest patch of the game. Overwatch 2 Mercy looks pretty different in some ways. Mercy is deceptively simple. She has great mobility and utilities beyond what it might look like at first. This guide covers everything you need to know.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide – Key Information

  • Role – Support
  • Total HP – 200

Mercy is on the squishier side in terms of health. However, she does have amplified self-healing that should mean you better survivability than most other characters, even other supports. There’s also great mobility in her kit. In Overwatch 2, Mercy has some decent new abilities to think about if you want to get the most out of her.

Mercy Abilities Guide

Mercy Overwatch 2 Main Weapon – Caduceus Staff

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

  • Primary Fire Heal – 55 HP/S
  • Secondary Fire Boost – 30% damage boost

Mercy’s primary Fire is a beam that comes out of her staff. This will connect with close by teammates. It’ll heal them over time. You don’t need exact aim, as the beam connects by itself. This part of the Mercy Overwatch 2 guide isn’t too complicated, her weapon just needs to be activated with teammates who have more health than 0 around.

Damage Beam is a secondary fire mode for Mercy. This alt fire works same as the first. However, it gives a damage boost to targets rather than a healing effect. Switching between these two when your teammates need it is key to being a good Overwatch 2 Mercy player. How do you figure out which to use though?

It comes down to game sense and having a good idea of what the priorities are. Target priority is an idea that’s important for a lot of characters in Overwatch, including some of the best DPS characters in Overwatch 2. You need to a get good sense of what part of your team needs what focus. For Mercy, that means deciding wherever to top up health or give a damage boost to a player of the offensive.

Mercy Overwatch 2 primary weapons haven’t changed. However, there’s always room to improve. These are some tips for using it right:

Primary Staff Tips and Tricks

  • Range – Both beams can go to 15 meters. Get a sense for this in practise range.
  • Hold to Toggle – You can change your Mercy settings between toggle or hold. Toggle is often easier for turn at a decent speed since it frees up an input.
  • Line of Sight – The beam will break within a few seconds when line of sight is broken. Keep this in mind. You can peak to keep the beam going while taking cover.
  • Flank Beaming – Beaming across a flank probably won’t help as much as being better positions. Your beam provides enemy intel.
  • Remember to Damage Boost – This is important. Other heroes have better healing. Instead, try to make sure your putting damage boost in at those key times.
  • Stick to High Damage Players – Pocket high damage heroes like Ashe or Echo. These can make more out of your damage boost than other players can.
  • Boost Abilities – Damage boost other players using high damage abilities.
  • Positioning – The beam’s position is important as if your own safety.
  • Ult Charge – You can help heroes get a slightly quicker alt if you use this at the right time.

Those are some tips for an Overwatch 2 Mercy guide with the staff. It’s her abilities where most players really perk up their interest though.

Guardian Angel

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

  • Cooldown – 2 seconds
  • Type – Mobility

 This is the first one of Mercy Overwatch 2 guide abilities. It’s her first real ability in the Mercy Overwatch 2 guide. This ability allows you to fly over to an ally or a place where an ally was eliminated.

This is a good bit of mobility and the cooldown for it isn’t too crazy. You can be popping this fairly frequently. Make sure you’re ready to bust out your damage boost if you’re jumping into a firefight.

Guardian Angel gives you great tools for positioning and moving faster. The key is to use it to get around the map, not specifically over to a player or place of an allies’ death. Instead, use it to get close. You can cancel out of this by using the crouch key or the ability button again. This lets you cut it short. You get control over how far you fly with this.

While in Guardian Angel, you travel at 17 meters per second. The cooldown is very short. It’s one of the better mobility tools you’ll find outside of a Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2 guide. These are some tips and tricks in the Overwatch 2 Mercy guide for this one of the abilities:

Mercy Guide – Tips and Tricks for Guardian Angel

  • Backline Express – You can use this ability to jump over to the backline, then cancel out before you get into the heat of the action.
  • Jump – Jump mid-flight to get forward quicker. This works wlel for evasion.
  • Super Jump – You can use a Super Jump in this mode to grab high ground.
  • Survivability – This is one of your best tools for getting out of danger. Use it to bolt when under too much fire.
  • Resurrection – When using the resurrection Mercy Overwatch 2 ability, you can use this to jump back towards a different player and out of trouble.
  • Hitscan Vulnerabilities – In this ability hitscan players can beam you right out of the sky. Try and avoid this and evade.
  • Backwards Jump – Yet another mobility tech in this one of the abilities! This one might take some practise, but it’s worth getting the hang of


Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

  • Cooldown – 28 Seconds

Resurrect is the next one of the Overwatch 2 Mercy abilities. This one allows you to bring a teammate back from the dead. If that seems a bit overpowered, it’s because her abilities were in a different order in Overwatch’s early days. In any case, you have access to resurrect pretty often.

This one can be tricky. It’s hard to put the best practises into firm terms for an Overwatch 2 Mercy guide, as deciding who to resurrect is more of a judgment call dependent on specific circumstances. Often, you’ll just bring a teammate back from the dead only to see them immediately taken back out by whatever attack was happening that killed them in the first place. So how can you make sure you’re using this ability at the right times? There’s are some tips and tricks to keep in mind for Mercy Overwatch 2 Resurrections:

Resurrection Tips and Tricks

  • Control of Fights – This is best used for fights that you’re winning. If you’re on the backfoot, it isn’t as safe to use the ability.
  • Speed Penalty – you lose some speed just after a resurrection. Your other Mercy Overwatch 2 abilities can help you get away quicker.
  • Movement – You can move while ressing. However, you have to stay within a 7 meter range. Watch out for heroes that can boop you out of the range.
  • Safety – There are some situations where it just isn’t safe to use Resurrections. If the fight is already lost, ressing won’t do any good.
  • Defence Matrix – This is a great ability for covering resurrections. This is one of many good ways to use the ability, as seen in a Va Overwatch 2 guide.
  • Res Targets – Decide based on safety, then how important the character is to winning that specific fight. Go for the more valuable player, but bear in mind safety and be willing to take a chance with a particularly high value character.

Angelic Descent

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

  • You fall slowly and glide off of high ground

This is another passive ability, but it is worth highlighting on its own in the Mercy Overwatch 2 guide. Angelic Descent was a passive ability in the past, but it has changed in Overwatch 2. Every support has the same passive. So Angelic Descent is now a separate thing.

This lets you glide off of higher ground more slowly. You don’t fall as fast. There isn’t too much to strategize about here, but it’s nice to know that it’s there.

Getting up in the air helps you evade and stay away from enemy abilities. This is great for avoiding some abilities like Shatter. Although, you’re an easier target for Hitscans here too.

Valkyrie – Mercy Overwatch 2 Ult

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide

This is the Mercy Overwatch 2 Ult. Mercy sprouts wings and can freely fly around the map for the length of the Ultimate. There are other bonuses too. Your healing and damage beam can effect a group of teammates bunched up together. She also gets unlimited pistol ammo.

A lot of players try to use the ammo to pop off while floating up in high ground. The bonuses for helping a team who are grouped up can make a big difference too though.

This has loads of benefits. The chain effect in the beam goes to players in the radius around the one you connect to. You also do more damage, and more healing. The damage boost is much better though. You’re putting out incredible damage here if you’ve got the beam on a high damage DPS.

These are some Overwatch 2 Mercy guide tips and tricks to get more out of this Ult:

  • Movement – You can fast in this Ult. Take advantage of it to evade.
  • Watch Hitscan – Hitscan players can beam you out of the sky with this active. Stay lower, and use your movement to strafe around hitscan players.
  • Pistol – You get extra pistol ammo here. This is great for taking out Widow players. Be warned though, the best Widow players can definitely outplay a Mercy.
  • Damage Over Healing – Your damage boost with this Ult is more effective than healing. Try to focus on that.

Pistol – Overwatch 2 Mercy Guide

  • Damage – 20

One aspect of playing as Mercy is her basic self-defence tool, the pistol. You can pull this out and fire off rounds at enemies to fight back a bit. It’s not exactly on par with McCree’s Overwatch 2 kit or one of the best DPS heroes, but it can work a bit.

This is one area where players can get mixed up. It’s there. You’ve probably seen some great clips of players popping off with it. But it’s not the focus. Don’t try to showboat with the pistol. Your role is still to support. It’s an automatic weapon but you do need to watch reloads when you’re fighting without the Overwatch 2 Mercy Ult.

The pistol fires projectiles that move slow but do decent damage considering their speed. There are some cases where its right for you to seek out fights though.

These are some tips and tricks to use it right:

  • Hitbox – it’s forgiving for a projectile so you don’t have to worry too much. The bullets fire off in a pretty big effect.
  • When to Use it – Damage Boosting a DPS character will usually mean more damage for your team than the pistol. Only really use it during Valkyrie, or very specific times like your mobility giving you a unique angle on a retreating enemy. Another option is when the team is dead and you’re making a last stand.
  • Speed – These projectiles are weirdly slow, try to get the feel for this as it can be a problem.

Mercy Overwatch 2 Passive Ability

Overwatch 2 Mery Guide The Mercy passive ability is the same as every other support in the game, but with a unique difference. The passive allows players to self-heal.  Mercy Overwatch 2 passive abilities is a bit stronger than other players though. Since she had a self-health in the original overwatch, the amount that she heals be is improved here. It’s worth mentioning in an Overwatch 2 Mercy guide.

Mercy also has a faster heal rate for herself than other supports. She also has a secondary passive which isn’t unique to her role. This one allows her to float a little falling. It’s a nice bit of mobility that lets you navigate the maps better from high ground.

Gameplay Mercy Overwatch 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks

Overwatch 2 Mery GuideMercy is a support hero with a strict focus on support. You can heal and boost. She’s the main character than can back up a team and keep them both alive while giving out more damage. When a character dies, she can revive them. That’s a rare thing in Overwatch. It can turn the ride of a battle.

These are some general tips for Mercy gameplay:

  • Support the Team – It’s easy to get stuck on one player. Healing them, then damaging, then healing. Try and avoid this. Bounce around between which teammates need you most.
  • Positioning – You’ll want to be positioned close enough to support your teammates. However, you need to be protected as you’re not the most reinforced. Try and stay in the backline.
  • Sightlines – Try to keep your teammates within your line of sight. If they’re flanking, then don’t get pulled away, but as a general rule.
  • Timing – You need to switch between beams with the right rhythm. It can take a second, so make sure you’re ready and not wasting healing.
  • Tanks – Tanks can really make the most out of mercy. With the Overwatch 2 changes to Tanks, you only have one to focus on now.
  • Ult Timing – One key thing with Mercy is timing. With her Ultimate, it’s best used while the entire team is engaging in a fight. If they’re grouped up, then Mercy’s multi-beam is going to get the most out of it.

Best Pairs with Mercy Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Mery GuideThis Overwatch 2 Mercy guide covers the general character. There are some team comps she’s works better in than others though, some heroes that compliment her paly style. These are some of the top characters

  • Pharah
  • Echo
  • Widowmaker
  • Ashe
  • Cassidy
  • Sojourn

Those are some of the best picks. These characters also work well, but be careful and don’t get pulled too far into the action by them:

  • Tracer
  • Genji
  • Winston
  • D.Va

Best Mercy Counters

Those are some of the heroes with the best synergy. Mercy can have some clear counters too. These are the top heroes to watch out for when playing mercy in Overwatch 2:

  • Tracer
  • Genji
  • Winston
  • Cassidy
  • Widowmaker
  • Sojourn
  • Ana
  • Symmetra
  • Torbjorn

Mercy doesn’t specifically counter another player, she’s too support-focused. Although, you can still pop off with the right Overwatch 2 Mercy guide.

Overwatch 2 Mercy Patch Notes

Mercy hasn’t had the most changes in the game, but she has had some important patches. For a start, there’s her passive. There are also some reworks to her abilities and the super jump being made easier for newer players. Although, we’re probably going to see more as the game progresses through Season 1. This is the recent Mercy Overwatch 2 guide Patch notes and changes history:


  • Guardian Angel – Mercy doesn’t get launched upward anymore, the ability now has a meter, and cancelling it lets you jump.


  • Guardian Angel – Removed cancelling for Super Jump and replaced with an automatic jump.
  • Angelic Descent – This now goes slower and dampens vertical knockback.


  • Guardian Angel – Added cancelling which causes the Super Jump.


  • Regeneration – Passive healing increased by 50%

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