All Mei Skins – Rarest and Best Mei Skins

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All Mei Skins

The skins in Overwatch are a key draw to a lot of players. All Mei skins are no exception. Each one of them offers something different. They let you pick your favourite look for the character, coordinate the rest of your team, or make sure you pop in play of the game highlights. There are loads of different Overwatch Mei skins though. With even more coming in the new game with Overwatch Season 1 Skins.

We’re going to run through all the options. Every skin from the various events in Overwatch and Overwatch 2. Along with the upcoming skins.

Now that we’re getting a Battle Pass, there’s going to be more choice in skins than ever. However, the Overwatch 1 skins are looking considerably rarer with none of them making a comeback. Skins like Pajamei and Halloween Mei are going to be popular.

We’ll run through all of the Overwatch Mei skins. From the basic recolors, through to the unique modelled looks for the various events and the rarest skins in the game for the character. This is how it all works:

All Overwatch Mei Skins

Common Skins

All Mei SkinsThis is the first of the common Mei skins. These ones aren’t really skins. They’re more the normal look. This is the version of the character you’ll have seen in all of the Mei cutscenes and cinematics. It isn’t really a unique look, but the standard for the character.

Since there’s been some model changes for Overwatch 2, this one isn’t going to be appearing anymore.

Overwatch 2 Mei Skin – Default

All Mei SkinsThis isn’t really a separate skin, but it has some differences from the one above. This one is the same Mei skins but the equivalent in Overwatch 2. There are some minor changes to bring her in line with the general aesthetic update in the sequel.

Rare Tier – All Mei Skins

While those first two are a little different, they’re really just the standard. The rare Mei skins are where we actually get to stuff you had to buy or unlock! These are the first real tier of all Overwatch Mei skins.

The skins are called rare, but they’re actually the most common type. Like with most game skins, these tiers are more to distinguish them rather than actually give a rarity. These aren’t actually rare. They’re actually the most common skins in the entire game. The ‘rare’ Mei skins are mainly recolors that were easily available to most players just from playing a little bit.

This tier also uses a naming scheme. It uses something related to Mei to represent a color. It’s similar to the Reinhardt skins naming scheme in this.

These are all of the Mei skins at this tier of the game and how you could unlock each of them:


All Mei Skins

This is the first of the rare Mei skins. It recolors some trim on her outfit with the color of its name, the Chrysanthemum flower. This tier of Mei skins isn’t the most interesting, with only minor color changes. However, they can still be fun to pick out your favourite style.


All Mei Skins

This is another in this tier that just changes up the trim for the outfit. It’s a unique color though which suits the character pretty well. Heliotrope is also named for a flower. You could pick it up in the shop for 75 credits, or more likely as the outcome of a lootbox that you probably clicked straight through!


All Mei SkinsThe Jade skin in this tier recolors her outfit trim and arms in green. This one is obviously named for its color like the others, but not quite in the same pattern. This one was also available just in the game at 75 credits.


All Mei SkinsThis is the last one of the rare Overwatch Mei skins. This one was available in the general store for 75 credits.

Epic Mei Skins

The Epic tier of all Mei skins is where things get a bit more interesting. This isn’t the top tier. However, we start to see a lot more character here. There are even some of the exclusive and rarest Mei skins, like those that were only available in limited-time events.

The epic Mei skins in this tier make much bigger changes to the character. Some of these have proper themes. There are even ideas beyond a simple color.

Compared to some other heroes, there aren’t quite as many Mei skins. It isn’t a stuffed tier. There are only a few unique skins. Outside of the Overwatch League tie-ins which bulk out the wardrobe.

These are all of the Epic Mei skins we’ve seen so far.


This is the first one of the Overwatch Mei skins with a major difference. It recolors her entire outfit this time. This is much more unique than the tier above. Her whole outfit is in green with different colours for the patterns on her tunic. This is a nice darker look for Mei’s outfit, while avoiding the whole black that you’ll find in ones like Tracer skins and Widowmaker skins.

Snow Plum

The Snow Plum Mei skin puts her in a white, green, and pink outfit. This one isn’t really a block color like a lot of the others. Instead, it uses different colors. Separate ones for different bits of her outfit and trim. It has a similar name to one of the Mercy skins. Unlike that one though, this wasn’t part of Winter Wonderland.

Snow Plum was available from the store or a lootbox, for 250 credits.

Pumpkin – Overwatch Mei Skins Halloween Terror

All Mei SkinsPumpkin is the first one here in this tier that’s tied to one of Overwatch’s limited-time events. The Pumpkin skin was only available as part of Halloween Terror. Players could unlock it during the event. However, they didn’t have access year-round. This makes it one of the rarer Mei skins. Although, it did come back every year. Halloween skins are always popular, like the Halloween Sombra skins.

In terms of actual changes, this one puts Mei in an orange version of her outfit. She also a Pumpkin face on her front along with a pumpkin in her hair and side of her outfit.

Zhongguo – Mei Summer Games Skins

All Mei SkinsThe Zhongguo Mei Skin was added in for Summer Games! It’s definitely a different feel to everyone else’s summer games skins, which tend to remove layers rather than wrap up warm. This is a fun skin for Mei though and. It makes a nice change from all her winter gear.

Overwatch League Mei Skins

The rest of the epic Mei skins are the OWL skins. These ones are pretty numerous, but all have the same pattern. These are versions of the base Mai that put her in an outfit to match a specific team. You can unlock them with OWL tokens by watching the League.

These skins are available for free most of the year. However, there are some which are much more elusive. Since OWL teams change their colors, the skins change too. This means there are some sets of colors which you can’t get anymore, like the original Shock colors. Although, they have been brought back from time to time. These are some of the rarest Mei skins. Players didn’t exactly grab them thinking they were limited, unlike the actual limited events ones players didn’t know they were going away.

Legendary Mei Skins

All Mei SkinsThe Legendary Mei skins were the top of the game for a long time. Until Overwatch 2, Legendary was the highest. These skins make major changes to Mei’s model. They’re all recognisable. However, this is really where the coolest skins that players go for the most come up.

These skins make significant changes to how Mei looks. In some cases, they have some pretty strong themes to go along with it which look pretty different from the standard Mei that you see.

These are all of the legendary Mei Skins:

Ecopoint: Antarctica

All Mei SkinsEcopoint Antarctica is the first Legendary skin. This one ties into one of the Mei cutscenes that shows her on a research mission. It’s a get-up set up for just that task. She’s in some warm-looking thermals. With plenty of colors to keep things interesting.

Compared to the standard Overwatch Mei skins, this one has a unique hat coat and general outfit. This is a pretty different skin. While it was just available in lootboxes, it has a higher value than the others, with this and some other Legendary skins were all available for 1000 credits this time.


All Mei SkinsThis firefighter version of Mei has a pretty simple theme, she’s a firefighter. Not the most complicated! The firefighter outfit with all of its padding makes a clean conversion over to Mei standard design. She also has a helmet. And even some soot on her face. This is a fun version of Mei since it has such a strong theme. It’s often a fan favorite. Kind of a companion skin to the police D.Va skins in a way since there both have vague uniforms, although this is much less controversial than that skin has been at times.

This one was also just available in boxes, worth 1000 credits.

Rescue Mei

All Mei SkinsRescue Mei is the next one of all Mei skins in the Legendary tier. This one is just a recolor of a previous skin though. It’s firefighter in different colors. This one is a nice alternative look, it has a lighter color scheme, even if the model is the same. Much like Firefighter Mei this one was pretty popular.


The Abominable Mei skin is another that wraps her up pretty tightly. In this one she’s wearing boots with the face of the Abominable Snowman. That’s along with a unique-looking coat and scarf. This time she has a hood up too. This one was also just available year-round for 1000 credits. While it’s on the rarer side as a Legendary Mei skin, it’s not the rarest as you could get it whenever.

Yeti Hunter

All Mei SkinsThe Yeti Hunter skin is the alternative version of Abominable. This is something that shows up with every characters’ such as the Genji skins. Even the Legendary tier gets reused and reused! This one changes her coat and scarves to white and blue.

Chang’e – Mei Skins Lunar New Year

All Mei SkinsThis next one of the Overwatch Mei skins is a pretty big departure. This one has mei in traditional dress for Chinese New Year! It’s one of the more formal-looking Mei skins. She’s not just in a big fluffy coat! This one was available as part of the Lunar New Year event. While it came back quite a few times, it’s one of the rarest Mei skins since it was more limited.

Luna – Mei Skins Lunar New Year

All Mei SkinsThe Luna skin is another that was limited to the New Year event. This one was a recolor of the one above. Although it’s a slightly different color scheme. It’s basically the same theme and look as the last one, and was only available during the same set event. This makes it rarer than a lot of the rest of all Mei skins.

Beekeeper – Mei Skins Overwatch Anniversary

All Mei SkinsThe Beekeeper Overwatch Mei skin is a bit more fun. This one puts her in a full protective beekeeper kit! This is another one of the most popular Mei skins. Since this one has a pretty strong theme, it’s a lot cooler than some of the more boring ones on here.

This skin is another one that is limited to a general event. This was part of the Overwatch Archives event. It was brought back quite a few times, but it’s still a nice addition to Mei’s wardrobe.

Jiangshi – Halloween Terror Mei Skins

This one is the next of the Halloween Terror skins for Mei. This one is a bit more limited than Pumpkin though since it was a Legendary Skin rather than one of the basic common ones. It puts Mei in a specific outfit. It’s based on the series Mr Vampire, and traditional historical practices that inspired that.

Mei-rry Winter Wonderland

All Mei SkinsThe Mei-rry skin is another Winter Wonderland addition to all Overwatch Mei skins. This one was part of the winter holiday event. It was only available through boxes at this time. This puts it on the rarer end of all Mei skins, but still not crazy rare given this event happened yearly.

This skin puts Mei in a Santa style recolor of her suit. She’s also wearing a new Santa hat too. This is a unique look and one that’s pretty popular over Christmas.

Pajamei Archives

Pajamei might be the most popular one on this list! This skin puts Mei into some comfy pyjamas, including slippers. This is a nice fun change for her skin, looking completely different to the rest of them on this list. This skin was only available as part of the Archives event. It didn’t come back outside of this brief window.


Mei SkinsThe new Mei skin in 2021 was MM-Mei. This one was added in to celebrate the May Melee Overwatch League tournament! This one was a little controversial. Some took offence to Mei’s haircut. Although, the boxer outfit is definitely a fun change.

Honeydew Mei

This one of the Mei skins was added in for the Anniversary event in 2019. This one isn’t the newest, but it’s on the newer side coming only in 2019. This skin was inspired by the outfits of Bubble Tea Shop waitresses.

Penguin Mei

All Mei SkinsPenguin Mei was added into the game with Winter Wonderland 2020! This one is one of Mei’s best. She’s just in a penguin suit. Nothing crazy. Just a cute penguin suit. Coming at a limited event when the game wasn’t at its most popular, this is one of the rarer Mei skins.

Mythic Mei Skins

The release of Overwatch 2 has brought new skins for every character with the Mythic tier. These will be reactive and customizable skins, letting you get more control out of how your character looks. Mei’s upcoming skins might look quite a bit more enticing in this tier, with the boat really being pushed out to tempt you into grabbing a Battle Pass. We’ll keep this updated with any more. As they might get added with the new game.

Those are all of the Mei skins in the game right now. Some of these aren’t so rare, but with new players coming in for the sequel most long-time players probably have one or two that you rarely see anymore!

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