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Overwatch 2 Season 1 Skins Leaks

Overwatch 2 has launched bringing a brand-new hero into the game, Kiriko. This character is a new support with some interesting fresh abilities. The main event for a lot of players though isn’t the character themselves but what are new Kiriko skins are available!

New skins for any character is a cause for celebration. Fans love to collect all the different outfits for their main, and even for those that aren’t their main. For Overwatch’s latest character there’s a good number of skins already available.

Now there’s a Battle Pass alongside the store, there are even more opportunities to pick up a new look for a character. Combine that with Twitch Drops and OWL tie-ins, and you’re going to see this list fill up pretty quickly!

We’re going to run through all of the Overwatch Kiriko skins in OW 2 so far. This is every look for the character, how you could get it, and how rare the skin is.

Legendary Kiriko Skins

This is the highest tier of skins in the game outside of the limited Mythic skins. These are basically as fun and interesting as they get. All of these Kiriko skins change the character’s look significantly. They make big changes.

It’s in this tier that you find Kiriko Overwatch skins with new models and big changes to how she’s actually designed. While others fiddle with the colors, this tier can go all the way with redesigning how the character looks.

These are all of the legendary Kiriko skins so far:

Athleisure – Legendary Kiriko Skins

All Kiriko Skins

  • 1900 OW 2 coins 

This one of the Overwatch Kiriko skins puts the character into a sporty tracksuit. It’s reminiscent of some of the Summer Games ones we’ve seen in the past. These Tracer skins were similar, with a tracksuit for the character. This is a fun alternative look. Although, some players might want to hold off till Summer for this one!


All Kiriko Skins

  • Free
  • Twitch Drop

This one is a bit more interesting. It’s an Overwatch 2 skin which is totally free, but you did have to jump through hoops for it. This is a Twitch drop during OW 2’s opening few weeks. So a lot of players are likely to pick it up. However, as time goes on this will become one of the rarer Kiriko skins as Twitch drops aren’t forever!

This skin itself is a nice recolor of the Athleisure skin. Overwatch tends to reuse its skins for different colors and themes. That’s apparently still the case. Even if you’re paying for them with Overwatch 2 currency instead of getting them for free this time.


All Kiriko Skins

  • Level 30 in Season 1 Battle Pass

This is the first one of the legendary Kiriko skins that was included in the Battle Pass. It unlocks at Level 30 in the premium Battle Pass. You’ll have to grind a little bit to get access to it. But it’s a cool design.

Battle Pass skins are forever locked in their original season. Once it’s over, it’s over. So this one could become one of the rarer Kiriko skins for non-launch players once they don’t have access to it anymore.


All Kiriko Skins

  • 1000 Overwatch 2 Coins

Matsuri is another Legendary Kiriko skin that players have to pay off for with their hard-earned Overwatch coins. This one does have some fun twists though. Kiriko is in a traditional outfit, complete with a hat! Although, she’s still wearing trainers and leggings beneath that garb! This is a fun look and one that could easily become one of the most popular overwatch Kiriko skins.

Rare Kiriko Skins

The rare skins for characters are a tier down from Legendary. These ones aren’t quite as creative. You don’t get brand new models, but you do get unique colors on the normal look. These ones serve to let you customize your appearance a little, but without going overboard!

The rare skins have that title, but these aren’t really all that rare. You won’t find them on a list of the rarest Kiriko skins. However, they aren’t free anymore so some of these might not be the quick unlock that they were in the first game.

These are all of the Rare Kiriko Skins:


All Kiriko Skins

  • 300 Overwatch Coins

The Ajsai Kiriko skin puts her in a slightly off-colored uniform. Her bottoms are now a blueish pink, with matching trainers and accessories. This is a nice subtle color change.


All Kiriko Skins

  • 300 Overwatch Coins

Fuji continues the naming theme for these colored skins, but this time in green! This one might be a bit loud for some. However, the lime green-colored version of a character is a common look in Overwatch. It shows up across all the heroes’ skins, like in Genji skins or D.Va skins.


All Kiriko Skins

  • 300 Overwatch Coins

Take is a Kiriko Overwatch skin that puts her in pink! The bottom of her clothes and trainers are now both in pink. This one is loud, noticeable, and it definitely makes Kiriko look different to how she normally appears. This skin might be popular, considering how rare the other pink skins in the game are. Although, the Pink Mercy skin was much rarer than this one. This unlocked for 300 Overwatch 2 coins just like the others here.


All Kiriko Skins

  • 300 Overwatch Coins

Tanpopo is the last one of the rare Kiriko skins for now. This one is the same as the others, but with Kiriko in Orange.

Epic Kiriko Skins

This category isn’t the fullest at the moment! However, in the future we’ll see it populated with something between the rare and legendary.

This tier of skin changes things up with the character quite a bit. Although, not as much as the major model changes of the top tier.

These are the Kiriko Epic skins we know about so far:

Overwatch League Kiriko Skins

Every character in Overwatch gets League skins. These are skins that put the character into the team colors of specific OWL teams. You can use them to find some appealing and unique color schemes for characters. Kiriko’s Overwatch League skins are going to be available soon.

Future Kiriko Skins

Those are all of the Kiriko skins in the game at the moment. However, there’s always space for more. With Overwatch 2 having a Battle Pass, store, and crossover opportunities there is loads of room for extra Kiriko skins to get released. We’ll keep this list updated as more versions of the character get added to the store.

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