JJoNak Overwatch Settings

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JJoNak Overwatch Settings

JJoNaK is a South Korean Overwatch pro that has been one of the most important players in the game. He took home the MVP in the opening season of the Overwatch League, clearly marking him as a different type of player from the beginning. JJoNaK Overwatch settings are a great place to start if you’re looking for those used by the top Overwatch pro players. His settings can show how you can run the game at the best quality that you can. That’s alongside his individual preferences for things like Overwatch sensitivity.

JJoNaK’s Overwatch settings are going to work best for heroes similar to the ones he’s known for. That is Zenyatta, but also Ana, Moira, and Baptiste. These are some of the best support heroes in Overwatch. JJoNaK Overwatch settings might be the best pro player to learn from for support players, as he’s one of the best Overwatch support pros. He’s also the holder of a number of significant titles in the Leagues that make him one of the most distinguished players. This is what he uses:

JJoNak Overwatch Settings 2021

JJoNak Set-Up

Logitech G403 Omen by HP GeForce RTX 2080
Intel Core i9-9900K Logitech G Pro SteelSeries Arctis Pro White
BenQ Zowie G-SR HyperX Predator RGB 32GB

That’s the JJoNaK Overwatch settings and set-up for the physical equipment that he used in the League. However, equipment is mainly just giving him the potential to get the best performance out of the game. The settings that he uses are really important too:

JJoNak Overwatch Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
1000 2 2000
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
69.27 40 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode Refresh Rate
100 Fullscreen 240 Hz
Aspect Ratio

JJoNak Crosshair Settings

JJoNaK Overwatch Settings also include the crosshair that he uses in the game. Beyond basic visibility, the crosshair settings are largely down to personal preference. This is what JJoNaK’s crosshair settings are though:

Type Show Accuracy Color
Dot Off Neon Green
Thickness Crosshair Length Centre Gap
1 8 8
Opacity Outline Opacity Dot Size
80 3
Dot Opacity

JJoNaK Overwatch Settings – Player Profile

JJONak Overwatch Settings

  • Real Name – Bang Seong-hyun
  • Birthdate – December 20th 1999
  • Role – Support/Flex
  • Main Heroes – Zenyatta, Ana, Moira, Baptiste
  • Team – Seoul Dynasty
  • Status – Active

Who is JJoNaK?

JJoNaK is one of the most distinguished players in the Overwatch League. He’s had the rare prize of having been active since the very first Overwatch League Season. He was part of the LW Team, before moving to New York for the next four seasons of the League. This stretch of time didn’t come with big wins like the Champions trophy. However, JJoNaK himself was rarely away from accolades in the League. He managed to take home MVP in the 2018 World Cup along with the Overwatch league’s Inaugural season. JJoNaK’s Overwatch settings might not be the deciding factor in his performance, but looking to the top players is always a good place to start.

JJoNaK is particularly iconic in the OWL for his first season. He’s become the center of New York Excelsior’s strategies, playing as Zenyatta most often. Despite playing support, JJoNaK manages to pull off massively aggressive plays. The JJoNaK Overwatch settings are pretty well established with this style of support gameplay.

Where is JJoNaK From?

JJoNaK is from South Korea. While there are a lot of players hailing from South Korea in the League, JJoNaK is one of the best. He’s made the national team at the World Cup for Overwatch in the past and represented his entire home nation.

What Mouse Does JJoNaK Use?

JJoNaK uses the Logitech G403. This is one of the most popular choices for an Overwatch League mouse. The mouse is one of the most accurate around in gaming at the moment. There is a 1ms response time for this mouse. Anything lower is essentially incomprehensible. This mouse can input your movements as rapidly as physically possible.

What Monitor Does JJoNaKJ Use?

JJoNaK’s Overwatch settings can help the game to run at the best FPS. However, your FPS in Overwatch is naturally limited by what refresh rate your screen functions at. JJoNaK’s monitor is the ZOWIE XL2546. This monitor lets him play the game at the 240hz refresh rate and FPS. It’s also plenty big, allowing for a great Overwatch FOV.

What Keyboard Does JJoNaK Use?

JJoNaK’s keyboard is the Logitech G Pro. The Logitech G Pro features one of the best response times and mechanical keys that make mistaken inputs a thing of the past. This keyboard is specifically designed for pro players, you’re going to see it in the set-ups of a lot of players.

What Headset Does JJoNaK Use?

JJoNaK uses the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Headset. This has very little lag and helps to keep the player focused, even at in-person events like the OWL. Although, this is one area of the JJoNaK Overwatch settings that doesn’t really have a competitive advantage!

JJoNaK Overwatch Settings – Equipment Analysis

A lot of JJoNaK Overwatch settings are designed to work with Logitech gear, like his keyboard and mouse. Both of these are specifically designed for pro players of games. These set-ups of mouse and keyboard provide one of the best response times available. The mouse lacks some of the adjustability of other Overwatch pro choices. However, with the options you can set for your sensitivity you can great a great performance out of it.

The PC that JJoNaK set-up runs on can run Overwatch at the highest FPS, with a great visual quality. It achieves the performance that is a necessity for playing the game at this level.

OWL – Player’s History in the League

JJONak Overwatch Settings

JJoNaK’s history with the Overwatch League is one of the lengthiest, but frankly also the simplest. The player has had amazing commitment with sticking to a single team. This is his history in the League:

  • LW Blue – 8 October – 30 October 2017
  • New York Excelsior – 30 October 2017 – 08 October 2021
  • Seoul Dynasty – 08 October 2021 – Present

JJoNaK had one of the longest runs as an active player with a single team. During his time at the League, he didn’t miss a single match for New York. Not only is this impressive for doing in one team, but also for pulling off in the League as a whole. JJoNaK’s Overwatch settings don’t have too much relevance on his team history, but it is important to note how much his team has always been built around him.

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