How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4  

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How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4

Overwatch on console is a different experience to on PC, and one of the biggest changes is the control method. Overwatch is primarily played with controllers on console, or at least it is supposed to be. It is possible to use a different input method on the console and get the accuracy that comes with playing on a PC. Overwatch is generally against this though and makes an effort to block players from using it. If you’re dead set on learning how to use keyboard and mouse in Overwatch on PS4 though, there are methods.

To use a keyboard and mouse on Overwatch PS4 you need to use an adapter between your inputs and the PS4. Otherwise, the system detects what you’re up to and blocks it. Overwatch is pretty clear on the input rules on a console and only supports console. This is what you need to know about using an alternative method, how to do it, why it is banned, and why you should consider sticking to controller and following the rules.

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4  To use keyboard and mouse you will need to make use of an adapter. These devices can hide your input method from the system, bypassing the checks that the game institutes. Keyboard and mouse play is supported on PS4 for a lot of games, even online shooters like Fortnite. Overwatch doesn’t support it though, so going around the software’s limitations in the only way to do it.

Just about any keyboard and mouse will do for this but the adapter is a bit more complicated. An adapter like a Hycarus or GameSir will work fine for these purposes. Essentially it is just a device that makes your mouse and keyboard input look like a controller to the game. It translates your input with these devices into a controller input. However, there are actually quite a few reasons why you should consider just not doing this.

Should You Use a Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch on PS4?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bother with an adapter, the first is really that it’s against the rules and you might lose your account. Even if you’re frustrated with running into mouse players on PS4, switching to that input yourself is a bit risky. Players can tell when they’re getting dunked on by someone using a considerably easier control method. Just like when you’re killed with an aimbot or shot through a wall, it isn’t hard to tell. Like those situations, players are keen to report people for this too.

While you can hide your input with an adapter, enough reports are probably going to get you caught. You could lose access to your account and any skins you have on there. Even if you don’t get caught, it isn’t much fun to get kills by playing unfairly. The psychology behind FPS cheaters is complicated, but it basically cuts the fun out of the game for all involved. 

Will Overwatch on PS4 Support Mouse and Keyboard in the Future?

How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4

At the moment, Blizzard has been pretty clear in how they feel about mouse and keyboard on console. If you’re looking to improve, practice your aim drills and make sure you’re using the best PS4 Overwatch settings to get more out of your controller. Clearly, switching to mouse and keyboard isn’t a good move. However, why exactly can’t overwatch balance the two input methods? It really comes down to fairness and matchmaking

Games like Fortnite that offer other inputs on console end up dividing the player base into increasingly smaller lobbies between platforms and inputs. This works for a free-to-play game with a huge player base, but for Overwatch? Those matchmaking queue times for DPS play are going to be hell if the player base is divided in two by input. Crossplay is also unavailable in Overwatch, so matchmaking by input across PC and console is out of the question too.

Really, the implementation of crossplay for mouse and keyboard players or friends could solve this problem. At the moment though, it doesn’t look like that’s a priority for Overwatch. That’s how to use a mouse and keyboard for Overwatch on PS4. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the game will truly support the input for anytime soon.

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