How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2

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How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass has brought loads of cool new skins into the game and a new character. If you want to unlock everything though, you’ll need to be grinding through XP pretty quickly. If you’re wondering how to level up fast in Overwatch 2, there’s some key strategies you can use to maximise it.

With Overwatch 2 going free to play, there’s a bigger focus than ever on the cosmetics. If you’re looking to unlock the Battle Pass as quick as possible, you need to figure out how to earn XP fast in Overwatch 2 fast. There’s a way you can focus on XP.

Across the various ways you can earn XP, some pay off more than others. If you prioritise the xp heavy tasks, you can quickly increase the speed that you’re levelling up in Overwatch 2. You can make sure you’re rising through the ranks as quickly as you can. Then you can get skins quicker. Along with new characters, and a higher level.

In this guide we’re going to cover how to level up fast in Overwatch 2. Everything that gives XP, and what the best strategies are for maximising how quickly you move up.

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2 Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2Earning XP in Overwatch 2 can be done in a few different ways. The most basic is playing and winning matches. However, you do get more for various things in-game. If you’re looking to get XP fast in Overwatch 2, there are some areas that it’s better to focus on than others. These are the main always you can earn XP fast in Overwatch 2:

  • Complete Daily Challenges – Remembering to do this every day can really pay off.
  • Complete Weekly Challenges – These are time-limited too. Completing them shouldn’t be too big of a problem if you play regularly though.
  • Complete Seasonal Challenges – These are longer term, but have some XP pay offs.
  • Complete Matches – The most basic way to get XP.

The most basic here is to play matches. You get a fixed amount of XP for every game played. However, since you get that XP no matter what you do in-game, there’s better ways to grind it out.

Completing the Challenges allows you to get the XP from the challenges themselves. But also from playing games.  If you’re looking at how to level up fast in Overwatch 2, there are some challenges to focus on first.

How to Get XP Fast in Overwatch 2

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2The best way on how to get XP fast in Overwatch 2 is to complete challenges. You should try to complete as many of them as possible. There are three different types. Daily quests can be completed first. Followed by weekly, then seasonal. This means you’ll be ticking them off before they expire and getting the maximum amount of XP each day.

You can run into a roadblock here though. One problem is that they’re hero specific.

If you’re playing your main or one of the best heroes for beginners in Overwatch 2, this can be a problem. To complete as many of the challenge as possible, you’ll need to play other characters. Sometimes it’ll be a character you don’t normally play.

However, choosing your hero based on which challenge you’re doing is the best way to earn XP fast in Overwatch 2. Do the quest. Although, playing as other characters is great for getting more experience. So it pays off for your performance too.

The main strategy on how to get XP fast in Overwatch 2 is to work through your challenges. Start with the dailies. These expire quickly. It’s best to get on them first. Follow this with the weekly, before seasonal, and eventually lifetime. As you complete them, you’ll have to play more and more games.

How to Level up Fast in Overwatch 2

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2This will help you get the most levels. This pattern is the best strategy for how to level up fast in Overwatch 2.

  1. Complete Daily Quests
  2. Complete Weeklies
  3. Complete Seasonal

We’ll break down how much XP you get from this and how long it’ll take. This is how all of the quests break down and what to keep in mind to try and get XP quick in Overwatch 2.

Daily Challenges to Get XP Fast in Overwatch 2

When trying to gain XP and looking for how to level up fast in Overwatch 2, the Daily quests are your first step. These are challenges that occur each day. You have the option to complete 6 of them. However, only 3 of them are going to give you XP.

This means that you should really just be completing 3 of these each day. You’ll get 9,000 XP for completing all of them, daily. Each tier of the Battle Pass has a 10,000 XP barrier to get through. So ideally, you need to earn XP fast in Overwatch 2, faster than just the daily quests.

This means that if you’re completing dailies every day, you’re getting 63,000 XP a week. You’ll get through 6 tiers of Battle Pass just from the dailies. This is a great way to get XP quick in Overwatch 2.

The daily quests are going to be different in every day and for players. These are some typical examples of quests you’re going to get: 

  • First Win of the Day – Win a game.
  • Open Season – Complete 3 games in Open Queue.
  • What Doesn’t Kill Me – Mitigate 2,000 damage without dying
  • Better with Friends – Complete 3 games in a group

The exact daily quest you get will likely be a mix of these types that are currently in the rotation.

Weekly Challenges – How to Level up Fast in Overwatch 2

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2These are the next tier up. Overwatch 2 weekly challenges work similarly to the daily ones, but they last a whole week.  These ones are worth more rewards than the standard daily challenges. Mixing these in will help you earn XP fast in Overwatch 2.

In terms of when to complete them, these come second. Once you’re done with daily quests you should progress through your weekly ones.

The different challenges are limited. You can only do 3 daily quests. Most people will have plently of time after those to finish these weekly chllaneges off each week.

The weekly challenges are bigger than dailies. You’re not limited in how many you complete. You get 11. And you can complete up to 11. It’s much more XP than with the dailies.

You get 5,000 XP when you complete each challenge. Since you can do 11, you can get 55,000 XP in total! That covers five different Battle Pass tiers each week for completing these.

Between the daily challenges and the weeklies, you’re getting 113,000 XP for getting through all of this. This will cover 11 Battle Pass tiers! Getting this done for a few weeks in a row is already going to get you a good way through that Pass and close to unlocking all Overwatch 2 heroes.

While it is more grind focused than Overwatch 1, it isn’t too intensive. Compared to other Activision Blizzard games like Call of Duty, this grinding isn’t as bad.

Typical Weekly Challenges

These quests are an important strategy for how to level up fast in Overwatch 2. These are some of the typical quests you’ll see

  • Playing to Win – Win 10 Games
  • The Best Defence – Deal or boost a total of 125,000 across games.
  • Hero Mastery – Complete 7 games as a Hero not in your top 3 most played.
  • Cleaning House – Earn 20 Team Kills

Some of these can be tricky. Such as grabbing 20 team kills. However, others like playing different characters are going to be relatively easy. Finishing enough of these to max out is a great example of how to level up fast in Overwatch 2.

Seasonal Challenges to Earn XP Fast in Overwatch 2

Seasonal Challenges in Overwatch 2 are yet another way you can gain more XP. This is how to level up fast in Overwatch 2. At least, once you’re done with the other quests. These objectives give plenty of XP. Although, they don’t expire quickly.

In terms of priority, you should complete these after you’ve hit the limit for weekly and daily quests to earn XP fast in Overwatch 2. This means you’re maxing out and nothing is going to expire. It’s safe to get these done afterwards.

The seasonal challenges have 41 in total for Season 1. You’re going to get 500 or 1,000 XP depending on the challenge. Although, experienced competitors and veteran competitor challenges will reward you more, you’ll get 3,000 XP or 5,000 XP for these. These pay off quite a bit more so they’re worth doing.

The Seasonal challenges are specific to some heroes. You might need to play different heroes to get through all of them. These are some of the challenges you’ll find in the seasonal section:

  • Veni, Vidi, Vici – Win 3 games in Colosseo.
  • Ancestral Empowerment – Earn 5 eliminations while buffed by Kiriko’s Ultimate.
  • I Make My Own Fate – Escape Orisa’s Ultimate.
  • In for a Shock – Deal 1,000 damage with the secondary fire playing as Winston.
  • Season 1: Open Queue Competitor – Win 7 games in competitive play’s Open Queue.

These are a great method for how to level up fast in Overwatch 2.

Lifetime Challenges

Overwatch 2 Beginner's GuideLifetime Challenges are the final form of challenge in Overwatch 2. These are one-offs. They award a title or a rank, or even a cosmetic in some cases which is a nice reward to show off your experience. However, the early few are going to actually hand off some XP. You’ll earn Battle Pass XP for these initial challenges.

These are set-up to reward you doing a specific thing. They aren’t great for levelling up fast in Overwatch 2 long-term. However, you can get you quite a bit of XP off the bat. This is good for getting through some early levels. On top of that, they’re all fairly easy to complete. They aren’t going to be the way to level up fast in Overwatch 2 long term, but they can get you through the early tiers easier.

These are some examples of what you’ll get for competing these challenges.

  • First Tank Win – Win a game as a Tank hero. This will count in a practise mode against the AI enemies.
  • First Damage Win – Win a game as a Damage Hero. Practise will count here as well.
  • First Support Win – Win a Game as a support Hero. This is another one where you can just practise if you want to.
  • First All Roles Win – Win a game as All Roles in Role Queue.
  • First FFA Deathmatch Win – Win a single Free-For-All Deathmatch game.
  • First Team Deathmatch Win – Win a first game in the Team Deathmatch mode.
  • First CTF Win – Win a game of Capture the Flag.
  • First Elimination Win – Win a elimination game.
  • First Duel Win – Win a Duel game.

 How to Complete the Battle Pass Quickly in Overwatch

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass has 80 tiers in total. Each tier needs 10,000 XP for you to complete. This means that you need to earn 800,000 XP in order to get through the whole Battle Pass without paying for any levels. This is definitely doable. Is it quick? There are ways to get through the Battle Pass as quickly as possible, to earn XP fast in Overwatch 2, but there’s a limit still.

If you’re using the Daily and Weekly challenges, then you should be getting XP pretty quick. You should earn around 118,000 XP. That’s every week. This means it would take around 6 or 7 weeks to get through the Battle Pass. That’s a decent run compared to how long the season is.

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch 2

If you’re really trying to level up fast in Overwatch 2 though, then you should be completing Seasonal challenges alongside these daily and weekly ones. This should mean you can get through it a bit quicker than 6 or 7 weeks, maybe closer to 5 or even 4 if you’re completing a lot of quests!

There is always the option to unlock the Battle Pass by buying tiers. However, if you follow these quests and level up fast in Overwatch 2, you shouldn’t have to. If you’re willing to play regularly for a few weeks then you can easily unlock everything that the Battle Pass has to offer.

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