How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2 – PC and Console

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How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

In a shooter like Overwatch 2, you need every advantage you can get. Sometimes that’s choosing the most high tier Overwatch 2 heroes. Others, it’s communicating properly. However, to improve aim in Overwatch 2 is one of the biggest things you can do.

Aim has worked a bit weirdly in the changeover to the sequel. Between different sensitivities and the speed of the game, players are often finding themselves all looking to aim better in Overwatch 2. This is tricky though. How to aim better on Overwatch 2 console or PC isn’t as simple as changing one thing.

There’s also been aiming bugs. While the title is probably going to iron out problems, it doesn’t hurt to brush up. Fixing your aim in Overwatch 2 isn’t always a fast process. However, there are some key strategies along with tips and tricks that you can use if you want to do it.

This guide is going to cover everything you need to know. This is how to improve your aim in Overwatch 2:

Tips and Tricks to Improve Aim on PC

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

Aiming and sensitivity can feel screwy in Overwatch 2. This could be a bug or just part of how the game is going to run, we don’t entirely know. That makes the launch a great time to work on improving the most fundamental skill of FPS games, your aim.

There are some keys tips and tricks you can use to improve aim in Overwatch 2:

Tricks and Tips

  • Sens – This is vital. Use a lower sens for more precision, and higher sens for turn speed. Ideally, you should be able to be completely precise.
  • Practise – A very important step unfortunately. Build muscle memory and try to improve your aim in Overwatch 2 over time.
  • Fix Your Settings – This is a big reason why it feels off to a lot of players. There are some settings that might not feel super important, but are. Use the best Overwatch 2 settings.
  • Training Range – Do drills. You’re not going to improve too much from static aiming, but you can build muscle memory and generally increase your skill. Repeat drills from moving positions in the range until you can nail those training drones with complete accuracy.
  • Use the Arcade – The Arcade has loads of game modes which can specifically aim train. We’ll cover some of these below.
  • Mouse Pad – A bigger surface area makes it easier to be exact and move quicker. Try up-sizing the area that you’re playing in to get responsiveness without having to sacrifice accuracy.
  • Warm Up – Warm up when you first jump into the game. If you’re not hitting your shots, hit the arcade until you are. This takes away from the pressure of improving technicals on a live game.
  • Third-Party Aim Trainers – These can have drills which translate over to Overwatch 2 pretty well. They’re worth playing for an hour or so to see if they can make the difference for you to improve aim in Overwatch 2.

Correct Your Settings, Sens and Crosshair to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2Improving your Overwatch 2 aim is tricky, but the right sens, crosshair and settings make a big difference. Ideally, you’ll be wanting to get a better FPS in the game. This makes your aim a lot more responsive. The sens should also be as low as you can get comfortably. This makes it simpler for you to be precise. High sens is difficult to control, low is slower but easier.

The trick comes from balancing the two. If you have a bigger surface area, then get into t e habit of making bigger sweeping movements. This helps you be precise when you make more normal mouse movements, along with turning quick when you need to.

Your crosshair should also be suited to your weapon. Such as a circle for spray, and dot for projectiles. The best Overwatch 2 crosshair should help.

Tracking for Projectiles and Hitscan

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2Tracking is a great way of getting more exact to improve aim in Overwatch 2. The main idea here is to follow a target and be able to anticipate their movements. This is how you do it.

  • Follow a moving target with your mouse
  • At first, you’ll be a little behind them.
  • Keep following with your mouse until you’re able to completely track their movements. This should mean that while stood, you follow them entirely.
  • Add in movement next. Strafe and try to continue tracking. You’ll mess up at first, but eventually you’re going to be able to do this reliably just from practise and building muscle memory.
  • Reliably in games, tracking will let you follow characters.
  • This should mean your aim stays true as long as you have a clear view on the enemy. Its half the battle.

Tracking takes practise to master. This isn’t something that there’s an easy trick for. It’s something you can practise within the game itself. Eventually, you’re going to master this through practise. It does loads to improve aim in Overwatch 2 though.

For projectiles, it gets a bit harder. There’s an extra step or so. Since your shots are able to travel through the map, you’ll need to anticipate.

Look at the travel time for your projectile and begin moving your cursor in the direction your teammate is going. This is something you’ll need to get a feel for. However, once you’ve got it, it works.

Drills to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

Drilling to improve your aim in Overwatch 2 is one of the main ways to get better. You can do this within the game. Both in practise and the arcade. This is going to vary for each character. However, for the basics, this is what you need to do:

  • Practise Your Shots from Different Ranges – From different spots, shoot at targets, repeat until you’ve hit everything without too much hassle.
  • Practise the Same Shot While Strafing – This will help you adjust your aim for your own movement, something important for staying alive.
  • Practise Against Moving Targets – This adds extra difficulty, but it’s going to be essential in game.

Aim Training in Arcade

Drills in the practise range are fine, but the bots in there aren’t exactly clever. If you’re looking to practise solidly and really work on your technical skills, there’s one place to go. The Arcade.

This has different game modes you can jump into and improve aim in Overwatch 2. These are some key ones for aim:

  • Drills – Specific aim drills are here which can be very helpful.
  • Hero 1-v-1s – This is great for improving your aim in Overwatch 2 for specific heroes. You can face other players trying to work on the same techniques.
  • Widow Games for Precision – Widow games are big in Arcade. This is pure aim based, so jump on these for a real gauntlet.

Train for the Right Weapon

Overwatch 2 Beginner's GuideEvery hero in Overwatch uses a different weapon. A lot of players are probably going to have different sens for each one too. That’s a problem if you’re looking for how to improve your aim in Overwatch 2. However, there are some ways around this that can help to improve aim in Overwatch 2.

Focus on the character you want to improve on. You need to build skill with the right weapon, along with the best crosshair.

Build it up with your main. Then try to switch it up and get skill built across the game. You’re probably going to be sticking with similar built characters.

The Right Crosshair to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

This is an overlooked part of your settings. The best crosshair in-game isn’t just which one you like the best. Instead, different weapons need different crosshairs.

For example, the Overwatch 2 D.Va weapon is spray-based, the circle crosshair is better here since it illustrates the spread of the weapon properly. Whereas Widowmaker’s precision guns needs clarity and a clear dot.

We’ve covered the best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings here.

Muscle Memory

Overwatch 2 Beginner's Guide

One key part of improving your aim is building skill and muscle memory. This means building practise time. The more time you can spend working on your aim, the better you’re going to be. Use the aim training drills in arcade mode regularly to improve aim in Overwatch 2.

These work as great warm ups. While queuing, or before if the wait time is low, jump into these aim training drill rooms and warm up. Doing this over time should see a decent improvement as you build better muscle memory.

It’s important to keep in mind that this can’t really work if you keep messing with things. Dramatically different sens aren’t difficult to get used to. Try to dial in your sens and then work at perfecting your aim over time.


How to Use Keyboard and Mouse in Overwatch PS4

Not all mouses are created equal. Most are going to do a decent job for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that all hardware won’t give the same results. Using a mouse that has a decent DPI and sensor can make it a lot easier to get a better performance out of the game from your aim. This is great to improve your aim in Overwatch 2.

You don’t need to break the bank for a decent mouse. One that can translate your aim with pinpoint accuracy can be pretty cheap. In many ways, your mouse pad can make just as much of a difference to improve aim in Overwatch 2.

When you’re playing a precision character, you need a low sens for greater accuracy in your aim. This is most usable when you’re working with a large playing area. A bigger mousepad can allow you to make bigger movements. This can make it easier to be accurate with your aiming. A smaller space to work can make your aim jittery and weird.

These are all improvements you can make on the cheap. It won’t be a solve all solution. However, using a better mousepad or mouse could make a difference. The top Overwatch pro settings or streamers are a great example of high-performance esports mouses.

Improve Aim in Overwatch 2 Console

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

Improving aim on console can seem much more difficult. Some players even cave and just use a mouse and keyboard on Overwatch PS5. However, you can improve things.

Getting your sensitivity set-up right can make a big difference. These guides cover the right settings for each console:

That’s just a start though. These are some tips and tricks for improving aim in Overwatch 2 on console:

Tips and Tricks to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2 on Console

  • Precision or Turn Speed – Each Hero can be divided into these categories. Check which one your main is, and make sure you’re setting the game up correctly for it.
  • Precision– For these, you want a crosshair with an exact dot center. Also, a lower sens is better. This can be difficult on a controller, but try to find the lowest you can go without sacrificing mobility. Also pay attention to your smoothing, and aim technique here.
  • Turn Speed – For these characters, you’re going to have to sacrifice precision. Try to get used to easing up on the sticks. Keep it centred.
  • Deadzones – Test your deadzone and set them up in-console. You can do this by connecting your controller to a PC and use steam to do it. Once you have your deadzone measurement, you can get more accurate responses from the game.
  • Keep Your Thumbs on the Sticks – Don’t move your thumbs off the stick unless entirely necessary. Rest it there, so you can always move your aim as soon as you need to. This can help to improve aim in Overwatch 2.

Choice of Controller

How to Improve Aim in Overwatch 2

This is more important than you might think. Different controllers have different qualities which can make gaming easier for FPS players. You don’t have to jump into a Scuf, however there are a few add-ons you can put on your controller that could make a real difference for your aim:

  • Stick Length – A longer thumbstick means more space for you to move it. With an extended stick, you can use a higher sens since you actually have more space to move the stick. It allows for a greater working area for your sticks by making them longer. There are add-ons that achieve this.
  • Paddles – a Strikepack or paddles work great for Overwatch. This frees you up to keep your thumbs on the sticks at all times.

You can find add ons for your controllers that do this, or go for one of the best Overwatch controllers. Although, the add-ons are much more cost effective than an Xbox pro gamepad or custom built DualShock. Another alternative is playing claw, but that can be quite difficult to master. It can improve aim in Overwatch 2. 

How to Fix Aim Bugs in Overwatch 2

Most players could probably stand to improve your aim in Overwatch 2, but that’s not all. The game has some bugs right now. If your feel is feeling floaty or off. There are a few things you can do to try and troubleshoot it. These are some steps:

  • Press Escape
  • Turn off Dynamic Render Scale
  • Disable Aim Smoothing – Even on PC, it bleeds over.
  • Change Aim Assist Strength
  • Restart Game if Bugged
  • Optimize Settings for Better FPS
  • Switch to Low Latency controller or mouse

Improving Your Performance With Aim

That’s some tips for how you can improve aim in Overwatch 2. This is a tricky area to work on. You need to practise more than just implement one or two quick tricks. Instead, it’s something that is going to take some time.

Along with using the right characters, this is one of the best ways you can improve in-game. It is definitely worth the time commitment. One nice feature is that this applies to all games too, as long as you use similar settings this is a skill which will pay off.

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