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All Genji SkinS

Genji is one of the most fun heroes to play. In terms of design though, the base he’s a little plain! If you’re looking for a more interesting style for the character, there are some Genji skins that make him a lot more interesting!

Genji sits in a decent spot in the Overwatch 2 tier list along with the first game. To really show off though, you’ll want to be wearing one of the coolest skins in your victory pose. Ones like Oni Genji or Illidan Genji in particular can grab players’ attention.

Genji has a decent number of skins available in the game. Like any other character, you can choose between loads of different looks to customize how you’re playing. These are all of the Genji skins that are available in the game and how you can unlock them. Including the Genji Overwatch 2 skins from the Season 1 Battle Pass.

All Genji Skins

Overwatch Genji Skins are divided into a few different tiers. These correspond to how rare they are in-game, kind of. Although, this is more of a tier system than a ranking. Some of the ones in the top tier are less popular than skins in the middle tiers. This is how it all works.

Common Genji Skins

Classic Genji

All Genji Skins - ClassicThe Classic Genji skin is the standard generic look for the character. This is the base-level skin that is the default in the game. Since this is the standard, there isn’t too much to say about it. With so many other skins in the game though it’s becoming increasingly rare to see this Genji skin!

Overwatch 2 Genji

All Genji Skins - Overwatch 2Overwatch 2 is seeing each character get some alterations to their skin. Genji’s Overwatch 2 skin isn’t too different. He has some cosmetic differences in terms of his clothes. His design reflects the change in art style too. This isn’t really a separate Genji skin, as it will soon be the main skin for the character. 

Rare Genji Skins

The skins in Overwatch are divided into different tiers depending on their rarity. The ‘rare’ Genji skins are actually just the first lot of skins available. They aren’t particularly rare, in fact, they’re the most common in the game.

The rare skins are just the default look with the primary color changed. These aren’t the most popular Genji skin and you’re not going to see rare ones like Oni Genji. However, some of them do look pretty good with the new color scheme.

These are all of the rare Overwatch Genji skins in the game.


All Genji Skins - AzuriteThe Azurite Genji skin is basically the default look with a blue color scheme. It doesn’t change the model, just applies a light blue coating to the character. There are also two weapon skins along with this one.

Azurite isn’t the rarest of all Genji skins in the game. This costs 75 credits in the store so a lot of people have it already. However, you don’t often see it as it’s a bit duller than the others that are here.


The Cinnabar skin is another one that just changes the primary color. This time Genji is in all red! This is a nice color scheme for the character and it could fit in well with some other colored character skins for other Overwatch heroes.

The cinnabar skin is nearly entirely red! These rare Genji skins kind of make him look like power rangers with all different colors. However, the red one is one of the better schemes out of them all.

Like with the others, this one costs 75 credits in the store. This made it pretty accessible to just about everyone. You don’t see too much of it though, as with the others it is a bit dull.


All Genji Skins - MalachiteThe Malachite skin is the next one of the rare Overwatch Genji skins. This one puts him in a full green color scheme. It can look can be a bit garish. However, this does fit in with some other color schemes in the right Overwatch team compositions.

This skin was available in the store for just 75 credits. Most people probably have it, unless they thought it was a bit dull to pick up.


All Genji Skins - OchreThe Ochre skin is the last one of the rare Genji skins. This one puts him in a yellowish color scheme. Out of all of them, this one is probably one of the least appealing! The color isn’t exactly enticing. However, it does have some fans.

This one was also just available in the store for 75 credits. It isn’t too exciting, but if you’re being a completionist about getting all Genji skins then it’s one you’ll want to grab.

Epic Genji Skins

This tier of the Overwatch Genji skins is where things get a bit more interesting. Some of these skins change the colors alone, but they change more than just a solid block color. The Epic Genji skins have unique themes and are a bit more exciting than just a dye job.

Some of these skins are from the store like the tier above. However, some of them were only available for a limited time through events! This means that we’re getting into some of the rarest Genji skins here.

These are all of the Epic Genji skins that are in the game and how to get them.

Carbon Fiber

All Genji Skins - Carbon FiberThe Carbon Fiber skin puts Genji in complete solid black. Compared to the other dull recolors, this one is more interesting. Genji essentially looks full Ninja here, it’s a nice look.

The Carbon Fiber skin isn’t exclusive to Genji either. Solid black skins with the same name pop up in other heroes’ looks too, like in the D.Va skins.

Carbon Fiber definitely looks more appealing than half of all Genji skins. It was available pretty easily though. Players could just grab it out of the shop for 250 credits. This makes it a lot more expensive than the tier above. However, it still isn’t all that rare.

While more expensive, this one of the Overwatch Genji skins still isn’t too impressive. It was easily available and 250 credits aren’t the most expensive in the long run.


Chrome is the opposite side of the Carbon Fiber skin. While that one was in all black, this is all white and grey. It’s an alternative color scheme for a skin, a reuse of an idea that pops up a lot across Overwatch skins, like with Mercy skins.

Chrome is a nice twist on Carbon Fiber. This one has an almost too clean look. However, it’s sure to fit in with a lot of players’ tastes.

Chrome is a bit less exciting since it is quite close to the default Overwatch Genji skin. It cost 250 credits just like carbon fiber, so it’s a pretty common skin to see around.


All Genji Skins - NihonNihon is the first one on this list of all Genji skins to come exclusively from an event! This skin was part of the Summer Games event. That meant you could only get it during this duration.

While this would make it pretty rare, Overwatch recycles a lot. Skins come back along with the identical event the next year. This means while Nihon was rare at some times, it is a more common skin than some others.

The Nihon skin is actually named after Japan. In Japanese, the country is referred to as Nihon. Ganji is Japanese in the in-game lore. This skin also features a red dot to make it resemble the rising sun flag of Japan.

The skin itself is similar to Chrome, but with some aesthetic changes. It’s a different twist on the primarily white look for Genji.

Overwatch League Grey Genji Skin

This one of the Overwatch Genji skins is where things start to get actually rare! This one was only available as part of a crossover with Twitch for Overwatch League events. This means a lot of players just didn’t get access to it.

This isn’t the rarest Genji skin since it was available for quite a while. However, being harder to obtain definitely means you don’t see it as often,

The skin itself is pretty fun, being quite plain and clean. Although, it is pretty similar to the Carbon Fiber skin. It’s easy to get the two of them mixed up.

Overwatch League Skins

All Genji Skins - OWL Skins

The Overwatch League skins make up the bulk of skins for pretty much every character! These are various skins for each Hero which tender them in the team colors of the various Overwatch League teams.

The OWL Genji skins are pretty diverse. There isn’t much point in going skin by skin though as they largely just follow what each team’s colors are. Some of these can be pretty fun looking though.

The Overwatch League skins for Genji aren’t just limited to the team’s current colors either. Teams change their colors over the years which leads to changes in their skin too. For example, the San Francisco Shock skin has changed colors a few times with the team’s branding. There are also away colors that invert the normal colors!

There are loads of Overwatch League skins. The ones for Genji that were only released for a season or so are naturally rarer than those that haven’t changed much. However, these are all pretty accessible skins.

Legendary Genji Skins

This is the top tier of the Overwatch Genji skins. It’s where things really get interesting for the character. You’re going to find the rarest looks for the character here, like the Oni Genji skin, Illidan Genji, and others. Each of these makes major changes to the character.

Genji legendary skins make changes to the model for the character. This is a big change from just altering the color scheme that the character is rendered in. These are more substantial; you’ll stand out a lot more with them than the other tiers.

The Legendary Genji skins are a bit rarer too. These ones carry the highest price tag so not every player picked up all of these. This is the same for every character since the styles are applied to all heroes. You’ll find the same thing with Tracer skins among others.


All Genji Skins - SparrowThe Sparrow Genji skin is the first in this tier. It makes Genji look quite a bit different. For a start, he has his mask off. Players can finally get a look at Genji’s actual face with this skin! It also changes his clothes to a more traditional ninja gi.

This skin has a nice green and grey color scheme. It’s a nice different look for Genji. This one was simply available through the store. While it is more interesting than the last few tiers, most players already have this skin. It’s more exciting than the earlier ones of all Genji skins though.

Young Genji

The Young Genji skin is the same as Sparrow but in the opposite colors. The gi is white this time with orange accents. Genji’s younger face is still revealed on this skin. It’s a good pick if you want Genji to look closer to a normal human.

This Genji also features a sword on his back, but it’s not too relevant for gameplay. The skin comes with two weapon skins too. This one of the Overwatch Genji skins was available in the store for 1000 coins.


All Genji Skins - BedouinBedouin is a different take on Genji, it gives him an entirely different look. This skin still has the armour plating that Genji usually has but with a different design. The armor is also covered by material around his right side.

Genji face is blocked out by a headscarf-like thing on this skin. It has a distinct theme, but does feel a bit muddled here. The color scheme is a bit more lively than in some of the other skins though.

The Bedouin Overwatch skin was available through the store for 1,000 coins. This means it was fairly accessible and quite a few players picked it up.


All Genji Skins - NomadThe Nomad Genji skin is essentially the alternative color scheme for Bedouin. This one has Genji’s scarf in a very similar color to his armor. However, some of the leg and arm armor has been changed in color, for a gold scorpion kind of appearance.

Like the others in this tier of Genji skins, the Nomad skin was available through the shop for 1000 coins. Since it’s just a color change though it isn’t the most interesting. However, nomad and Bedouin are both a nice different look for them.


All Genji Skins - OniThe Oni Genji skin might be one of the most popular for the character! This one is one of the skins you see in-game the most. Players seem to gravitate towards Oni Genji for some reason. Along with Illidan Genji, it’s one of the most well-known and recognizable.

This skin does have a unique design compared to the others. Genji is in a different design of armor with more fabric around him. However, his mask has been replaced with a demonic-looking one. This false face makes him look like a fairly different character.

The mask and the outfit of the Genji Oni are all color coded with red highlights. It’s a nice effect and might be one of his best-designed skins. This one was available in the store for 1,000 credits.


All Genji Skins - BaihouThe Baihu Overwatch Genji skins is where things get a bit more complicated for picking them up. This one was available in boxes as part of the Lunar New Year event. However, it could also be bought for 3,000 credits. This puts it on the more expensive side of all Genji skins.

This one might be a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely one of the most polished designs. This one gives Genji a fuller and more muscular appearance with thicker armor. The armor has fur and some holographic-looking dragon symbols in blue. His mask has also been replaced by a more traditional one.

The Baihu skin is a strange high-tech samurai kind of look for the character. It definitely makes him stand out in lobbies though.

Blackwatch – All Genji Skins

All Genji Skins - BlackwatchThe Blackwatch Overwatch skin was originally released as part of the Archives event. It’s only made appearances for this event when it’s held each year. You could pick it up for 1,000 credits in the shop or through boxes in that limited time.

In terms of its design, Blackwater is the most revealing for Genji! Usually, it’s D.Va skins or Widowmaker skins which show off flesh, but Genji has a revealing one of his own. His skin has Genji’s armor only half on. His left side is pretty normally armored, but parts of his face and right-hand side near his chest are completely exposed.

Blackwatch is a nice different look for the character. It might get a bit distracting for some, but it’s fun.

Sentai – Overwatch Genji Skins

Sentai is probably one of the most fun Overwatch skins. The theme behind this one is pretty obvious from the name! It was first made available as part of the Overwatch Anniversary event. It cost 1,000 credits in the store.

Since this was from an event, it doesn’t come back outside of that. This might end up being one of the rarer Overwatch skins.

The Sentai Genji skin is definitely designed after the Super Sentai franchise. This is a pop culture juggernaut that’s inspired a lot of different things over the year. The Super Sentai series might be best known in the west for being redubbed as Power Rangers. However, Super Sentai are definitely recognizable by themselves. This style of character are even similar to things like Karmen Rider.

It could be said that all Genji skins have a bit of a resemblance to Super Sentai. Outside of some really unique ones like Illidan Genji, his base design is quite close. This one really hammers home the resemblance though with a straight recreation.

Pacific All-Star Genji Skins

All Genji Skins - All Star GenjiThis one of the Overwatch Genji skin might be the rarest in the game! It was only available as part of the All-Star Weekend in 2018. That’s fairly early for the Overwatch League, and it hasn’t been accessible to players since. This makes it the rarest out of all Genji skins so far.

The skin puts Genji in orange armor with a lot of fur. This gives him the appearance of a fantasy character or some armored creature that hunts animals. It’s a nice look although a little loud in places.

Kendoka – All Genji Skins

All Genji Skins - KendokaKendoka Genji is one of the rarest overwatch skins for the character. This one is a pretty traditional samurai-style armor. It has Genji in traditional padding with a slatted mask.

This is definitely one of Genji’s most interesting skins in the game. It was originally available during the Summer Games event. Players could get it during the 2019 event, and sometimes since when loot boxes for the event are back.

Kendoka isn’t the rarest skin in Overwatch, but it’s one of the coolest Genji skins in the game.

Karasu-Tengu – Genji Skins

All Genji Skins - Karasu Tengu SkinsKarasu-Tengu Genji is one of the most interesting Overwatch Genji skins outfits added in recent years! This is another one of the Genji Halloween skins. It’s debatable whether this or skeleton Genji is the most interesting for the character. However, out of these Genji skins it’s one of the most unique.

In this skin, Genji is transformed into a feathered beast-man. This monster mash-up for Genji is sure to make you stand out in a line-up. This one of the Halloween skins is only available during that event, so it’s rarer than the standard skins here.

Illidan Genji

All Genji Skins - IllidanThe Illidan Genji skin is similar to the others which makes him look more human. In this skin, Genji is a shirtless man with purple skin! He also has green tribal markings all over him. This is probably the rarest Genji skin since it was given away in such a limited way.

Illidan Genji was only available as part of Blizzcon 2019. It was a bonus for getting a virtual ticket to the event. Illidan Genji is one of the least accessible in the game and it’s probably the rarest skin for the character.  Out of all Genji skins, you very rarely see this one.

Skeleton Genji

All Genji Skins - SkeletonThe Skeleton Genji skin is one of the newest in the game! This one puts Genji in armor with an orange skeleton painted on top of it! As the Halloween Genji skin, it’s one of the most interesting in the game! This one was originally available as part of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event. You could only grab the skin during his time, so it’s rarer now.

Happi Genji – New Genji Skin 2022

Happi Genji - New Genji Skins

The Happi Genji skin was added into the game to go along with an OWL event. This is probably the last one added in Overwatch 1! It’s a summer-based skin that puts Genji in some light swimwear.

Mythic Genji Overwatch 2 Skins

All Genji Skins - Mythic Overwatch 2 Genji SkinsGenji is going to be one of the first characters to get an Overwatch 2 skin! This will be one of the first Mythic level skins in the game too. It’s going to be customizable, so every player will have a slightly different version of the skin!

Cyberdemon Genji

All Genji Skins - CyberdemonCyberdemon Genji is a skin that gives Genji. A fun and frightening new look. This skin will even be interactable. Players can press. A button to open Genji’s mask and give players a better look at the demon inside. It has a similar name to one of the Sombra skins, but a pretty different look.

Future Genji Skins

Those are all of the Overwatch Genji skins in the game right now. Although, there are a few others that aren’t accessible in Overwatch! Games like Heroes of the Strom have some exclusive Genji sins that you can’t find in Overwatch. These include crossovers with anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, just like similar D.Va skins, these aren’t accessible in the actual game, just the mobile title.

Overwatch 2 is going to see a lot more than just these added to the game! There will be new skins with each Battle Pass, so we’re sure to see more Genji skins get introduced into the franchise soon.

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