FPS Shaka Overwatch Settings

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FPS Shaka Overwatch Settings

Fps_shaka has been one of the biggest streamers during the launch of Overwatch 2. The fps_Shaka Overwatch settings are a great example of how you can get the top performance out of the game. This is what set-up and in-game settings that the payer uses for overwatch.

fps Shaka Overwatch Settings Setup & PC


Logitech G Pro SteelSeries M750SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB SteelSeries Qck Mousepad
ASUS ROG Swift PG27VQ GeForce RTX 2080 SteelSeries Flux In-Ear

That’s the set-up for fps_shaka Overwatch settings. This machine is clearly able to run the game at the highest possible quality. There are some more unique picks, like his choice, of mouse and keyboard. They’re pretty different a lot of other Overwatch pro settings.

FPS Shaka Overwatch Settings & Video Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
500 15 7500
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
18.47 40 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode
100 Fullscreen

Those are the in-game settings for Overwatch 2, as far as we know. This set-up and fps_Overwatch settings should be giving players a great FPS in the game. You’ll be running Overwatch 2 in some of the smoothest quality that you can.

These settings also some more personal touches, like the sensitivity. This is more down to a player’s personal preference. However, these are a great starting point for most players.

Who is FPS_Shaka?

Fps_shaka is a streamer with a long history across a number of games. He’s probably best known as a player in PUBG. However, on stream he’s played loads of games including Overwatch 2.

FPS_shake is mainly known for PUBG. He was both a streamer and occasional pro player in this game. FPS shaka is from Japan. His real name is Chikara Kawakami. He was born on December 27th 1991.

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