D.Va Overwatch 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks to Win as D.Va

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D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

D.Va is probably one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes. Loads of players go for the character and like to pick out their favorite D.Va skins, but this doesn’t always mean her average play level is high! A lot of players just don’t bother learning how to best use the character. If you want to step up your D.Va play, you need to look at an Overwatch 2 D.Va guide.

5-V-5 means big changes for all Tanks. Even D.Va players are going to need to adjust. The character still sits pretty high on an Overwatch 2 tier list though and is one of the best tanks. Their kit makes them a pretty fun tank to play. They’re versatile. You can play a dive tank with D.Va or a more traditional style.

This is what you need to know. The key tips and strategies for playing D.Va in Overwatch 2 and winning more rounds with the character.

D.va Guide – Key Information

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Health – 450
  • Shields and Armor – 200
  • Role – Tank
  • Abilities – Boosters, Defence Matrix, Micro Missiles, D.Va Bomb
  • Weapon – Fusion Cannon/Light Gun

One more key thing to know about D.Va is that she plays like two separate characters. She mainly plays in her Mech. This is a literal armored tank. However, you can also be knocked out of the mech and forced to run around without it. In this mode, D.Va has just small weapons, very little health, but a smaller hitbox. This is called Baby D.Va.

Really excelling as a D.Va player means you’ll have to master both modes. Along with the D.Va Ultimate. We’ll cover both sides of the character in this D.Va Overwatch 2 guide, although the mech gameplay is more fleshed out.

D.Va Overwatch Guide – Two Characters

D.Va Overwatch 2 guideD.Va’s main mode is her mech. In this state, you have access to heavy weaponry and a lot more health. However, you also have a huge hitbox. This is a classic tank style of character.

D.Va gets interesting once she’s knocked down to Baby D.Va. This happens when the mech gets destroyed. Rather than dying, you get a chance to run around just as D.Va after your alt explodes the tank. You can get back in eventually. However, you’re baby D.Va for a little bit until you charge back up enough.

We’ll cover some specific tips and tricks for playing the smaller Overwatch 2 D.Va. However, most of the Overwatch D.Va guide covers the core mech gameplay here. Keep in mind that Baby D.Va is easy to kill, so you’ll need to get used to more than one way of playing to really survive as the character.

D.va Overwatch 2 Guide – Kit and Abilities

D.Va Overwatch Guide – Primary Weapons – Fusion Cannons

D.Va Overwatch guide

  • Damage – 22

D.Va’s primary weapons are the fusion canons, the main weapons that are attached to the mech. They have a short-range spread that makes them more SMG-like. It’s a gun that’s better used up close. There’s a steep drop-off up close.

The damage on the Overwatch 2 weapons for Fusion Cannons is pretty good. It’s definitely enough to get some kills. Since D.Va’s weapon features a hefty spread, your aim isn’t the most vital thing either. As long as you’re in range, you’re probably going to hit what you’re after. This does mean that there’s a trade-off though, they’re not taking down opponents from any real distance. These fire at a fast rate of 0.15.

The D.Va Fusion cannons are relatively simple to use. It’s your base weapon that you’re pulling out whenever you’re faced with enemies. D.Va’s main weapon isn’t too complicated, like what you’ll find with a Sigma Overwatch 2 guide. However, there are some specific things to keep in mind from a D.Va Overwatch guide.

These are some Overwatch 2 D.Va tips and tricks to get the most out of the weapons.

  • Spread – The spread of this weapon can be tricky for newer D.Va players. Turn on bullet impacts and get used to how the weapons hit. This will help you master the pattern behind it.
  • Movement Penalty – This gives D.Va a movement penalty of 40% while firing. This isn’t great for staying mobile. However, you can work around it.
  • Use Boosters – Using boosters while firing for longer periods is the best way to get around the movement penalty. Otherwise, you’re a giant slow-moving target. 

Baby D.Va Main Weapon – Light Gun

D.Va Overwatch guide

  • Damage – 14

D.Va has a secondary weapon. The light gun is the main weapon once you’re out of the mech. This is a fairly standard pistol. It does 14 damage and more when it hits an opponent’s head. This isn’t as good as the mech, but it can be used for some decent plays if you time things right.

The light gun has to clock up damage using accuracy. You need to be able to hit heads with it or you’re not going to get as much done. However, mobility as Baby D.Va is important here too, you’re going to need to use the weapon while moving around quickly.

The Light Gun is an automatic weapon. It fires fast. You’re able to get a lot of shots off with this gun. It plays as a more standard weapon, so you don’t need too much focus in an Overwatch D.Va guide.

D.Va Ability – Boosters

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Cooldown – 4 Seconds
  • Duration -2 Seconds
  • Damage – 10

This one of D.Va’s abilities lets you boost forward. You can charge forwards in the mech at a higher speed than normal speed. If you hit an enemy while boosting as Overwatch 2 D.Va, you’re going to knock them back. You can also shoot while charging.

This ability has some similarities with others, like Charge covered in this Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide. However, this is a bit more forgiving. You can still shoot and have more control over your movement than a pure rushdown. This has great mobility applications. You can use it to travel horizontally while higher in the air, which opens the maps up for D.Va quite a bit. If you can time your attacks too, you can use it for a charge attack that can clear plenty of space around an objective.  These are some tips for a D.Va Overwatch 2 guide to this ability:

  • Air – You can use this to temporarily move through the air. If you’re positioned properly this can allow you to take a unique angle.
  • Platforming – D.Va’s boost heading through the air means you can use it to get to different places. This can really pay off for grabbing high ground against enemies.
  • Cooldown – The cooldown for the boosters is pretty low. Management isn’t too big of an issue for this bit of D.Va’s kit. You’ll only be without it for a few seconds at a time.
  • Knockback and Damage – Physically ramming players with this ability can do some minimal damage. However, the better way to approach this is to use your primary weapons. While charging an opponent, you’re close enough that the spread on your weapons which can do a lot of damage.
  • Cancellable – This ability is cancellable. You can back out whenever you want. You can even switch to a melee attack instead. This has a low cooldown. So don’t be afraid to bail if you need to.

D.Va Overwatch Guide – Defence Matrix

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Cooldown – 1 Second
  • Duration – 3 Seconds

Defense matrix is the next D.Va ability. This one is one of the best parts of her kit. It allows you to put down a device in front of you that will destroy all projectiles that enter it. It has a short cooldown on it. However, it has amazing utility in Overwatch 2 D.Va’s kit. It’s one of the big reasons why she’s one of the best Overwatch 2 tanks.

The defense matrix can protect you, but it doesn’t really protect your team. You also won’t be able to use the fusion cannons while you have it up. You can’t retaliate. The duration is also very short.

The main thing with the defense matrix is to understand its size and position. Ideally, you can use it not like a shield to soak up damage that comes in. Instead, to cancel Ults and control the enemy team. These are some tips and tricks for using ability in an Overwatch 2 D.Va guide.

  • Cooldown Management – You want to use this as much as you can, but have it in the back pocket for when you need it. This is easier said than done. The thing to keep in mind is that it should be protecting your weakest heroes. Ideally, healers can step in to make sure once it pops off, the defense matrix isn’t needed.
  • 2 Second Length – This only runs for 3 seconds! It’s not a lot of time. While there’s a short cooldown, you’ll have to get your timing exactly right with defense matrix.
  • Fake Outs – Skilled players will bait you into dropping your defense matrix, watch for bluffs, and don’t get faked out.

Micro Missiles – Overwatch 2 D.Va guide

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Cooldown – 8 Seconds
  • Duration – 2 Seconds
  • Damage – 125

The next D.VA Overwatch 2 ability is Micro missiles. This is a set of missiles that D.Va can fire out of her mech. They explode when they hit someone. It can be used with primary fire at the same time, to unleash all of D.Va offense abilities.

At 125 damage, this can definitely hurt. Up against squishier heroes like DPS players, you can get some kills with this. If you can combine it with your primary fire too, then it can be really quite destructive. Combining abilities is a key part of a D.Va Overwatch 2 guide.

This is one of the best offensive abilities outside of the D.Va Ult, especially when you can use it alongside other abilities to really disrupt things. Try to go for the right targets. Coordinate pushes with your team using Micro Missiles.

These are some tips for this ability.

Micro Missiles Tips and Tricks

  • Cooldown Management – This is one of D.Va’s longest cooldowns. You can’t throw it out as much as Defence Matrix. This makes it more important to think through your targets.
  • Target Priority – Go for the highest priority target with this ability and try to deal damage on top of your Micro Missiles here. This generally goes to weakened DPS, Healers, then others. However, the exact target priority will depend on your specific situation.
  • Don’t Waste Them – These do decent damage. It’s a shame to waste these, so make sure you pay attention to positioning and which target you’re going for. On the other hand though…
  • Don’t Take 30 Seconds to Pick a 10-Second Target – This has a higher cooldown, but still below 10 seconds. Don’t take longer to use it than it takes to recharge a new one.
  • Use Weapons With it – You can follow up with your primary weapons. You should always be doing this where your missiles aren’t getting a kill on their own. A D.Va Overwatch guide is a lot about where the kit comes together like this. missiles, your primary fire, and a unique angle is D.Va’s best offense
  • Boost into Missiles – These missiles have a decent range, but the boost that can let you move to newer positions can open up the Micros Missiles a lot more. 

Self-Destruct/Call Mech – D.Va’s Ult

D.Va Overwatch guide

  • Damage – 2019

This is D.Va’s Ult. Unlike most, this one has two different types which make it a bigger move. It lets you abandon ship on your mech. D.Va jumps out and moves to baby form. The mech in turn explodes entirely. It deals a lot of damage to anyone caught in the blast zone.

At 2019 damage, this is a huge ult. This is much better than the Ults you find in Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2 guide or most other tanks. Players are going to be able to deal an incredible amount of damage with this if they hit a lot of players. Use mobility abilities like booster with it. They can help to get the mech into the perfect positions to let it off too. Boosters come up a lot in a D.Va Overwatch 2 guide, but the power of this Ult makes it vital to make the most out of it.

Damage done varies between 100 and 1000 damage. How much they take is going to depend on how close they are to the blast. They get 3 seconds’ notice to leg it. Exploding in the right spot is key. Use other abilities to navigate vertically over the ideal blast zone.

This is a rare ability that can take out a whole team. You really need to make the most out it. This is an Overwatch 2 Dva ult that wasting can really set your team back. These are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this one:

  • Positioning – Where you blow your mech is vital here. Ideally, you should be able to clock up enough damage on enemies before they get away, limiting their escape paths is the most important concern.
  • Clear the Area – Even if you don’t kill every player, you clear them out. To avoid an easy death players will bolt away from the exploding mech. If you time things right, you can follow up as baby D.Va and kill them anyway.
  • Fight off the Survivors – As weakened players move away from the mech, follow up with your light gun. A good pop here lets you quickly call back in the D.Va mech.

If D.Va can do okay on her own, she can then call the mech back in.

Baby D.Va Guide – Getting Back to the Mech

Once you blow up D.Va’s mech, you’ll be running around on your own with just a light gun. You can claw your way back to the mech though. These are some tips:

  • Health – Baby D.Va just has 150 health. This isn’t super high, but she does do decent damage and can move quicker.
  • Play it Safe – this is the best course of action as Baby D.Va. Use your mobility and speed to engage, picking off easier targets and keeping yourself safe.
  • Secondary Alt Charge – You’ll have to finish this off to get the Mech back in. Once it hits, it’ll damage nearby targets and return you to the main style of play. This is really the goal in this part of an Overwatch 2 D.Va guide.
  • Focus on Stragglers – Your mech blowing up should have put enough of a dent in the enemy team. Go for the stragglers from this effect. Those with lowered health, or players who are scattered enough that they have no backup.

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Suicide Runs – if you die, you get the mech back anyway. It’s not usually a good idea to do a suicide run though.
  • Don’t Focus on Flashy Moments – Baby D.Va can make it tempting to try and grab a clutch kill to show off. The best D.Va players might have cool clips in this mode, but just stick to the basics and play the game. Nothing is more obnoxious than a player tanking their team for a clip. 

D.Va Overwatch 2 Guide – Passive Ability

D.Va Overwatch guide

D.Va has a passive ability that lets her take less knockback from various attacks. You also give less Ultimate charge. These passives are the same for every tank. So while this isn’t a unique ability to D.Va, you do still get a bit more value out of playing her than in the original Overwatch 2.

D.Va Overwatch Guide – Tips and Tricks

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

Blocking Ults – D.Va Tech with Defence Matrix

Blocking the Ults of other players is one best tools D.Va has available. 

D.Va defence matrix can shut down the ults of certain heroes in the game if timed right. You’ll need to pop your matrix close to the ult to cancel it, and quickly react to get your team to shut the enemy player down. This is a move which won’t always work. However, you basically owe it to your team to give it a try. These are the Ults you can cut off with proper coordination:

  • Zarya – Graviton Surge
  • Mei – Blizzard
  • Reaper – Death Blossom
  • Cassidy – Deadeye
  • Hanzo – Dragonstrike
  • Pharah – Barrage
  • Soldier – Tactical Visor
  • Torbjorrn – Molten Core
  • Roadhoad – Whole Hog

Watch out for players faking you out though. In higher tiers, they’ll try to get you to waste your defence matrix before they pop their Ults. This can lead to a bit of a double bluff situation. Work with your team and coordinate. They should be able to strike against an Ult player as you try to cancel out their move, to ensure success. These Ults have their own tells which are worth watching out for, but it’s ahrd to cover every Heros’ Ult in an Overwatch 2 D.Va guide.

D.VA Gameplay Guide

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

D.Va is a dive tank, but she is on the more flexible side. Her abilities are a nice spread of different types of tank gameplay. You have something for protection in Defence Matrix, mobility with Boosters, and offensive tools. This makes her a great pick. Especially now it’s 5-v-5.

Overwatch 2 D.Va has extra armor too. This means she can tank more damage before she dies. However, you can still be knocked out of the mech. If you’re playing alone, that’s basically going to happen if you’re ganged up on. You should use D.Va’s mobility and protection to try and stop getting into these situations.

A good manoeuvrer is to you use your missiles and primary weapon as you rush in to an enemy. This charge move will burn plenty of abilities but it can fire off a lot of damage and knockback. This move can really help to open things up.

Self-destruct has more utility in Overwatch 2, there’s less shields around so you stand more chance of getting higher damage done on more enemies. You can use your boosters to make sure the mech detonates in the most painful area possible. Aim for low-health and high priority targets, like DPS or healers. This is pretty standard Tank fare, but it’s important to keep in mind.

D.Va Overwatch 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

  • Damage Tank – D.Va can deal out a lot of damage compared to the other tanks in the game. This means you can be more use than just a sponge for enemies. You need to be a bit more engaged about the enemy than if you were playing a shield hero.
  • Versatility – D.Va works in a lot of set-ups. If you’re trying to main her, use this to your advantage.
  • Mobility – D.Va is pretty mobile compared to other tanks. You need to make use of it. One of the best things a D.Va main can do to improve is work on their map knowledge.
  • Aggression – D.Va can output damage, but like most tanks focusing on aggression entirely is the wrong call. That’s just not your role. Don’t be afraid to push and take aggressive moves, but don’t focus on it outside of your D.Va ult. It’s one of the biggest mistakes players make. 

D.Va Changes and Patches in Overwatch 2

D.Va Overwatch 2 guide

A D.Va Overwatch 2 guide has to cover the character’s kit and stats, but they’re changing fast. If you want to stay on top of your game you’ve got to pay attention to the patches. Changes happen for each character fairly often. These are the changes for D.Va in the game so far:


  • Mech Armor Increased from 200 to 300
  • Mech Health decreased from 450 to 350

April 28

  • Base Health increased from 300 to 450
  • Base Armor Reduced from 300 to 200
  • Fuse Cannons – Primary Fire movement penalty changed from 50 to 40%, weapon spread reduced from 4 to 3.5

 Those are all of the major changes so for in an D.Va Overwatch guide. The character is one of the most fun and versatile picks in the game. If you keep in mind the key strategies for D.Va, and use the best Overwatch 2 settings to optimize everything, she can be a real asset to a team.

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