Dafran Overwatch Settings

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Dafran Overwatch Settings

Dafran is one of the biggest players Overwatch game, and also one of the most controversial. The player’s real name is Daniel Francesca, while he’s known as an active figure in Overwatch overall, he was a player in the Overwatch League. Dafran played for Selfless Gaming originally, before moving over to Atlanta Reign. Dafran has now stepped back from Overwatch entirely after a series of controversies. However, the player remains something of a big figure in terms of streamers and high skill players. Dafran’s Overwatch settings can provide an insight into how he achieved this performance.

Dafran’s settings can show how you can get the game to run at its absolute best. When running on a high-end set-up, they produce close to the best possible performance from the game. Although, even on a lower spec PC Dafran’s video settings can have a serious impact. Things like sensitivity and DPI are a different matter. These are the settings that Dafran uses to get a responsive aim.  You can compare with Sayaplayer settings and other pro players to see some of the best Overwatch settings, and how different play styles need different tweaks to these settings.  This is all you need to know about Dafran’s set-up and Dafran Overwatch settings.

Dafran’s Setup & PC





Zowie EC-A

BenQ Zowie XL2540 RTX 2080

Intel Core i9-9900K

SteelSeries Qck+ Corsair K65 RapidFire

Sennheiser Game Zero

That’s Dafran’s complete set-up for streaming and playing Overwatch. With Dafran’s video settings working on this machine, performance is nearly as high as it gets. As a high-end streamer PC, this is obviously a pretty expensive set to buy.  However, a lot of the individual components aren’t the highest price. Mouse, keyboard, and monitor are vital for getting a great response time out of the game. Dafran’s equipment here provides minimal input lag, great accuracy, and doesn’t break the bank.

Even if you’re using a lower-spec machine, Dadran’s settings can help to get better frames per second rate by optimizing the game for competitive performance.

set-up is quite well functioning, but the important bits of it provide good value. If you’re running the best overwatch settings, you’ll get great performance out of these components.

Dafran Overwatch Settings & Dafran Video Settings

These are Dafran’s Overwatch settings. Including Overwatch video settings. Those set in particular are important for getting a great frames per second and response time from the game. Even on a high-end PC, turning things up a bit more above this can be more taxing on your game’s performance. Dafran’s settings are a great example of how well Overwatch can run in terms of giving you a competitive advantage, without impacting the visuals too much.

Mouse DPI
400 9 4800 28.9
Zoom Sensitivity
Refresh Rate
38 240 1920 X 1080 103
Polling Rate
Render Scale
Display Mode
Refresh Rate
1000 100 Fullscreen 240 Hz
Aspect Ratio
Triple Buffering
Reduce Buffering
16:9 Off Off On
Display Performance Stats
Display System Clock
Render Scale
Texture Quality
On Off 100 High
Local Fog Detail
Dynamic Reflections
Shadow Detail
Model Quality
Medium 2x Off Low Low
Effects Detail
Lighting Quality
Refraction Quality
Low Medium Low- FXAA Medium
Screenshot Quality
Local Reflections
1x Resolution On

Dafran Crosshair Settings

Dafran’s crosshair settings are well designed to give maximum visibility while helping to land every shot possible. This is the configuration that he uses:

Show Accuracy
Crosshair Off Black
Cross Length
Centre Gap
1 8 100 8
Outline Opacity
Dot Size
Dot Opacity
100 2 0

Dafran Overwatch Settings


Who is Dafran?

Dafran is a popular streamer who is probably best known for playing Overwatch. Although, he has now branched out into other games most notably Call of Duty and Rust. When playing Overwatch he performed competitively and was one of the best players active.

After leaving Overwatch, Dafran briefly tried to get into Valorant. This is a path a lot of retired Overwatch players have taken, like Sinatraa. Dafran didn’t really stick to this though. The player left the game to become a farmer. Although, he still streams regularly.

Where is Dafran From?

Dafran is from Copenhagen in Denmark. Although he likely has moved around in recent years. Since he is now out of professional gaming, he seems to live on a farm.

Dafran’s Overwatch Settings and Set Up Analysis

What Mouse Does Dafran Use?

Dafran uses a Zowie EC2-A. This mouse is what he used when he played Overwatch, so it is part of the Dafran Overwatch settings. However, he also stuck with this mouse when playing Valorant. The DPI and sensitivities listed here for Overwatch apply to this mouse rather than anything he’s used for streaming recently.

What Monitor Does Dafran Use?

Dafran uses an Omen HP Monitor. While this monitor is on the higher end price-wise, it has a 240Hz rate and great fidelity. The input lag is also less than a millisecond, so it is about as responsive as it gets. This is a large monitor, so Dafran’s Overwatch settings get to run the game at a decent quality on a bigger screen.

The Hz on a monitor is a hard cap on your FPS, representing the number of times an image is refreshed on the screen. Between the high rate and low input lag, this set-up provides very little gap between the servers and what you can see. That’s assuming your Overwatch Ping is fast enough.

What Keyboard Does Dafran Use?

Dafran used a Corsair K65 keyboard when playing Overwatch. This is mechanical for maximum accuracy in each keypress. It is also designed to be more comfortable to use for longer periods than some others out there. The keyboard is very responsive too, so input lag is at a minimum.

What Headset Does Dafran Use?

Dafran uses a Sennheiser Game Zero headset. Along with Dafran’s Overwatch settings for audio, this allows him to get the most focused sound in the game.

What GPU Does Dafran Use?

Dafran’s GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX2 080. This is a very common GPU among Overwatch pro settings. It can optimize Overwatch to run at the best FPS rate without compromising much on how the game looks.

Dafran OWL – Player’s History in the League

Dafran played in OWL for a long stretch, only leaving fairly recently. This is the Dafran OWL history:

  • Dafran played for Selfless Gaming when he began in the Overwatch League.
  • Dafran was banned and benched because he was throwing games on purpose. He also streamed adult games over the top of games he was throwing in Overwatch. Generally, he seemed to be trying to get kicked out.
  • In October 2018, Dafran moved to Atlanta Reign.
  • In March 2019, Dafran retired fully from competitive Overwatch.

Dafran Rank and Stats – How Well Did Dafran Perform?

Dafran performed pretty well in the Overwatch League when he wasn’t throwing games! These are some of his team’s achievements when he was active.  A pretty good example of what the Dafran Overwatch settings can get done:

  • Won Overwatch Rumble in May
  • Second in Alienware Monthly Melee
  • Third in April Overwatch Rumble
  • 1st in Rivalcade Weekly Weeks 1 and 2

Dafran Set-Up Equipment Anlysis

Dafran is retired from Overwatch League. So his choice of equipment is no longer limited by sponsorships or contracts, it is purely down to the equipment he chooses to use. Looking at his gear, the set up will be able to run Dafran’s Overwatch settings in a good competitive quality. However, the scattershot brands reflect a more open approach to choosing gear than with still active Overwatch pros. Dafran’s choice of equipment is a lot less streamlined than some others.

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