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coluge is a highly skilled tank player and one of the most impressive in the League right now. The coluge Overwatch settings are some of the best examples of how you can run the game in the best possible quality.

This is the coluge set-up and Overwatch settings that the player uses in-game. These are a good example of the FPS and quality that League players can run the game in. If you’re looking for a starting point for the best Overwatch 2 PC settings, checking out those used by one of the top pro players is already a good way to go. This is what he used in the game recently:

coluge Overwatch Settings Setup & PC

Logitech G502 Intel Core i9-9900K Logitech G Pro
Logitech G640 by  HP Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080
Logitech G Pro X

That’s the coluge set-up and PC as far as we know. Let us know if there are any differences or changes in the comments. This set-up is a great example of what you can use to get the best performance out of the game.

coluge Overwatch Settings & Video Settings

Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
800 5.8 4,640
Cm=360 Zoom Sensitivity Refresh Rate
29.871 ? 240
Resolution FOV Polling Rate
1920 X 1080 103 1000
Render Scale Display Mode
100 Fullscreen

That’s the coluge Overwatch settings for use in-game. The sens is important for playing tank heroes that have to balance mobility and accuracy. However, the video settings are key here too.

Who is coluge?

coluge is a Tank player for San Fransisco shock. Part of a team that’s had some pretty solid results this year. He has a longer history in the league though, achieving some big things in Contenders. He’s earned over $90,576 in the game so far.

coluge originally played the game on Xbox. These aren’t the best Xbox Overwatch settings, but the player getting his start on console is a good example of how you can build skill even from mouse and keyboard.

coluge was part of the GOATS roster and a founding member. He’s now a player in the upper end of the League, but has lengthy achievments in the game. The coluge Overwatch settings show what gear and setup he used in these matches.

Coluge Overwatch Settings – Which Heroes?

coluge is a tank player. In Overwatch 2, these are some of the most difficult to play. Down to one tank, a player like coluge has a lot riding on him. He doesn’t just go for the tanks at the top of the  Overwatch 2 tier list though. These are his main heroes at the moment:

  • Winston
  • Sigma
  • Doomfit

coluge Team History in OWL

coluge has a lengthy history in the Overwatch League. These are all of the teams he’s played for and when:

  • AnimelsReal – 2017
  • Fractal Esports – 208
  • GOATS – 2018 – November 2018
  • Second Wind – November 2018 – December 2018
  • GOATS – March 2019
  • Wave Check – April 2019 – July 2019
  • Second Wind – January 2020 – June 2020
  • Tier 22 Drama Alert Nation – August 2020 – February 2021
  • Spackle Academy – March 2021
  • Ardour – March 2021 – April 2021
  • DarkMode NA – April 2021 – August 2021
  • San Fransisco Shock – March 2022 – Present

The coluge Overwatch settings here are more up-to-date, so we don’t know what sets he specifically used in the early days! He’s had a long career in the League though playing for a lot of different contenders teams as well as other esports organizations. He definitely proved his worth before jumping up to the OWL. As part of Shock, he looks set to do big things at the League now.

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