Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide – Tips and Tricks to Win as McCree

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Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

Cassidy is one of the most iconic heroes in Overwatch, but he’s had some big changes. Cassidy Overwatch 2 is pretty different. He’s had a name change and some key changes to his kit that makes him play in a different style, there are new and adapted abilities. This Cassidy Overwatch 2 guide covers everything you need to know about the character.

Cassidy is a hero with a focus on skill. If you don’t have core mechanical skills, you need to work on that. This isn’t a character you can just muddle through with. Aim is vital here and your gun is firing traditional bullets. There are no laser beams. If you can hit headshots you’ll rack up damage and be the most useful DPS on your team. There is a bit more to him than just that though.

This Overwatch 2 Cassidy guide covers everything you need to know about the character, or about McCree if you’re still attached to the old name. This is how you can make the best use of abilities. Along with the key Cassidy Overwatch 2 tips and tricks you need to excel as the character.

McCree –Key Information

McCree Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Role – Damage
  • Health – 225
  • Abilities – Combat Roll, Grenade, Deadeye
  • Weapon – Peacekeeper
  • Real Name – Cole Cassidy
  • Age – 37

McCree Overwatch 2 Guide – Kit and Abilities

Primary Weapons – Peacekeeper

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Primary Fire Damage – 70
  • Secondary Fire Damage – 50

Cassidy’s peacekeeper is the main weapon for the cowboy. It features two different types of fire, a primary fire, and a rapid fire. The gun itself is a typical revolver. It’s similar to a pistol or the type of gun you’d find in a western game but it packs a much better punch than your standard pistol.

This weapon has a decent fire rate and damage. At 70 damage, it can take down most tanks with a good number of headshots. Accuracy is a pretty key part of the game with McCree’s kit. If you can hit targets consistently a pistol can be one of the best weapons for the best DPS in Overwatch 2.

The weapon has a secondary fire. It is less accurate and has a wider spread. This one only does 50 damage per bullet but fires in a more SMG style. The fire rate for the secondary fire is improved in the sequel, a benefit of a Cassidy Overwatch 2 guide over the original.

These are some tips and tricks for McCree’s Overwatch 2 weapons:

Peacekeeper Tips and Tricks

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Reloads – McCree is a sitting duck without his pistol. You’ll have to reload fairly frequently. Some abilities help, but managing reload times is key to avoiding a quick death.
  • Alt Fire – The Alt Fire for McCree lets lose all of your remaining shots in your gun. This can do a lot of damage, but you don’t get too much damage per bullet. This is a spread attack that is best used up close.
  • Range – A pistol has a surprising range in this game. As long as you’re hitting your shots, you don’t have to worry too much about the distance.
  • How to Improve – The biggest thing to do to improve with this weapon is aim training. Jump into some maps or aim trainers to work on always hitting the enemy.

McCree Overwatch 2 Guide – Combat Roll

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown – 6 Seconds
  • Duration –04 seconds

This one of the Cassidy Overwatch 2abilities has the player roll to the direction they’re moving in. This adds mobility. There’s a bit more going on than just rolling though, this also reloads your weapon. Since McCree’s primary weapon reload is one of the main bottlenecks this has a decent effect.

It has a fairly short cooldown at 7.6 seconds, but you may still be left without any bullets if you’re in the midst of a firefight. The duration is also a little longer in Overwatch 2, but not by much.

This is one of Cassidy’s main tools. It’s an ability you want to bust out a lot. These are some tips for using it right:

Comabt Roll Tips and Tricks

  • Mobility – This isn’t the biggest mobility ability. You’re not getting complete freedom of movement like with Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2. but it has utility. You can use it to roll up to enemies and close up the gap.
  • Learn Distance – Get a sense of how far Cassidy rolls. This is something you need to be able to recognize without thinking too much so you don’t bust this out a bit too soon
  • You’re Not Invulnerable – The roll doesn’t make you invulnerable, don’t roll straight into fire. This might seem stupid, but some players don’t seem to internalize that it’s not a great panic button.
  • Be Careful While Following Up with Secondary Fire – Once rolled close, you can use your secondary fire for an effective spray of bullets. This can kill if your opponent is low enough. Although, it is a high-risk play as you leave yourself open to fire and reloading.
  • Damage Reduction – You get a 50% damage reduction while rolling. This is one of the big changes for the Cassidy Overwatch 2 guide. If you’re a seasoned McCree player, be aware you’re more protected now.

Magnetic Grenade

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Cooldown – 10 seconds

McCree’s Magnetic Grenade is the main bit of his kit that lets you get a bit more creative with damage options. The magnetic grenade is a short-range grenade. It’s new for Cassidy Overwatch 2 kit. This is a new weapon, so a lot of players are still working on getting it right.

The magnetic grenade can home in on players. It sticks to them, which does minor damage. Then explodes on them. This one is a bit of a different part of his kit compared to the more standard gun attacks.

When the grenade hits an enemy perfectly, you’re dealing 131 damage. It’s split between minor 1 impact damage, 65 explosion damage, and 65 damage to the stuck target. The 1 impact damage is obviously negligible. Hitting a player fully though can make a big impact on weakened players.

This is a new ability for McCree Overwatch 2. it wasn’t in the original. It has some major differences from the original Flashbang, so players with a lot of experience with Cassidy in the original have a bit of an adjustment to make here. These are some tips and tricks for using the magnetic grenade:

Magnetic Grenade Tips and Tricks

  • Follow-Up – Use the magnetic grenade to stick to an opponent and follow up with primary fire. Altogether, you’re going to be able to finish off a lot of players here.
  • Cooldown – The cooldown for the Cassidy Overwatch 2 grenade isn’t too high. You can throw these out pretty quickly, but make sure you’re aware of where your countdown is at. It has to get through its sticking and exploding pattern first.
  • Not Always Needed – You don’t need to throw this out every time. If you can shoot instead, that sometimes works better. These are best for when a player is going to attempt to evade you or you need to make some room in an area by scattering them.

Deadeye – Cassidy Ult

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Ultimate
  • Damage – 2100

Deadeye is McCree’s Ult. This is one of the best parts of his kit. Like his other abilities though, it is pretty skill focused. If you’re a bad shot then deadeye isn’t going to be crazy useful for you. It’s a key part of why McCree is a character so heavily focused on skill-based play.

Deadeye has had some Cassidy Overwatch 2 changes compared to the first. It has a 40% damage reduction. While channeling, you’re not as vulnerable.

The damage for Deadeye is one of the best in the game. It starts to build at 130 per second for the first 2 seconds, then 260 for the remaining duration. Max duration is longer in Overwatch 2.  It’s a decent buff.

Dead Eye has you pan across and lock onto enemies. If your crosshair can touch them, once you fire you’ll hit all the enemies you manage to tag. The total damage you can do is huge. It’s maybe only beat out by D.Va’s kit and ult, but getting full damage is pretty different here. These are some tips and tricks for Cassidy overwatch 2 Ult and when to pop it:

Dead High/High Noon Tips and Tricks

McCree Overwatch 2 Guide

  • Positioning – This is one of the most important parts of Deadeye. You should be in a position where you can take out a lot of enemies at once. Ideally, some high ground with a decent view of the map.
  • Venerable – You’re vulnerable to getting taken out while you line up Deadeye. If you want a decent view of enemies, you need to be a bit more exposed. In this case, you need your teammates to be able to protect you a bit here.
  • Timing – High Noon can be one of the most powerful attacks in the game. If you can hit most of a team, then it’s one of the most important things to land in a game. This can make it tempting to use it at the perfect moment. Don’t horde though.
  • Use it When Needed – This is an important Ult. Bust it out when you have it and it’s going to be useful. If you wait until the perfect moment it can go to waste.
  • Damage Reduction – The damage boost is nice but it isn’t protection. Don’t rely on it to keep you alive. An Ulting Cassidy is still a high-value target for enemies.

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide – Passive Ability 

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

The Cassidy Overwatch 2 Passive Ability is another add-on for the character that is active at all times. The passive abilities are common to the entire role. Every character who is a DPS has the same passive ability. This is a unique thing in the sequel, it wasn’t part of McCree Overwatch kit.

Cassidy’s passive ability is a movement boost. A faster movement speed allows him to get around the map more easily, and rack up damage. It doesn’t have huge utility for this character specifically. However, a mobility boost over the original game is always nice.

McCree Tips and Tricks

McCree Overwatch Guide

  • Headshots – Headshots with McCree is a huge way to multiply his damage output. This isn’t going to be easy. Some characters don’t even always have a head (As we cover in the Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2 guide). It massively impacts your damage potential though.
  • Accuracy – Your primary weapon is much more important than with other characters. You want to be hitting as many of your shots as possible. Easier said than done, sure. So, you might need to work on improving your aim in Overwatch 2.
  • Map Knowledge – Flanking as Cassidy is one of the most important parts of his playstyle. If you have decent flanking and map knowledge, you can get around enemy players. This lets you take high ground or grab an advantage. His skills and decent aim stack with this to make it much easier.
  • Mobility – Combat roll is good but Cassidy heavily lacks mobility. Use map knowledge to get around this issue.
  • Settings – Since Cassidy is a hero that relies a lot on aim, you want your settings optimized. Pay close attention to your sensitivity to make sure you’re as accurate as possible. Also, use the best overwatch 2 settings for a better FPS.

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Gameplay Guide

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

 McCree’s gameplay is going to need you to be supported by other players. DPS players need to work with support and tanks. You have good damage, but you’re too squishy to go it alone. Even when you’re flanking, your teammates need to be supporting you and drawing fire.

For situations where you can’t have fire drawn, use cover. A lot of Overwatch isn’t based around finding angles to shoot from. However, taking cover with McCree and sticking to areas where you can safely reload can keep you alive.

Your main targets are going to be damage and support enemies. These are all squishier characters. You’re able to get kills off these players with your primary fire provided you’re hitting your shots properly.

Long Range play as Cassidy in Overwatch 2 is a bit different. This is a character where you can get kills from a distance, but it is much more focused on skill here. Long-range kills come down to your aim. Whereas short range he has a few more tricks you can take advantage of.

Flank to get attacks in as Cassidy. This allows you to hold positions where you can use cover. You can also choose what range to engage from and what time. This makes Cassidy a bit easier. Positioning and raw mechanical skill are still the most important things here.

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Changes and Patch Notes

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Guide

The changes to Overwatch 2 have made every hero a bit different. Cassidy hasn’t had the biggest changes. Although, the minor differences have made him pretty different. Even with the changes we’ve covered so far in this Cassidy Overwatch 2 guide, he gets changed more in every patch. With things moving quickly you need to stay on top of all of the changes and patches. These are all of the differences with the newer patches:


  • Combat Roll – Added a 50% damage reduction while rolling.


  • Flashbang replaced by magnetic Grenade
  • Peacekeeper – Secondary fire rate increased by 7.5%
  • Magnetic Grenade – New ability covered above.
  • Dead – 40% damage reduction now along with max duration increased and cost increased

Good Pairs for Cassidy Overwatch 2

McCree Overwatch 2 Tips and Tricks

 These are some heroes that can work well with Cassidy:

  • Mercy
  • Ana
  • Zenyatta
  • Moira
  • Sigma
  • Reinhardt
  • Orisia
  • Roadhog
  • Zarya

Moira in particular can make a big impact on Cassidy. She can help to keep him alive and add extra damage to Cassidy. In terms of tanks, there are quite a few good picks. There’s great utility with Roadhog Overwatch 2 abilities too. Sigma’s Overwatch 2 kit also pairs well here.

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Counters

Cassidy has some clear drawbacks. There are quite a few heroes that make a decent counter to the player.

These are some of the main counters:

  • Reaper
  • Echo
  • Junkrat
  • Mei
  • Pharah
  • Tracer
  • Symmetra

 These characters are better at mobilizing than Cassid. They can also just nbe much quicker. With the magnetic grenade here though, he is better defended against some characters like Widowmaker.

 McCree Pros and Cons – Who Should Play Cassidy Overwatch 2?

McCree Overwatch 2 Guide

Cassidy’s kit is quite a bit different in Overwatch 2. He’s more skill-based, and his new kit has opened up possibilities in some areas like close range. He still has a strong flank and Ult. He’s a powerful character in skilled hands, but he’s a more pick.

McCree is a good choice for players with great aim who can capitalize on it. If you’re still working on your aim, keep that in mind. No one really wants a McCree player who just started practicing. Save that for the training room.

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