Best Widowmaker Settings PC and Console

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Best Widowmaker Overwatch Settings PC and PS4

Widowmaker is one of the most fun heroes to play in Overwatch. However, she’s one of the more complex. You need a high skill level to play well here. She regularly jumps around in Overwatch tier lists, including Overwatch2 tier lists, but a great player always does well with Widow. Specifically, you’re going to need to work a lot on your aim if you want to play well. However, it doesn’t all come down to mechanical skill. There are things you can do to see an improvement in your Widowmaker performance without running endless aim drills. One of the biggest ones is to use the best Widowmaker settings on PC, or Widowmaker console settings that are optimized.  Even with the rarest Widowmker skins, you’ll want to get as many play of the games as you can.

Your settings in Overwatch govern the way the game runs and how you can interact with it. For Widowmaker players, the key thing is the sensitivity that you’re using. This decides how big or small of a mouse movement you need to make to move your aim around. For a Widowmaker player, you need to have things set up to let you make precise movements easily and without having to think too much. The best Widowmaker settings on PC or PS4 can help to make aiming correctly considerably easier. 

This guide covers what you need to know about your in-game settings and playing as Widowmaker. How you can get everything set-up to optimize playing as this hero.

Best Overwatch Widowmaker Settings PC

Best Widowmaker Overwatch Settings PC and PS4


Sensitivity is probably the most important setting for Widowmaker. She is one of the main DPS characters, but her weapon really needs precision over turn speed. You need to be using a sensitivity that allows you to be precise with your shots and hit as often as possible. One thing to keep in mind about sensitivity is that a lot of it is personal preference, you’ll need to find something that works for you specifically. Even across the best pro Widowmaker players, you’ll find a lot of different sensitivities. Across all Overwatch pro settings, there is a huge variety of sensitivities. While there is a lot of difference, there are some general recommendations that can help you find your perfect sensitivity for the best Widowmaker settings.

A low sensitivity on PC is really quite helpful for playing as Widowmaker. However, it does mean that you’re going to need to be making bigger movements. You have to move your hand a lot to move your aim. This is what allows you to be precise without having to master tiny micro-adjustments. When playing on PC, the best Widowmaker sensitivity is around 2-6. This will necessitate a large mouse mat. You should also pay attention to the DPI and eDPI of your mouse, since this has an impact on the settings that you use.

  • Best Overwatch Widowmaker Sensitivity PC – 2-5. Start here, and then adjust to your personal preference.

Best Widowmaker Settings PC

Outside of your sensitivities, there are some other settings that it is helpful to optimize when you’re playing as Widowmaker. On PC, you’re looking for performance and a high frames per second over raw graphics quality. You need your aim to be as reactive and quick as possible, so a higher frame rate is really going to help you out. These are some recommendations for the more important settings:

  • Aspect Ratio – Native aspect ratio of your monitor.
  • V-Sync – Off This syncs your FPS to hardware which can lead it to drop.
  • Triple Buffering – Off.
  • Reduce Buffering – On.
  • Limit FPS – Set your FPS as high it can go for a cap.
  • Graphics Quality – Low.
  • Texture Quality – Low-Medium.
  • Texture Filtering Quality – Low.
  • Local Fog Detail – Low.
  • Dynamic Reflections – Off.
  • Shadow Detail – Off.
  • Effects Detail – Off.
  • Model Detail – Off.
  • Lighting Quality – Low.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off.

Our full guide to the best Overwatch PC Settings can help you get the best performance out of your machine, but these general recommendations should make it easier to perform well as Widowmaker. 

Best Widowmaker Settings PS4 & Console

Best Widowmaker Overwatch Settings PC and PS4

If you’re playing Widowmaker on PS5 or console, things are a bit different. You don’t have access to the same variety of settings that you do on a PC. Your control method is also limited. Unless you’re trying to use a mouse and keyboard on Overwatch PS4. However, that is not really allowed so you’re stuck with the twin sticks. To play well as Widowmaker on PS4, you need to make sure everything is entirely set-up correctly. The best Widowmaker settings PS4 or console can go a long way to helping your performance.

On console, you need to look at the Widowmaker sensitivity console and your overall settings. This is what you should take a look at:

Best Widowmaker Sensitivity PS4, PS5, and Console

The Best Widowmaker console sensitivity is trickier to pin down than on a PC. That whole lower is better thing doesn’t work with a twin sticks controller. You need to 

When you’re playing on a console, there are different concerns for playing as Widowmaker. You don’t have all of the same options in your settings, but your sensitivity is even trickier. It is difficult to find the perfect sensitivity on console, since twin sticks don’t exactly lend themselves to sniping with precision. These are some general recommendations for the best Widowmaker sensitivity on PS4 and Console:

    • General Sensitivity – 30-45. This is lower than average, so your precision is dialed up compared to with most heroes. 40 is a good middle point, but adjust to your preference.
    • Horizontal and Vertical – Have your horizontal sensitivity a bit lower than vertical. This adjusts to the way that you’re going to use it.
    • Aim Assist – 100
    • Aim Smoothing – Off, for precision, it can get in the way.
    • Vibration – Off. This just throws your aim off.
    • Invert Controls – This is pretty much just personal preference, according to studies it’s just how some people are wired.

That’s some general recommendations for Widowmaker, but you will have to adjust as you play to figure out what’s right for you. The best Overwatch sensitivity PS4 or Widowmaker Sensitivity console has to reflect your muscle memory and personal preference. That’s unless you’re literally using a ridiculous sensitivity like 1 or 100, in that case, it is probably objectively bad and should be changed.

Best Widowmaker Settings PS4 and Console

That’s the sensitivities and aim settings you need to be using for Widowmaker PS4 and console. However, that isn’t quite everything that you can adjust. Changing around your regular settings can help things out too. There isn’t as much of a difference on console as there is on PC,  but these are some things that it might be helpful to change:

  • Brightness – Turn this up to get full visibility.
  • Show Network Stats – On, to get some feedback for your Overwatch Ping.
  • Always Skip Kill Cam – Off
  • Kill Feed Display – On
  • Network Quality Notifications – Off
  • Limit Client/Server Send Rate – Off
  • Internet Connection – Use a wired connection, it is simple to set up.

Our full guide to the best Overwatch PS4 settings covers things in more detail.

That’s what you need to know about fully optimizing your settings to play as Widowmaker in Overwatch. Using the best Widowmaker settings can make a significant improvement in your performance over the course of the game. The sensitivity might take a little adjustment, but in the long haul it is a decent change you can make to get a better performance when playing Widowmaker in Overwatch. 

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