Overwatch Best Widowmaker Players – Who is the Best Widow in OWL?

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Best Widowmaker Players in OWL

Widowmaker is one of the more interesting heroes to play in overwatch. She is a high-skill type of character, which rewards players who are willing to put the time into learning. It is one of the more technical styles of gameplay, so you’ll need to use the best Widowmaker settings and have great aim. With a high skill ceiling, there is a bit of difference between normal Widowmaker players and the best Widowmaker.  She is one of the most popular heroes in the game, with a lot of people paying a lot of attention to Widowmaker skins and how the character changes. Despite this, Widow isn’t easy to play. Pro Widowmaker players make some of the most impressive moves in the game. When you’re watching OWL, Widowmaker players kind of stand out. Out of all of the pro Overwatch players in the League and the wider world though, who is the best Widowmaker player? This is our top pro Widows in Overwatch. 

Who is the Best Widowmaker Player in OWL?

9. Viol2t

Viol2t might not immediately jump to mind as one of the Overwatch best Widowmaker players, however he has proved himself somewhat. He’s a support player that doesn’t often play Widow. Looking at his performance outside of League games, maybe he should give it a go. In recent Widow competitions Viol2t has been one of the stand out players. He’s put in an impressive performance. His great skills in technical playing while support seems to transfer pretty well to playing Widow.

8. Birdring

Birdring is a South Korean player who is currently active with Los Angeles Gladiators. He focuses as a Widowmaker player. While he hasn’t quite hit the heights of some others in the league, he can pop off from time to time. These are some of his highlights that make him one of the best Widow in OWL:

7. Sayaplayer

Sayaplayer is a pretty big name in competitive overwatch, despite having switched to Valorant. As a Widowmaker player, his fantastic aim and sense of timing has made him once of the best. While Sayaplayer isn’t as active as a lot of more current OWL players, his Widowmaker gameplay is still above a lot of currently active players.

6. Surefour

Best Widowmaker Players in OWL

Surefour is a pretty strong Widowmaker player, using this hero in a good amount of matches. He is currently a streamer for Sentinels, but previously played for Toronto Defiant. As a streamer and as a player he’s shown that he can really compete as Widowmaker, being able to take shots quicker and with more accuracy than a lot of the competition.

5. Diem

Diem is a Widowmaker player for Shanghai Dragons, being part of a team which has become one of the top few in the Overwatch League. This player’s OWL Widowmaker is lethal, cutting through the opposition. His play has been part of the side that has won the NetEase Esport X Tournament, Countdown Cup, and taken third place in last season’s Overwatch League. He is definitely one of the strongest Widowmaker players in 2021.

4. Carpe

Carpe is a slightly older name than a few others on this list. He is a DPS player for Philadelphia Fusion and one of the best Widowmaker players around at the moment. He also plays McCree, Tracer, Ashe, and Hanzo. This player has been a key part of Philadelphia’s success, being a major part of their team since he joined in 2017. He has been a part of competitive Overwatch for quite a while longer, first being active in 2016, making this his fifth year in the game. 


Fits is currently an active player for Seoul Dynasty, and one of the best Widowmaker players currently active in the game. His technical skill with the character is nearly unmatched, being a big part of Seoul Dynasty’s continued success. As part of this team, he has helped them take home 2nd place in the Overwatch League along with other trophies along the way.

2. Fleta


Fleta might be second in this list, but the top three are largely so far beyond other active players that it is hard to pick an outright winner. Fleta is a player for Sanghai Dragons, and he serves a Flex player. This is a fairly natural spot for a high tier OWL Widowmaker to play, since she can be quite circumstantial. As a Widowmaker player, he contributes a lot to Shanghai Dragons’ success. He’s even taken home MVP in recent years and been one of the best Widowmakers players.

1. ANS

ANS takes the top spot for OWL Widowmaker players at the moment, for both his personal skill but also his great performance in a larger team. As part of San Francisco shock, he is obviously in the top tier of the game. However, he is one of the best Widows currently active and frequently makes game winning plays as the character. San francisco has won the last two Overwatch League Finals, and his Widowmaker has been a part of that success.  While Diem beat him in a recent 1v1 Widow tournament, his overall performance in the League puts him ahead. 

Who is the Best Widowmaker in Overwatch League?

The objective best Widowmaker player in Overwatch League is kind of hard to pin down. However, ANS does have a good claim to that title. He’s one of the most accomplished Widowmaker players. While he might not be the flashiest, his play as Widowmaker has helped propeller San Fransisco Shock to unprecedented heights.

If you’re looking to play Widowmaker, you don’t need to have this crazy level of skill. However, getting a decent Overwatch Ping and using the best Overwatch settings can help you out quite a bit.

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