Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 – Tank Tier List

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best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier List

Overwatch 2 has cut the Tanks in-game down to  a single player, there’s now more pressure than ever on you playing this role. If you’re playing Tank, you’ll need to make sure you’re performing your best. Picking the best tanks in Overwatch 2 is one way to get an advantage.

With only one player per role, you have your choice of characters. This means you can always play your main. Or, if you want to focus on the meta, always choose the highest character in the Overwatch 2 tank tier list. If you spend time practising the best Overwatch 2 tanks, then you’ll always get to pick them.

This makes it a perfect role for going for the top pick. Keeping an eye on an Overwatch 2 tank tier list will make sure you’re always at an advantage. Which is the best tank though?

This guide is going to cover the best tanks in the game right now. Which ones sit at the very top of the Overwatch 2 tier list. However, that isn’t always what’s best for you.

We’re also going to go into which of the best Overwatch tanks on console should be used, which are the best to climb, and more.  This is everything you need to know:

Best Tanks in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 tanks have a difficult role. You’re going to have to prop up your team, soak up damage, and provide utility. Things have changed a lot in this game though.

The old shield meta is basically gone. As is some of the off-tank and other strategies that used to be so dominant.

The Overwatch 2 Hero changes have altered the characters. However, Tank has had the most changes. Now there’s only a single Tank, there’s a lot more to do and think about. It’s completely different, with even characters that don’t have a lot of changes playing completely differently in their new role.

 Sticking with high tier or the best tanks in Overwatch 2 can give you an edge. Each of the best tanks have kit that can make them some of the most useful characters in the whole game. These are the characters from the top of the Overwatch 2 tank tier list:

D.Va – Best Tank in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 tier list
D.Va is a more controversial pick. Although, she’s definitely close to the very top of Overwatch 2. However, she has some factors that make her sit at the top of the Overwatch 2 tier list. She still has some of the best skinsand even voicelines though.

D.Va is really up there as a damage dealer. Her primary fire works great with the quicker pace. D.Va has few cooldowns. There’s even less reloads so there’s not much in her kit that is going to cause you many problems.

The main downside is lower health. However, the best Overwatch 2 supports helping out shouldn’t make this a huge problem.

D.Va has high survivability if you master the entire D.Va Overwatch 2 kit. Suh as staying alive as Baby D.Va. This versatility is a big part of why she is one of the best Overwatch 2 tanks.

To be the most effective as D.Va, you’ll need to master all parts of her kit. This is also a tank that needs you to take some risks. However, she isn’t crazy dependent on aim. That makes her a decent pick for all kinds of players.

Her primary fire accuracy has gotten better. D.Va’s better mobility in this game makes her great for getting into backlines. With squishier health around too, her ult can be a team kill.

This is great if you’ve got difficult quests to get through to level up fast in Overwatch 2. D.Va is one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen

best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier List 

Junker Queen is one of the newer tank characters to get thrown in with Overwatch 2. She came in pretty balanced and has stayed on the top end of Overwatch 2 Tank tier list.

Junker Queen lets you get aggressive. You have slightly lower health, but enough abilities that deal status effects and high damage that it doesn’t matter too much. As a tank player, you’re getting up front and dealing damage.

Junker Queen doesn’t have the most traditional kit. However, it is working in the game at the moment.

Junker Queen’s axe can take a bit of work to get across. The shotgun equally can be tricky for players. You’ll need to put a bit of practise in to get the most out of this character. However, Junker Queen is worth the time. She’s one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2.

Reinhardt – Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 for Melee

best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier List

Reinhardt has been on the receiving end of some of the bigger improvements in the game for the launch of Overwatch 2. This character has had decent buffs that make him some of the best Overwatch 2 tanks.

Reinhardt’s biggest plus is probably his damage negation. He’s one of the most powerful characters in the game. He can soak up 1200 damage with his shield health. This is enough to take on even a full attack from multiple DPS characters. It even regenerates quickly.

This being a wide barrier. That means players can use shield style tactics once again. Although they shouldn’t be grouping up behind it like in mid-Overwatch 1. Reinhardt is one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2 for shields.

Reinhardt’s attacks being melee based does limit him a bit more. It makes it trickier. However, you can master these attacks. You’ll likely be focused on protection, but with the options of throwing out melee attacks and fire strikes whenever players get close enough. He sits in a decent spot in the Overwatch 2 tank tier list and he’s a good pick.

Winston – Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 for Traditional Tanks

best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier List

Winston has made some nice improvements on how he plays in Overwatch 2. He’s really grown. Part of this is down to changes to the role as a whole.

With just one tank and limited shield options, Winston’s powers are much more effective. He’s become one of the best Overwatch 2 tanks.

Winston’s primary attack for dealing is the Tesla cannon. With two different ways of shooting here, he can get a lot done. His leap also adds mobility. He even has a barrier over himself which helps out survivability.

Winston’s cooldowns are low too. This means he can pop abilities pretty solidly. Cooldown management will be important here, but you have access to abilities for most of the game. Primal Rage also works better this season and has helped him rise up the Overwatch 2 tank tier list.

Winston is up there as one of the best Overwatch 2 tanks. Players can’t rely on the old shield meta anymore, but Winston has enough to offer outside of it to be viable once again.


Overwatch 2 tier list 

Sigma has been moved around a little bit with the Overwatch 2 patch. He has some good features like his damage abilities. Although, his drawbacks are notable too. He has a smaller health pool that makes him a bit weaker for a tank.

Rock Toss and Sigma’s other more effective abilities can get a lot done. If you’re using the right Sigma overwatch 2 guide and Sigma settings, his kit goes a long way. His main attacks deal a decent amount of damage which can be really useful for an overall team.  This all makes him one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2.

Sigma players can get kills. Their health is a bit too low to get much further though. That’s the main downside of Sigma. It can be a problem since he’s the only tank now. However, he is the stronger side of all Overwatch 2 Tanks.

Wrecking Ball – Best Overwatch 2 Tanks for Survivability

Overwatch 2 tier listWrecking Ball can be a really fun tank to play. Although, he doesn’t sit the highest on an Overwatch 2 tank tier list. Sometimes the more fun players aren’t competitively viable. However, Wrecking Ball does have some stuff going for him. Especially if you follow a Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2 guide.

Wrecking Ball’s best feature is disrupting enemies, along with his survivability. He has a bigger health pool in this game. On top of that, he’s one of the most mobile characters in the game.

Wrecking Ball can stay alive for a long time. You can also make use of Ball’s increased knockback to really annoy and disrupt enemy players. Even with a wiped-out team, Wrecking Ball can stop players from making much progress on the objective with a well placed swing.

He can inspire players to chase him down in anger. This isn’t the classiest play, but it can work. If you’re mainly looking to annoy, he’s one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2.

Wrecking Ball can’t add as much as some other tanks. However, he can be extremely disruptive and useful.


best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier List Doomfist is on the lower end of the characters we’re picking out here as the best Overwatch 2 tanks. The ones above tend to be better picks. However, he does a fun niche. Doomfist has some of the better utility when it comes to getting into a fight disrupting things.

With Doomfist’s abilities, he can get into the front line quickly, soak up damage, gain shield with power block. Even knock around enemies. He has more knockback now which has helped a bit, even if he’s not too high up the Overwatch 2 tank tier list.

This isn’t all positive though. Doomfist doesn’t have the best hitbox, or ability to really mitigate enemy players. He can get into the action fast. He can will soak up a crazy amount of damage.

Doomfist isn’t the best Overwatch 2 Tank. If you’re particularly fond of him he can be fun, but he isn’t great in the overall balance.

Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 for Console

best Tanks in Overwatch 2 - Tier ListPlaying on console can be a bit different. You’ll need to take different things into account. This Overwatch 2 Tanks tier list can work on any platform. However, there are some specific characters which make a great pick for console players over mouse and keyboard. These are some of the best console Overwatch 2 tanks.

  • Va – As a Burst Fire, D.Va’s main weapon is pretty console friendly. This hero adapts well. All of the earlier reasons for going with D.Va apply, and there’s isn’t much holding you back by playing console.
  • Reinhardt – Reinhardt being a melee character means that it isn’t too difficult for console players. You’ll need to make sure you’re using the best PS5 Overwatch 2 settings or Xbox or Switch
  • Junker Queen – Similar to Rein, Junker’s more aggressive stance makes her a great pick for console players.

Of course, those unscrupulous players using mouse and keyboard on Overwatch PS5 and console aren’t limited by using a controller! In general though, Tank is a good role for console. There are few characters that depend on absolute precision, so it tends to be quite forgiving. The Overwatch 2 tank tier list still applies though.

That’s everything you need to know about the best tanks in Overwatch 2. The best Overwatch 2 tanks stand out more. However, it really comes down to your personal skill with the character just as much as where they sit. A great player on their main can usually even out any differences in the meta.

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