Best Sigma Settings PC & Console

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Best Sigma Settings Pc and Console 2021

Overwatch’s cast of heroes each handles pretty differently from one another. Different characters require different settings, like your sensitivity. This is because you’ll need to switch from focusing on precision to turn speed as the moves change. The different ways of dealing damage necessitate this. At the moment, Sigma is one of the top tier Overwatch characters at the moment. Sigma players in the league are getting the most attention, with full plays and team composition being built around them. Quite the progress since he was first added. If you’re playing as a Sigma, there are some things you can do to improve. Using the best Sigma settings can help you develop your skills with the character.

Using the right settings for Sigma helps you to optimize the way that you play the character. You can tailor your in-game sensitivity and settings to give better control, accuracy, and speed as Sigma. This guide covers what you need to know, along with how to get the game running better overall no matter what hero you’re playing.

The Best Sigma Settings 2022 PC

Best Sigma Settings Pc and Console 2021

Choosing the best settings for a specific hero in Overwatch comes down to two things; first is getting the best performance with your frame rate. However, that’s universal in the game. The second is what can be specific to a hero, a sensitivity and input setting that suits that character’s movements, aim, and play style. Sigma is top of the tier lists at the moment, but he has a weird way to be controlled. This what you need to know to optimize things for the best Sigma settings:

Sigma Sensitivities and Inputs

Sigma’s main difference from other heroes is your sensitivity. In Overwatch, you either want to go at a sensitivity that allows precision, or one that allows for a quick turn speed. That’s while keeping the number generally low, to make more accurate and bigger movements. For Sigma, you’re looking at a generally low sensitivity. That’s different to higher for precision characters, like you’d find in the best Widowmaker settings. This middle ground leaves a lot of room for personal preference. However, these are the main recommendations:

  • Sensitivity – 4.5
  • Invert Look – Off. (Unless you’re one of the minority of people who need things inverted)

The sensitivity number however is just a starting point. From here you need to adjust to get it to suit the way that you play and your muscle memory. So start here, then adjust until you find the number that’s just right for you. Even across the best OWL Sigma players, there’s a lot of variety in terms of sensitivity. 

The Best Sigma Settings 2022

Best Sigma Settings Pc and Console 2021

The sensitivity is really the most unique thing for playing Sigma. However, there are some general changes you can make if you want to improve your overall performance. Getting a better frames per second in-game is going to improve your performance across the board. These are the main settings to take a look at to improve your PC’s performance in Overwatch:

  • V-Sync – Off.
  • Reduce Buffering – On.
  • Limit FPS – High as you can.
  • Graphics Quality – Low.
  • Texture Quality – Medium.
  • Fog Detail – Low.
  • Shadow Detail – Off.
  • Effects Detail – Off.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off.

Those are the main influences on how the game runs. However, our full guide to the best Overwatch PC settings in 2022 covers everything you can do to improve performance in more detail. 

The Best Sigma Settings 2022 Console

Best Sigma Settings Pc and Console 2021

Console settings are always a bit different to on PC. the control scheme means you’re going to need dramatically different settings. Low sensitivities work great on PC, but you can’t go as low on a stick. There are some workaround shere though. For a full explanation of everything that goes into console settings, our guide to the best Overwatch PS4 settings, best Xbox settings, and best Switch Overwatch settings cover that. However, this is what you’ll need to re-work with Sigma:

Sigma Sensitivity PS4

The sensitivity is tricky to get right on a console. You need to think about your actual sensitivity, but then also the way that aim techniques, like the increase in speed as you move your stick for longer. These settings are all there to help make aiming with twin sticks slightly easier. For the best Sigma settings, you’re looking for a sensitivity that compromises between precision and turn speed. You don’t need to have exact aim. However, you can’t go all the way towards mobility either. These are some recommendations for the best Sigma sensitivity settings on PS4:

  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 50
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 55
  • Aim Assist Strength – 100.
  • Window Size – 100.
  • Aim Assist Ease in – 25.
  • Aim Smoothing – 0.
  • Ease in – 20
  • Invert Vertical Look – Off.
  • Invert Horizontal Look – Off.
  • Vibration – Off.
  • Swap Movement/Look Sticks – Off.
  • Aim Technique – Linear Ramp.

The linear settings is the better one when you’re playing as Sigma as it allows you to get around quicker when need be. This sensitivity is higher than standard to facilitate the same thing. This set of inputs should enable you to move around with ease, including performing full turns relatively quickly. If you’re finding the aim a bit tricky here though, then you can turn the sensitivity up a bit. This would give you more precision, if slowing down your turning a bit. 

Those are the most important things to change up for the best Sigma settings on PS4 and console. However, there are some more minor changes that you can make to improve your overall experience with the more general settings. Sigma is a great character to play at the moment, and with the right sensitivity you’re really set-up.

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