Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners

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If you’re just jumping into Overwatch 2, its full roster of heroes can be intimidating. There are loads to choose from. Even out of the initial unlocks, it can be difficult to choose the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners.

Although, there are a few picks which make a lot more sense than the others. The best Overwatch heroes for beginners can be much easier for first-time players. From having a more forgiving play style to having a type of gun that’ll be familiar FROM most games, some of the CAST really stand out.

Each team can only have one of each hero. It would be a waste for brand-new players to use certain complex characters before they’ve mastered the basics. Even if you’ve ran through an Overwatch 2 beginner’s guide, you need hands-on time before tackling the most complex of characters.

We’re going to run through the best Overwatch heroes for beginners. These are the top characters. Those best to use when you first get started in the game:

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners

Soldier 76 – Best DPS for Beginners

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginners

Soldier 76’s appeal as one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners is easy to understand. He plays like other shooters. If you’re coming from Call of Duty halo, Battlefield, the vast majority of shooters really then there are some advantages to trying him out first.

Each character in Overwatch has abilities and different guns. Soldier is probably the closest you’re going to get to a standard shooter. His weapon is an AR, his move set has a focus on speed, and the rest of his kit isn’t overly complicated.

With the gun matching up to basic gameplay elsewhere, your skills are transferable. Compared to some wacky weapons, it’s simple. It’s not just that it’s an AR. It has smooth gunplay mechanics which will be fun for anyone experienced with shooters.

If you’re coming to Overwatch from just about any other shooter, the hardware for Soldier is going to feel the most familiar to you at first. You don’t have to learn curves like with Sigma in Overwatch 2, or risky moves like with Reinhardt. Instead, you can focus on mastering positioning and the maps.

If you’re a mechanically strong shooter player, Soldier 76 is the best opening pick. He’s a high tier character right now too, so you’ll waste no time.

Mercy – Best Support for Beginners

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginners

When looking at the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners, supports are usually the recommendation. The idea is they make it easier to get used to the game. You can then graduate to other roles. While Support isn’t as simple as this implies, Mercy is still a great pick for newcomers.

Mercy’s staff doesn’t require an exact aim. It beams towards players once you’re close enough. You can use this to damage boost and heal. Damage boost is more effective in some plays. However, as a beginner, you can be very useful to your team just by trying to heal them up.

Her abilities also provide great mobility. If you’re getting locked down from a lack of experience, she can help you break out of that. Creative use of her kit lets you move around easier. You can zip from location to location. Overwatch 2 has even made some of her tech easier to use, like Super Jump. Along with all that, she can resurrect players.

Our Mercy Overwatch 2 guide covers the character in more detail. However, she’s easily one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners. Beginners can get damage boost and healing in which will make a significant contribution to their team, without requiring a crazy high skill level of understanding.

Bastion – Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners in Lower Tiers

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginners

When you first jump into competitive, you’re going to be lower down on the packing order. The game is balanced differently there. Bastion is normally fairly unpopular, but in low tiers he can absolutely clean up.

Bastion is a pretty simple character to play in the basic areas. Like Soldier, he has a gun that won’t be too confusing for players of shooter games. Familiar gameplay can go a long way to help you blend in and improve He also has a tank mode which can be a lot of fun for newer players.

On top of this, Bastion has a self-heal ability. This means taking damage doesn’t have to be the end. This kind of move makes him a lot easier for players to use when they’re beginners.

Bastion doesn’t have the best kit. Although, it isn’t crazily complicated for you to master. Within a short time as Bastion, you can get to grips with how all of his abilities work. With different modes and self-heal available, it also helps you learn to budget your abilities, cooldowns and strategizing with your team.

Cassidy – Best Overwatch 2 Heroes

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginners

Cassidy is the other DPS hero that’s a great pick for beginners in Overwatch 2. Like Soldier, his kit is similar to some other games. He uses basic guns. For Cassidy, it’s just a revolver. This can be unforgiving. However, if you try with him you can really pop up. It’ll be rewarding to land your first team kill with High Noon playing Cassidy as one of the best Overwatch heroes for beginners.

Outside of his basic revolver, Cassidy’s kit isn’t too crazy. He has a combat roll which is a helpful dodge. There’s a grenade you can use too. All of this should be pretty simple to understand if you’ve played over games. His kit is set up very well for beginners.

As you get further into the game, you’ll probably notice Cassidy can be a great character for high-skill players. If you know what you’re doing, he can dominate. He’s a great pick for beginners but he can also grow with you as you improve at the game. A beginner who got skilled with Cassidy can likely stick with him in more comps once they’ve mastered the game.  We cover some of how you can play Cassidy expertly in our Cassidy Overwatch 2 guide.

Winston – Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for Beginners

Overwatch 2 tier list

Winston is another tank player that is great for beginners. He has a much simpler kit. At least compared to his teammates in this category.

Winston has a Tesla Canon for dealing damage, Jump Pack for mobility, and barrier projector that lets you play with a shield. All of these can be really effective. Getting used to how the shields work is also going to be helpful. His entire kit is perfectly suited for being one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners.

Winston isn’t the most complicated character. Once you get to know him, there is space to get much higher on the skill level with him. However, beginners can still use this character without having to master too many complicated mechanics.

Moira – Best Overwatch Heroes for Beginners

Best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginnersMoira is the other pick for the best supports for beginners. Her abilities have some forgiving aspects to them that’ll help out newer players.

Her grenades can heal allies or deal damage depending on where they hit. You also have access to Fade. This is an ability that lets you disappear and back out of a bad firefight. That makes her much more forgiving than most characters. If you’ve made a mistake and gotten into trouble, then you can get out of there with his.

Her Biotic Grasp can be useful for healing and damage too. So even if you’re not always in the right place, you can add value to your team either way. Moira isn’t the best support. But she’s one of the best Overwatch heroes for beginners.

D.Va – Best Overwatch Heroes for Beginners Looking to Grind

Overwatch 2 tier list

D.Va is a bit more complicated than our other picks here. Her kit isn’t super similar to normal shooters. She doesn’t have easy-to-understand mechanics. However, she is a lot of fun. Beyond that, she helps you learn the game.

D.Va has kit that consists of a SMG-like weapon in her abilities, abilities that add mobility, abilities that counter other abilities, and even an Ult that changes gameplay entirely for a few minutes. Our Overwatch 2 D.Va guide covers what you need to know about her’s abilities and strats.

While trying to master D.Va you’re going to be exposed to all sorts of key mechanics in Overwatch. You’re going to get the hang of figuring out specific map tech. Such as looking at where your mech can rush off a cliff to float before detonating. You’re going to have to consider drop-off and how different hitboxes work. While in Baby D.Va mode without the mech, you’ll have to work on core mechanics too.

D.Va definitely isn’t the simplest character in the game but if you want to grind at this game she can be one of the best introductions to everything works. This makes her one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners.

Best Characters for Beginners to Play

Those are some of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for beginners. Each of these offers something different. Between them, there should be something that suits every single type of player.

In each category, there are Heroes that are better suited for newcomers. You don’t need to play them forever. However, they do include some of the more high rankings in the entire game. So it’s not bad to stick with the best Overwatch 2 characters for beginners, especially if you manage to get really high skill with one or two of them.

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