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Best DPS to Climb overwatch 2021

DPS characters in Overwatch are probably the hardest to play, if you consider the huge queue times for them. However, they are also the most diverse, and kind of the most popular. If you’re looking to climb in Overwatch, or rank up fast, then your choice of hero is important. The best DPS to climb in Overwatch changes alongside the game’s metagame. However, there are always some clear standout characters that make it easier to progress through the ranks.

The best DPS to climb in Overwatch 2022 isn’t always the heroes at the top of the Overwatch 2022 tier list. Those are the heroes that work best at the highest level. The characters who work best at lower levels tend to make the grinding easier. This guide covers the top DPS to climb in Overwatch at the moment, those that the current meta favors in 2022. This is what you need to know:

The Best DPS To Climb in Overwatch 2022

We have a full guide below, but if you’re only looking for the headlines then these are the top choices:

  • Bastion – Best to climb lower ranks.
  • Tracer – Good for middle.
  • Echo – Best for higher tiers.
  • Widowmaker – Best Overwatch DPS to climb for… skilled players.

Best DPS to Climb in Overwatch Climb From the Bottom –  Bastion

Best DPS to Climb overwatch 2021

Bastion is probably the best DPS to use if you’re climbing from the very bottom. At the base level, Bastion can cut through beginner players very easily. Even if you’re still learning the more advanced mechanics, you can easily climb quickly with Bastion. However, you need to ditch him as you progress. Bastion only really works lower down. Even at a medium level, you’re going to find that most players can easily counter and work around his cheap tricks. 

He’s a bit of a cheese character, can take out newbs but not much of a threat to anyone competent. Does that make him useless as a DPS to climb in Overwatch 2022? No, he kills it at lower levels.

Best for the Middle –  Tracer

Best DPS to Climb overwatch 2021

Tracer has remained fairly static as a higher-but-not-quite-top-tier hero for some time. This means her kit is reliable, effective, and easy enough for players in the middle tier to master. Tracer’s skills allow you to play aggressively without having too much of a cost if things don’t go to plan. When playing in the middle tiers, you can expect players to have some knowledge of how the game works. Tracer works well to play around this, as she is a bit more technical but has potential.

Best for Higher Tiers to Climb as DPS in Overwatch 2022 – Echo

Best DPS to Climb overwatch 2021

At the higher tiers of the game, there are some clear standouts. However, if you’re looking to climb using largely one hero then Echo is probably the best choice. She’s one of the highest ranking heroes at the moment in terms of her win-rates in high tiers and in the League. Echo is in favor at the moment, and it isn’t too hard to get good results when playing as her. 

A number of nerfs since launch have changed the way Echo is played, but as the newest Overwatch hero she is far from fully integrated into the game. Even in higher end competitive matches, a decent Echo can kind of carry. 


Best DPS to Climb overwatch 2021

Widowmaker doesn’t fit into a specific tier, because she’s a bit of a unique hero. She does work quite well for climbing as DPS in Overwatch in 2022, but only if you’re actually good with her. In lower and middle levels a Widowmaker will completely dominate matches when played with skill. In higher end matches, you’ll need some decent support even if you are a good Widow. So if you do have skill as Widowmaker, then use her to climb. If you don’t you’ll have to practise or use someone else. A bad Widow isn’t great for climbing. Make sure you’re using the best Widowmaker settings too, this will make things a little easier. 

Even when Widow isn’t favored by the meta, a great player can make it work. You only need to look at OWL Widow players to see that. 

What to Think About When Climbing as a DPS

Climbing as a DPS hero is often said to be the easiest way, but it isn’t exactly a smooth ride. You need to be putting in consistent performances, and ensuring that you’re coordinating with the team. The best advice if you’re looking to climb is engage more with your teammates, even if that is something quite difficult. On top of that, make sure you’re optimizing your settings. Use the best Overwatch PC settings or Overwatch PS4 settings in 2022. This can make a big difference for how you perform.

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