Best DPS Overwatch 2022 – Top 10 DPS in Meta

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Best DPS Overwatch 2021

When you’re playing Overwatch, no matter what season, DPS seems to be the most popular role in the entire game. DPS gets the most kills, they get the most new heroes, and frankly the most attention. If you’re looking to play DPS in Overwatch though, you also have a lot of choices. There are way more DPS options open to players than if you’re playing support or tank. So how do you make your choice? An Overwatch Season 29 tier list can help you figure out which are best, like the best Overwatch Support character and best Tank. However, you can also look at the best DPS Overwatch 2022. These are the top DPS characters in the game at the moment.

Your choice of character is going to vary over time. The Overwatch DPS meta changes with every patch. Some characters get more viable, some get less useful. It comes down to how they’re adjusted, but also how the heroes that pair well with them do. The Overwatch DPS meta 2022 isn’t the same as in 2020. Switching between characters on the fly is important, so you can’t just go for the highest DPS Overwatch hero. You have to be competent with all of the best DPS Overwatch heroes. 

This guide runs through the top choices for the current meta of the game. These are the Overwatch DPS characters that perform the best and come out on top of all of the patches. This guide runs through the top ones available in the current meta, the heroes you need to play as a DPS in 2022.

The Best DPS Overwatch 2022 – Top Ten

Our full guide below covers every one of the best DPS in Season 29. However, if you’re just looking for the headlines and which of the heroes are in at the moment, these are the top picks:

  1. Echo
  2. Ashe
  3. Tracer
  4. Widowmaker
  5. Hanzo
  6. Soldier
  7. McCree
  8. Sombra
  9. Symmetra
  10.  Genji

Those are the top 10 best Overwatch DPS in 2022. These are the characters at the top of the meta right now. This is mainly for competitive play and Overwatch pro players though. Things are a bit different in lower ranks, so the best DPS to climb is a bit more complicated. However, what about the worst? If those are the best DPS in Season 29, then these are probably the worst: 

  1. Bastion
  2. Reaper
  3. Pharah
  4. Doomfist

If you’re looking for a bit more of a detailed look into the best DPS heroes, our full guide below covers it:

Best DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2022

Echo – The Top Overwatch DPS in Meta 2022

Best DPS Overwatch 2021 - Top 10 DPS in Meta

Echo is the last hero to be added into Overwatch, but she’s also one of the best at the moment. The meta in high-end games and in top-tier play has been favoring her for quite a while. The top Overwatch Pro Players are continuously using this hero at the moment, with a lot of teams built entirely around Echo. She is one of the best Overwatch DPS in 2022. 

The main downside of using Echo is the weakness to hitscan players. However, with a decent bit of skill this can be avoided. One of the most important factors in this hero’s placement here is the ability of teams to work around an echo. She isn’t the highest DPS in Overwatch, but she’s top tier for strategic plays over brute strength. Echo is a great choice for an organized team, but won’t work the best for random teams. She is the best DPS Overwatch hero at the moment, particularly for players in higher tiers. In lower tiers, Echo still works great for solo players.


Best DPS Overwatch 2021 - Top 10 DPS in Meta

Ashe is the other really high tier, or best DPS Overwatch 2022 hero. This character hasn’t been touched by numerous nerfs, keeping her spot as one of the best DPS in Overwatch. The AoE effects of some of her abilities make her a very powerful choice, especially when combined with her primary fire. Ashe gives players all of the tools that they need to cause a lot of damage and rack up kills. If you’re looking for the top DPS, this is a clear choice.


Overwatch Season 26 Tier List

Tracer is basically the mascot of Overwatch and she’s remained important in the game’s balance. She has had ups and downs, but even now in the title’s endgame, she is still one of the best DPS heroes around. At a lower level, she can get a lot done. Her rewind button allows you to make aggressive plays with quite a bit of protection. It’s a mechanic so fun that’s been copied in other games too. At the moment, she’s not exactly on top of the tier lists. However, she still has a lot of uses. 


Best DPS Overwatch 2021 - Top 10 DPS in Meta

Widowmaker is a unique hero being overwatch’s only sniper. In a way, she’s the best DPS in Overwatch in 2022, but only in the right hands. A skilled Widowmaker player can destroy entire games, especially when there isn’t a good counter out there for her. The best Widowmaker players in the OWL make it look easy, but it is quite a difficult skill set. So while Widowmaker is one of the best Overwatch DPS in 2022, you really need a lot of skill to play her. Using the best Widowmaker settings can help you out there too. Widow is a really unique character, even Widowmaker skins attract the attention of the player base. You’re going to need a lot of practice to get the most out of this character though.


Best DPS Overwatch 2021 - Top 10 DPS in Meta

Hanzo is one of the most versatile Overwatch heroes at the moment. He can get a lot of damage done, especially when you’re up against a target like a tank or a shield. While Sigma is still in heavy use, Hanzo gets a lot of play as a counter to him so he’s one of the Overwatch DPS meta 2022 highlights, countering another popular choice. His orbs are also pretty good for teams that know how to use the game’s balance to their advantage. Hanzo is a hero that you’ll need good reflexes for though, so make sure you’re running the best Overwatch settings or the best Overwatch PS4 settings.


Soldier plays the closest to a standard shooter character you’ll find in Overwatch, but he has some uses. If you’re looking for raw damage, ease of use, and speed combination then Soldier can work. He doesn’t fare too well at the top tiers of the game, so he’s not the best DPS Overwatch. However, he’s still one of the better DPS characters at the moment. 


Best DPS Overwatch 2021 - Top 10 DPS in Meta

McCree hasn’t fared too well with recent patches, he’s not the Overwatch DPS meta’s top character, but he has some specific things still going for him. A skilled player can get a lot done with McCree, but on higher ranks, he isn’t quite as useful. He’s fairly easily outdone by heroes like Ashe, but if you’re skilled enough you can beat the odds while playing as McCree. 

Which DPS Character Should You Play As?

Those are the best Overwatch DPS characters in 2022, the top ones about at the moment. However, tier lists like these largely will deal with the game’s overall balance. If you’re playing on a lower rank then your experience is going to vary. The best DPS heroes to climb in Overwatch in 2022 don’t necessarily line up with the top-tier characters in the game. If you’re still climbing, you don’t need to be using the best DPS in Season 29. These are great starting points, but you need to work on your mechanics too. Improving your system can make a big difference. Check out your Overwatch ping or switch over to the best settings if you’re looking to make an improvement. 

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