All Ana Skins – Rarest and Best Skins

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All Ana Skins

Ana is one of the most fun supports in Overwatch 2, sitting consistently at the higher end of the tier list. Ana skins are a great way to add a bit of extra flair to your games. From matching up with teammates to really showing off in a support play of the game.

Across both games, there’s been loads of Overwatch Ana skins. These looks for the character have varied from basic recolors to complete remodellings. If you want to stand out while playing Ana, using the best Ana skins are a great way to do that.

We’re going to cover all of the looks for the character released so far. Those that were basic skins in Overwatch 1, through to the rarest Ana skins that were only available for a limited time or through some weird promotion. This is everything you need to know:

All Ana Skins

Common Ana

All Ana SkinsThis is the first category of all Ana skins. However, it’s more of a default skin than anything else. This is just the base Ana. It is still a selectable style though.

This is the standard look you’ll see for Ana, like you’ll find when you look at Overwatch shorts and other promotional material.

The basic Ana skin is what most players use at first. Especially in Overwatch 2! Where you have to level up fast to get any skins, and most of the basic ones are pretty expensive.

Overwatch 2 Common Ana

A lot of characters in Overwatch 2 have two different common skins. Overwatch 1, and Overwatch 2. Ana though, doesn’t’ have any major changes in the sequel. There’s no need for a separate skin.

Rare Ana Skins

This is the next for tier for all Ana skins. These ones aren’t crazy rare, despite the name! These are actually the first tier up.  They make a nice change from the default. Although, they don’t have major alterations to how she looks.

In the first Overwatch game, these were basically free. You got them year-round in lootboxes and they had a very low value in terms of price.

You could get them for 75 credits. In Overwatch 2, there’s likely an overpriced skin that a lot of players aren’t going to be jumping at! However, some of these do have a nice design.

These skins mainly just change a color or so for Ana. It’s a minor change. Although, it can just tweak the design to be what you’re looking for.

These are all of the Overwatch Ana skins in this tier:


All Ana SkinsThis is the first one for the rare Ana skins. It puts her in a mainly dark coat with orange trim. That’s likely where the name comes from. All of the basic “Rare” tier skins tend to do this. They each have a naming convention where they get the name from a specific thing that is both that color and something that could fit with the hero.

This skin is a nice alternative color scheme. Being mainly dark, it’s similar to some of the higher tier looks you’ll see in the Widowmaker skins or Tracer skins, which both have mainly black looks quite high up.


All Ana SkinsGarnet is pretty similar to Citrine, but with a red trim instead of orange. This one fits in with some other skins so it could make a great fit if you’re looking for a balanced color scheme for a team!


All Ana SkinsPeridot is the same as the others in this tier, but with a green trim instead of the other colors. This fits the Lime style ones for other characters like the Mercy skins or Mei skins.


All Ana SkinsTurqoise is the last skin in this list of rare Overwatch Ana skins. This one uses Blue for the trim.

Like the others in this tier, this one was available in basic loot boxes and was originally worth 75 coins. If you’ve just joined in Overwatch 2, it’s going to cost a lot more though!

Epic Ana Skins

The Epic tier for all Ana skins is where it gets more interesting. These ones don’t just change the stripes on her clothes, they make real changes to how the character looks. It isn’t the top tier, but there are big differences here.

In this tier you’ll start to see some of the rarest Ana skins. These are looks that were only available during limited events. Players can’t get them outside of those events. They are never come back to the game.

The Epic Ana skins are available across both games. Although, the rarer ones here look like they’ll be trapped in Overwatch 1 for now!

Ana had quite a few looks that were only available for a specific promotion, so you won’t see them making a return any time soon.

These are all of the Epic tier Overwatch 2 Ana skins:


The Merciful Ana skin is the first on this tier. This one recolors her entire outfit, but makes some changes too. She doesn’t have a hood up anymore, and some other slight changes.

The big alteration is the color scheme. This version of Ana is in red and white. It’s possibly looking more like a medic than a sniper! That’s probably where the “Merciful” name comes from.

This one of the Overwatch Ana skins at this tier was just available as lootboxes or the store year-round. It’s more valuable than those above, but it was pretty common. Most Overwatch 1 players probably already have this skin!


All Ana SkinsStrike is one of all Ana skins that takes a different approach. This one is kind of futuristic. Ana still has her coat, but she’s also got a mask on now which is illuminating and kind of shining. This effect is repeated on the trim of her outfit.

The Shrike skin is a fun change from most of the others. A lot of the Overwatch Ana skins are designed around her being a militaristic character. This one with its sci-fi edge is a fnice different look.

This one of the Overwatch Ana skins was just available through the general store. It’s not super rare, but it’s a fun skin.

Tal – Lunar New Year Ana Skins

All Ana SkinsTal is where we get to some of the rarest Ana skins! This one was tied into an event. It was specifically available for the Lunar New Year event. Players could unlock this skin through lootboxes during this event. This puts it on the rarer side or all Ana skins.

Although, these skins do sometimes come back for the event in the future. This means quite a few players have it. However, this skin is rarer than quite a few others.

This skin is a fun redesign for Ana. There isn’t a crazy change to her model, but she has a new mask on. Her coat also has a completely different color scheme. This is a skin that makes Ana look pretty different.

Ghoul – Halloween Terror Ana Skin

Ghoul is another Ana skin which was part of an event. This one was a key part of the Halloween Terror event. Players could only get it from those lootboxes while the event was underway.

In terms of its design, it isn’t one of the most creative Halloween skins. Often these have different designs entirely, but this one is more of a recolor of the Tal skin. It puts Ana in an orange and black outfit.

The mask over Ana’s face in this one kind of resembles a pumpkin cutout or a ghost! This is similar to one of the Genji skins. It’s a great look to go over the autumn.

Bastet – Overwatch Ana Skins Bastet Challenge

All Ana SkinsBastet is one of all Ana skins that puts her in a kind of cat themed outfit. She looks like a cat in her face, giving this skin some similarities to one of the D.Va skins and Sombra skins. Her outfit is rendered more in tan and gold though, with an ancient Egyptian kind of theme.

Bastet is one of the rarest Ana skins. This one was only available to players who got through the Ana Bastet Challenge, specifically grabbing 9 games won over the course of the event.

This challenge was pretty easy, but it came when player numbers for Overwatch where close to an all-time low. This definitely makes it one of the rarest Ana skins.

Overwatch League Ana Skins

Every Overwatch character gets Overwatch League skins. These are tie-ins skins for the character that use the colors of OWL teams. The Ana Overwatch League skins follow the same pattern.

These Ana Overwatch skins put the character into a different version of her default outfit. The color scheme is decided by the branding for each team.

There are too many of these skins to list them one by one, but you can see most above. Some of these skins have a fun look, even if they’re just a change of color.

While most of these are easily available while the League is running, there are some exceptions. Some of all Ana skins that are the rarest are from OWL.

These are skins that were for a team’s colors, but have since been discounted. Some teams have changes up how they look, which means their original skins are no longer accessible. These are some of the rarest Ana skins in this category:

  • Rarest OWL Ana Skins
  • Florida Mayhem 2018
  • Florida Mayhem Away 2018
  • L A Valiant 2018
  • LA Valiant Away 2018
  • San Francisco Shock 2018
  • San Francisco Shock Away 2018

Legendary Ana Skins

The Legendary tier for all Overwatch Ana skins were the highest up until quite recently. This is the tier that topped things out in Overwatch 1. Although, with Mythic skins making an appearance in Overwatch 2 this tier might be dropped down pretty soon.

It’s in this tier that we start to see some of the best Ana skins. This is where the skins start to have major differences. Ana has huge model changes. These skins can make her look like a completely different character.

Some of the skins in this tier were some of the hardest to get. They carried the highest price tag. Or they were pretty inaccessible to some players, having been limited to an event. This will make them some of the rarer Ana skins as those events aren’t coming back anytime soon.

These are all of the Legendary Ana skins:


All Ana SkinsThe Wadjet skin puts Ana in a more steampunk looking outfit, with a redesigned coat and a gas mask! While this has the potential to be a weirder looking skin, it’s put in some brighter colors.

This is one of the Legendary skins. However, this one wasn’t stuck in an event or anything like that. Instead, it was available year-round in Overwatch 1. So it’s not the rarest of the Overwatch Ana skins.


This is the next one of all Legendary Ana skins. This one was available the same way as Wadjet. Yu could get it in loot boxes, it was valued at 1000 credits. Although, it’s more expensive in Overwatch 2. This isn’t one of the rarest skins, but it’s a nice alternative look.

This skin is a different colored version of Wadjet. It’s a darker color scheme. Overwatch often reuses models. Even if it’s for a skin that changed up a character’s model!

Captain Amari

All Ana SkinsCaptain Amari is another skin that was available pretty freely. It was in loot boxes or cost just 1000 credits. It wasn’t too hard to get, so this isn’t one of the rarest Ani skins.

This skin is supposed to be depict Ana when she was second in command of Overwatch. It’s a different style military uniform for her. She looks a good bit tidier in this one than her default skin and the rest of all Ana skins.


All Ana SkinsThis skin’s lore is it’s when Ana was in the Egyptian military during the Omni Crisis. Her call sign was Horus. Just like Captain Amari, it’s a tidier and more traditionally militaristic version of Ana.

This skin is a recolor of another legendary skjn. It was available year round in lootboxes for Overwatch 1.

Corsair – Halloween Terror

All Ana SkinsCorsair is where the legendary skins reach some of the rarest Ana skins. This one was part of Halloween Terror. This was a yearly event. Skins like this were available only for the event. If you missed out of it, then you’re not going to be able to get it again. Although, it sometimes came back for future Halloween weeks.

This one of the Overwatch Ana skins is pretty sun. It puts Ana into a pirate kind of outfit. There are traditional pirate clothes. Along with a parrot, and even an eye patch for her sniping.

Snow Owl – Winter Wonderland Ana Skins

All Ana SkinsThe Winter Wonderland skins are some of the most popular in Overwatch. For every character, Ana’s first Christmas skin is Snow Owl. This one was only available as part of the Winter Wonderland event. That means it’s on the rarer side of all Ana skins.

The design for this one is pretty self-explanatory. Its Ana dressed up like an owl in winter! This is a nice design and a unique look for the character.

Cabana – Summer Games

All Ana SkinsCabana is another event that was limited to just an event. You could pick this up during Summer Games. However, if you didn’t manage to unlock it during the yearly event, it’s likely gone for good or at least a few more years.

Cabana’s design puts Ana in a summerier set of clothes. Not too easy given her big coat. However, while she is more summery, she’s not lost all of her layers! Ana is still rocking a hat, scarf, and kind of coat here. Along with a pair of sunglasses on this one of the Overwatch Ana skins.

This is one of the few Ana skins that has a more casual look to it, so it has got a lot of fans.

Sniper – Archives Ana Skins

Ana SkinsSniper was available as part of the Overwatch Archives event. This was a yearly event held to celebrate the game’s release anniversary. This skin was accessible during this event. However, it was hard to get considering it wasn’t here year-round.

The skins gives Ana a sniper focused design. It also makes her look significantly younger! It’s a nice way to mix her up.

Pharaoh – Halloween Terror

Pharaoh Ana skin might be the most popular of all Ana skins! This one makes her into an Egyptian style Mummy! She’s undead underneath all of the wrapping. This is a unique look. It might be for a Halloween, but it looks fun year-round.

This skin was only available during the Halloween event. It isn’t going to be in everyone’s locker. Although they had plenty of time to get it, it’s one of the rarest Ana skins if you missed the event.

Night Owl –Anniversary Overwatch Ana Skins

Night Owl is another skin that was released for the Overwatch Anniversary event. This one has a clear inspiration. Ana is dressed like an owl, complete with Mask! This is another skin that makes the top tier for popular looks.

Haroeris – OWL Legendary skin – 2020

All Ana SkinsHaroeris is the new Ana skin to round off this list. This one was available as part of a challenge in 2020. Since this comes when the game’s player base was at a bit of a low, this isn’t the most widely held skin. It’s one of the rarest Ana skins out there.

 Future Overwatch 2 Ana Skins

Those are all Ana skins in the game at the moment! However, more are coming. Overwatch 2 is getting regular challenges along with a Battle Pass. This is going to give players more skins than ever. They might take a bit more levelling up in Overwatch 2 to get them. However, players won’t be lost for something to buy in-game!

The future Ana skins could be even more exciting than those covered here. Mythic skins have opened the game up in a big way. We’ll keep this updated as more Ana skins are added.

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