All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

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Overwatch 2 has brought a lot of change to the game. The Overwatch 2 Hero changes are the biggest alterations to how everything works though. If you’ve had a main in the original game, then these patch notes are key for seeing how you’ll need to adapt.

We’re going to cover all of the Overwatch 2 Hero changes here. This is every change big or small in the initial Season 1 patch. We’ll go into how this effects your gameplay with each character, and what you need to know to stay on top of your game:

All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

Ana Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

Ana has risen to be one of the top Hero in the Overwatch 2 tier list. That’s thanks to some changes to the balance, but also these alterations to how the character actually works:

  • Biotic Rifle – Ammo has increased from 212 to 15.
  • Sleep Dart – Cooldown has gotten increased here from 12 to 15.
  • Biotic Grenade – The duration for this has increased from 4 to 5.

Ashe Overwatch 2 Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesAshe has had some alterations in the latest patch, but not as much as some other characters. This is the only major change so far:

  • O.B – Health reduced to 1100 from 1200

This is a nerf. Although, Ashe has been lingering in the lower end of the game’s balance for a while now.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesBaptiste is looking pretty strong in OW 2. He’s had some decent buffs, along with a more minor change to reorganize his play style. These are the Overwatch 2 hero changes for Baptiste:

  • Damage Fallout – The range for this has been reduced from 25 down to 20.
  • Regenerative Burst – The healing to allies from this has been buffed, from 75 all the way up to 100 HP.
  • Biotic Launcher – Alt fire for this has increased from 10 to 13 ammo.


All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

Bastion is one of the heroes that has had the most changes made to him. He’s had a complete rework compared to how he used to play.

  • Ironclad – This is a new passive.
  • Configuration – Recon damage has increased from 20 to 25, weapon spread changed from 1.2 to 0, fire rate goes from 8 to 5, and ammo reduced from 35 to 25.
  • Added Configuration – This lets Bastion turn into a tank with a minigame. He has infinite ammo while moving but reduces his movement speed by 35%. This lasts 6 second and it has a 12 second cooldown.
  • Tactical Grenade – These can bounce off of walls and stick to enemies. It deals 130 damage when it explodes, with a knockback effect and an 8 second cooldown.
  • Artillery – This is the new Bastion Ult. It lets him fire three artillery shells on the map which each deal 200 damage.

All Brigitte Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesBrigitte might not have as many changes as Bastion. However, the changes to the characters are mixing up how she plays quite a bit. These are all of the overwatch 2 Hero changes for Brigitte:

  • Shield Bash – This no longer stuns enemies. The cooldown has reduced from 7 to 5. Distance increased from 7 to 12. Damage is up too from 1 to 50, and knockback from it is doubled.

Cassidy Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesCassidy has had a name change in the game, but also some changes to how he actually plays. These are all of the Cassidy Overwatch 2 Hero Changes:

  • Flash Bang – Gone.
  • Magnetic Grenade – Replaces flashbang. This sticks to enemies, explodes, and deals 131 damage.
  • Peacekeeper – The fire rate here has been increased 7.5%.
  • Combat Roll – You now get a 50% damage reduction while rolling.
  • Deadeye – The Ult now gives you 40% damage reduction. It also has the max duration increased, and ramps up to 260 damage per second now. The cost of this is also down by 10%

D.VA All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesD.Va has had a few changes with all Overwatch 2 Hero changes. This is a character who sits pretty highly in tier lists, especially for a tank. These are all of the Overwatch 2 Hero changes for that character:

  • Mech Health – Increased from 600-650, normal health increased from 300 to 350
  • Primary Fire Movement Speed – This has a penalty reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Fusion Cannons – Weapons spread has been reduced from 4 to 3.5


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesDoomfist is another character who takes up a lot of the All Overwatch 2 hero changes. He’s had a big change in the new game. These are all the differences:

  • Tank – He’s changed to a Tank from DPS
  • Base HP – Increased from 250 to 450
  • Rising Upcut – Removed
  • Hand Cannon – Damage reduced from 6 to 5 per pellet with ammo regeneration rate increased by 0.65 seconds per shot to 0.4.
  • Rocket Punch – Impact damage has been reduced from 50-100 to 15-30. The wall slam damage range has been reduced. Max charge up time reduced from 1.4 to 1. It now causes knockback and deals stun.
  • Seismic Slam – This will launch Doomfist into the air and make a wide shockwave that does 50 damage. It can be cancelled out of too.
  • Meteor Strike – This is the ult. It has a lower outer damage range. Although, it does 300 damage in the centre. It doesn’t do knockback anymore. However, enemies that get hit by it are slowed by 50% for 2 seconds. It’s cast time has been halved.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesEcho is a fun hero, but one that’s had major changes over the course of the game. These are all of her newer changes in the Overwatch 2 hero changes:

  • Focusing Beam – Maximum DPS has been reduced. From 200 to 175.
  • Max Health – Duplicated max health reduced from the enemy’s HP to be capped at 300.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesHanzo hasn’t had too many changes here! These are all of the alterations:

  • Storm Arrow – Damage reduced from 70 to 65 per shot.

Junker Queen

Overwatch 2 tier listJunker Queen hasn’t had changes since her last path. Since she has only added in the beta, she’s essentially new like Kiriko.


Overwatch 2 tier listJunkrat has had a bit of a rework with the new game, but not on the level of some of the other heroes here. This is what Junkrat has had changed:

  • Frag Launcher – Projectile size from this has been increased from 0.2 to 0.25.
  • Steel Trap Damage – This has also been increased, from 80 to 100. The projectile speed has also been increased up to 15 from 10.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesLucio has had some minor changes. With the game changing around him, he’s become one of the best Overwatch supports. These are the differences:

  • Crossfade – Self-heal penalty reduced from 30% to 60%
  • Sound Barrier – The Ultimate has been reduced by 12% in cost.


Overwatch 2 tier listMei had a rework in the early days of the beta. She’s had some big changes as time has passed too. These are all of the changes with the Season 1 launch:

  • Endothermic Blaster – The freeze stun has been removed. It now immediately slows the target for 50%, but only for .5 seconds now. DPS has also gone from 55 to 100 and ammo up to 150 from 120.
  • Cryo-Freeze – This won’t remove Sigma Gravitic Flux effect anymore.
  • Ice Wall – The pillar health has gotten reduced from 400 to 250. The range has also been reduced from 35 down to 20.
  • Blizzard Cost – This is up by 15%


Overwatch 2 tier listMercy is one of the characters who has had some controversial changes with Overwatch 2. This character has been messed with, a lot. However, all Overwatch 2 hero changes have found a bit of a middle ground for her. It does now look like the character is a bit more stable. These are all of her changes.

  • Regeneration – Mercy’s passive healing is increased by 50%.
  • Guardian Angel – You can’t cancel this with crouch anymore. It’ll launch you upward at the end instead.
  • Angelic Descent – This now slows ascent speed if you hold it.


All Overwatch 2 Hero Changes Orisa has had major changes. She hasn’t massively risen up the tier lists so far. Although, the changes might pay off in a longer run. These are all of the Orisa Overwatch 2 hero changes:

  • Base Armor – Increased from 200 to 250, base HP also increased to 250.
  • Fortify – This now gives 125 overhealth but not headshot damage. It also reduces heat buildup from Augmented Fusion Driver by 50%.
  • Augmented Fusion Driver – This is a new weapon. It does 12 damage per shot. It has a critical bonus of 100%-, and 15-25-meter damage falloff. There isn’t a magazine for this. It’s heat-based and can overheat so you can’t fire for 3 seconds.
  • Energy Javelin – This is a projectile which deals 60 damage. It also stuns enemies for 0.2 seconds and knocks enemies back by 6 meters. When enemies hit a wall, that’ll take 40 more damage and get stunned. This has an 8 second cooldown.
  • Javelin Spin – Orisa rapidly spins an energy javelin here for 1.75 seconds. It destroys enemy projectiles and gives off a 40% buff to foreword movement. You can use this to push enemies back and deals 90 damage. It has a 7 second cooldown.
  • Terra Surge – This is a new Ult. It pulls enemies in and gives you a fortified effect. It can charge for 4 seconds. It also deals area damage too. It can do up to 500 damage. It deals minor damage over time to enemies and slows their movement by 30%.


Overwatch 2 tier listPharah has had a few minor changes in the new game. These are all Overwatch 2 hero changes for Pharah:

  • Rocket Launcher – The reload here starts 0.25 seconds faster.
  • Concussive Blast – This deals 30 damage and does knockback for a direct hit.


Overwatch 2 tier listReaper has never risen that high up the Overwatch 2 tier list, but he’s become a better DPS with these Overwatch 2 hero changes:

  • Hellfire Shotgun – The damage per pellet for this has been reduced from 6 to 5.4. The spread has also increased from 6 to 8.


Overwatch 2 tier listReinhardt has had some fun changes. He’s a much stronger character in Overwatch 2. If you follow a Reinhardt Overwatch 2 guide, you can do a lot with him. These are all of the changes:

  • Steadfast – This passive has been removed. The global tank passive has been removed.
  • Base Armor – This has been increased to 300 from 200. Base health has been increased to 300 from 325.
  • Barrier Field – Health has been reduced from 1600 to 1200. Regeneration rate has also been reduced; this is down to 144 per second from 200.
  • Charge Steering – Turn rate increased by 50%. It can also be cancelled manually. Charge pin wall impact damage has been reduced from 300 to 225. The cooldown has also lowered from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.


Overwatch 2 tier listRoadhog hasn’t been fully reworked with the Overwatch 2 Season 1 patch. However, he’s had some decent changes from the first game. These are all of the Overwatch 2 hero changes for this character:

  • Take a Breather – Healing increased here from 300 to 350.
  • Whole Hog – The Ult has to be used manually now, and cannot be cancelled by stuns. Roadhog can use abilities while this is active.


Overwatch 2 tier listSigma has had a few changes in this release. This is what’s different for this character:

  • Base Shields – Increased from 100 to 200.
  • Accreation Damage – This has increased from 70 up to 100.
  • Experimental Barrier – Regeneration Rate for this has reduced down to 100 from 120.


Overwatch 2 tier listSojourn has been around since the first few weeks of the beta. However, she has had some changes in the latest version of the game. This is what’s changed for her:

  • Railgun – Secondary fire projectile has been increased from 0.05 meters to 0.1 in its width.
  • Power Slide – The cooldown has been reduced from 7 to 6.

Soldier 76

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesSoldier 76 has risen up to be one of the most fun characters in the new version of the game. These are all of the Overwatch 2 Hero changes for this character:

  • Pulse Rifle – Damage has increased from 20 to 18.
  • Tactical Visor – This Ult has been changes. There’s less damage fallout, and players can get headshots.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesSombra has had decent alterations with the latest release of the game. She’s had some buffs. These are all of the Overwatch 2 Hero changes:

  • Machine Pistol – Damage has been reduced from 8 to 7, and spread is down by 10%.
  • Hack – Cooldown has been reduced from 8 to 4. The cooldown isn’t reduced from health packs anymore. Cast time has also increased. It has gone up from 0.65 to 0.85. The ability lock duration has been reduced too from 5 seconds to 1. Hack enemies are also visible through walls for 8 seconds. Interrupting a hack now gets the full cooldown.
  • Stealth Fade-in – This has been reduced by 50%. Enemy detection radius has been increased from 2 to 4 meters too.
  • Hack Stealth – You can now use hacks during stealth without the ability ending. Although, you’ll be revealed to enemies while hacking and for 0.75 seconds after.
  • Opportunist – This is a passive. Damage dealt to hacked targets is now boosted by 40%.


Overwatch 2 tier listSymmetra has had some major changes with the Overwatch 2 patch. These are all of the Overwatch 2 hero changes for this character:

  • Photon Projector – The max ammo here has increased from 70 to 100. It also no longer generates ammo when you damage barriers.
  • Photon Projector Secondary Fire – Projectile speed for this is increased by 25 to 50. It also has max damage reduced from 120 to 90. The projectile max charge is reduced from 0.5 to 0.4. Secondary fire ammo has increased from 7 to 10. The time for charging also increased from 1 to 1.2.
  • Teleporter Build Time – This has been reduced from 2 to 1 seconds. The teleporter also now has a max lifetime of 10 seconds. The cooldown has been increased from 10 to 16. Heath reduction has gone from 300 to 200 too.
  • Sentry Turret – This has had its travel speed increased from 15 to 20. The movement speed reduction on targets is also down from 20% per turret to 15%.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesTorbjorn hasn’t had too many changes to his kit. Out of all Overwatch 2 Hero changes, he’s one of the more static characters. This is what’s been mixed up for him:

  • River Gun – Primary fire has been reduced from 0.6 seconds to 0.55 seconds.
  • Secondary Fire – This is reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.7 seconds.

Tracer – Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

Overwatch 2 tier listTracer is one of the Overwatch 2 heroes with the least number of changes! This is everything that’s changed for her:

  • Pulse Pistol – Damage has gotten reduced from 6 to 5.

Widowmaker – Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesWidowmaker hasn’t received many major changes in the new update. She’s had a slight buff to survivability. However, she largely plays the same as she did before.

  • Base Health Increased from 175 to 200.

Winston – Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesWinston’s changes are a bit more substantial. He doesn’t have a full rework, but out of all Overwatch 2 Hero changes he’s definitely had a few improvements. These are all of the differences:

  • Base Armor – Increased from 150 to 200
  • Tesla Cannon Secondary Fire – This can now be used to charge and release a 30-meter electric jolt. That’ll do 50 damage. It does cost 12 ammo though.
  • Barrier Projectile – Health of this has increased to 700 from 650. The duration though is reduced from9 to 8 seconds. It also has a cooldown reduced from 13 seconds to 12.
  • Primal Rage – This Ult now has a 20% higher cost.

Wrecking Ball – Overwatch 2 Hero Changes

All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesWrecking Ball has had some decent buffs with the latest release. These are all of the Overwatch 2 Hero changes for this character:

  • Base Armor – This has increased from 100 to 150.
  • Base Health – This has also increased. 500 up to 550.
  • Adaptive Shield – The radius for this has increased from 8 to 10 meters. The health gained per target has also increased from 75 to 100.
  • Roll – Knockback on the roll has increased 36%.


All Overwatch 2 Hero ChangesZenyatta has some changes to shields along with more minor changes. They haven’t helped to improve the character very much, but they’ve made some alterations:

  • Base Shields – Increased from 150 to 175
  • Orb of Discord – The time to fall for targets is reduced down from 3 to 2.
  • Snap Kick – This is a new passive. Melee attacks deal 50% more damage and knockback enemies.


Zarya is the last character in all of the Overwatch 2 hero changes. These are the differences that have been made for this character:

  • Base Health – This has increased from 200 up to 250.
  • Base Shields – Gone from 200 to 225.
  • Particle Barrier – The self-shield now has a 10-second cooldown which begins immediately after you use it. The duration has also increased from 1.8 to 2.2.

Overwatch 2 Hero Changes – Role Changes

There are loads of individual Overwatch 2 Hero changes. However, that isn’t the end. There are also bigger changes which effect entire roles, or even every character! These are all of those Overwatch 2 changes:

  • DPS Ult Charge – DPS characters will now retain 30% of their Ult charge when they switch over to a new hero.
  • Tank Knockback – Tank characters will have 30% less knockback resistance. They also provide 50% less ult charge from getting damaged though, so it’ll cut down on feeding.
  • Support Self-Heal – the big change for Support characters is extra self-healing. They now 15HP per second on themselves without using any abilities.
  • Overhealth – This is a new bar which encompasses every bit of extra health in the game. All extra health from abilities fit into here. It’s green, separate from armour and shield.
  • Armour Change – Armor now reduces all damage by 30% across the board.

Those are all of the major Overwatch 2 Hero changes. These are a mixed bag in some ways. Some characters have been improved quite a bit. Although, some are going to be disappointed with nerfs. It does seem like a well-balanced game at launch right now.

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